Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thoughtless Words
Am shallow
Current Listen : Steve Tyler Feat. Carlos Santana - All That I Am.mp3

The night's oddly calm, cold winds are making their way through the metal curtains of my bedroom windows. Tranquility ? Close, yea, but not exactly. A couple of stacking up assignments. Oh shit..

* Sudden phase-shift *

Respect that was once a thing i'd give, would now require earnings from people i deem fit. Fits the description of my Disgust. I mean people can be damn sneaky to the point of despicable.

I actually, am entirely cool. Hell, i dont even feel like Bloggin but hey i just did ! Oh, when the night feels fuckin' empty..

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Mourn-Day Sin-Drome
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Current Read : The Old Man And The Sea - By Hemmingway

Damn. Its Moan-day, felt crappily crapped. Left my celly at home, Oh how nice. Complementing the lazy-arse-ness & the idle time of mine at the office. Been feeling damn Unsorted these couple of days. Studies, Career, Interests, Plans etc, more etc & some more etcs.

These unsorted beings of multiple fuck-ups, they're good. I mean damn good, at reducing me to a jerk from a prick i was and still am. Shitty. I guess not being able to sleep properly due to the special night shifts that im trusted with, are one of the major triggers that dictate which middle finger i will, eventually, put up flying-fuckably, at the whole world. But i pray not that'd be the case. Prayed hard.

Gawd, its uneasy.