Friday, August 26, 2005

The Height of Stupidity : We'll Stay The Course

Yea of course the idiot will stay the course, he's too weak to at least to manage to get a son, so he wont have to worry about sending his own there. This is not about war against terrorism anymore, this is about 'Save My Fuckin Face' campaign. No matter how hard you deny the similarities between Iraq & Vietnam, you cant deny that the similarities are growing, and at a constant rate too !

Eh, orang putih nie bongok ke ? Still nak vote Bush ?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

" The Haunted Corner of Familiar Rooms "

If words could paint the memories into potraits, the ink consumed must be of blood. I was flipping through the pages of my wishbook in my school-hood days, the flippings are quick to take me into drawing smiles yet it still effortlessly bring forward the hidden pain lies within the days. The kind of questions if i ever do & not do this, i'd have been this & that. Is that regret ? I dont care, the feelings will consume you bits by bits if you let them proceed, so i better off kill those before they seek to kill me. Yet we cant deny how eager of us of on the thought of returning back to school. I dunno, i guess most of us do.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

" The Criminals Are On Their Last Throes "

Dick (less) Cheney with his rhetoric blabbers, yea right, i bet he's talking about the American Army itself. With this latest American killing spree claimed by Jaish Ansar As-Sunnah, i wonder if the Americans should just pack & leave..