Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Hi Too Far..
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I just got back from Redang. Hell, interesting as it was tiring. Roller costing emotional ride highs and lows in a matter of a few days.

It was damn fun alrite, laughters and giggles here and there. The snorkeling is one of the most sexciting experience I've yet to encounter. The friends we made. The beach footballs. The cigs. The ______.

But here's the thing, I met this girl, erm not exactly meet but I first saw her when we were ferrying to Redang and I caught her staring, stealing a peek myself. She was sweet alrite. Trying to hide the fact that she was staring. Lovelily adorable. I'm in love. I brushed away all the probabilities. But its OK, we've got all the friggin time in the whole wide world. So why rush.

Things worked their says in a very mysterious way. Thus making matters lovelier, she stayed at the right opposite of our room with her family. I caught her stare, yet again. I was juggling a ball. Football, you faggots, not mine and I think she was smiling, I was too busy juggling both the ball and my fragile 'cool' front - my sibuk sister nonchalantly went like "Checking out chicks eh ?". Sibuk minah ni. Serius. It was brief, But I was sure she smiled at me. And I never got the chance to smile back, too busy minding the busy bodies around. Brief though it was, I think its Spring again.

From thereon, there we were, playing Illusive Obvious, Peek & Hide between us. After the dinners, the breakfasts and the swimming sessions that were organized for the families. I came to be close with her brother. And after a few beach football and smokes together, I think it was time for me to move. So we went out. Me, the brother and his sisters and a younger brother and my brother - looking for memorabilias of our Redang experience. From one shop to another. We were walking shoulder to shoulder and the gap proved to be too far. I couldn't find a tiny inch of space for me to open up and approach up until she was sitting a few distance away from me. We were finally, painstakingly - alone. The others were busy probing the shop's items. And there I was too, busy sorting out the wars in my head. Hence not a single Hi.

Procrastination Fakhrol. Procrastination.

Its OK - I thought to myself, again. I'll get her digits on our ferrying trip when we go back. Just to find out later when I was hanging with out with her brother that they were ferrying back to Kuala Terengganu at the first sight of a ferry at six tomorrow. Huge, enormous I-D-I-O-T blocks fall over my head. And there I was..

Damned - And a Hi too far.