Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

All The Reasons To Be Happy.

Currently backpacking Northward and United won one of the very few games I missed watching. Dimitar Berba on the score sheet again! Yay! :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010


My first serious b&w edit. hope you like it as much as i do.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deluded, Disgraceful Arsenal Fans.

I'm sorry. I'm just sorry but I just gotta go out on a limb here. But the rants of 'fluke goal', 'paid referee' and that 'United isn't very good' don't win you games you fucker. People have been talking about how weak and supposedly exposed United is all season long. But we're still unbeaten in the League. And you motherfuckers are just limp on your dick for not being able to crush the apparently 'isn't very good' United team then.

The 'isn't very good' remark is what gets me on my nerve so much. Fuck you bunch of deluded cockneys. And in the famous words of my friend -

'You aint Peter Pan and this aint Neverland'

Keep on massaging that ego while we fondle the trophies.
The Morning Where Park Is Sung.

the author: in the search of gleeful definition

Park Ji Sung loathes Arsenal. There he was again flinching a header past debutant Arsenal goalie. United 1 - Arsenal 0. Perhaps I need to say more, but I'm content - for now.

Gleeful. Just gleeful.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh What A Feeling!

pic possibly related & the author might be feeling something like this.

Oh what a feeling. To be signing off from a damn fuckin hectic week. Not to mention signing off from the people who, I loath, just by a mere thought of. OK, those are the 6 most space consuming words of my life.

Why ruin a good weekend to come for the likes. OK. Another life shortening span of words. Enough.

I'm happy.

1. Training Course in Labuan 16-17 Dec.
2. Backpacking Up Yours The 24-29 Dec.

Oh what a feeling. :D

And this. I dedicate this to one of the fiercest rivalries in modern football. Lets toast it up for United & Arsenal. Both great teams with great histories. And 2 of the most respectable figures in English Premier League - Sir Alex Ferguson & Arsene Wenger.

Match is gonna happen Dec 13. I am not really optimistic about the fixture but excited nonetheless.

2-1 win for United. I hope. I sincerely hope. Pretty please ? :|

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Backpacking Travel

Just so sexcited by this backpack travel plan - Up Yours! err, I mean up North!

p/s: Will come back with the travel's tid bits later!

p/s/s: Can't help but notice the bimbo-ness tendencies in my recent posts. But eff it! (you know just to complete the whole bimbo-ism innuendo)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Paradox. Just Paradox -
Nota Kaki: How in the hell can someone be in love with someone but wishes to hate her all the same ?

I just couldn't see her. Again. It all falls back to the same pattern. Now I couldn't forget the smile. The carefree laughter, the adventurousness - and am sorry, the slight, unintentional, innocent touches. She's just damn good.

I avoided contacts for a few brief weeks, and now I'm not sure anymore.

I love you Goddamnit. I fuckin' love you. And thank God, I'm alive. This feeling. This urge tells me so.

I love you IMC.
Its That Movie Quote Time Again.

"But I know I'll see you again. This side or the other."

- Doug McRay, The Town.


Sunday, December 05, 2010

..of Windows, In-Laws & Wives.

Forgive me XP-tan I know I've been bad. Please take me back. =(

I officially hate Windows 7 by now. It practically blocks out any attempts it deem 'delinquency' therefore leaving me feeling I have no control over my PC. Its the feeling you husbands felt when your lovely mother in laws dip their hands in every family pies that were supposed to be you and and your wife's for the telling.

Yeah, it exerts that kind of feeling.

Now I miss the good ol' XP who is stuck with a polygamous husband but one who never complains. Instead she serves her husband obediently - with a smile. Never resisting, never talking back.

Pardon the all too appropriate analogy. And please don't mistake it for male-chauvinism, I love women.


pixies might somehow be related =)

Just got back from an old friend's wedding down in Semenyih. The journey was rough - on my Kancil. The road was cracked all over the place I thought a hormone strung adolescent's face could have been better.

Everything changes at a pace I'm afraid to admit. I can't keep up. Old friends became fathers, mothers. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were punished to do frog leaps at the mercy of the whole school occupants' humor. And how she was pulled out from the 'delinquent' bunch by our ever so caring homeroom teacher alleging that she had ... "Kamu tak payah buat. Kamu sakit jantung kan ?" when in truth, her father had told the teacher that she had actually contracted 'RESDUNG' .

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK.

Jantung dengan Resdung ? That was Jupiter - Mars distant man. Adeh. We couldn't help but laugh our asses off when we talk about the stuff. But that was back then. But now what remains is the specter of the past threatening to surface at moment of solitary.

Sighs. Why the hell does it come out so melancholic ?

Guess I'm getting old. I should better start practicing the dry cough sound, the hallmark of - Respect comes with Age.


Saturday, December 04, 2010

The 10sighs Post

I'm just sad. :(

Keadaan di ofis tidak cukup dengan keje yang aku tak suka tapi kene buat sebab boss specifically mentioned my name for the person he wanted on the scope. Not to mention the rambling of the ever-unappreciative co-workers.

I don't like what I'm doing and what a good feeling it is to know that you're being hated on because of something you were forced to like. Give me a break. I don't like what I do and its just too damn bad that I'm good at it while you suck at practically everything that were laid your way. Tough luck Piggy.

And what is sadder even is that you're MY superior. And for you to be dwelling on petty stuffs like 'bos puji this or that person' makes me shrug at the thought of the future of this company. Small minds just don't fit into the bigger picture. Get Management101 you fat pig.

God I hate you with a passion.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Draft. A Little Story About Not So Little Fat Pig.

There was once a Fat so Pig. They called her Huge. No she wasn't from any descendants of Mark Hughes, the Manchester United great whatsoever. And you're mightily mistaken if you would think that she's a cute cuddly black pig a la Ryoga.

And this is a draft. Rest assured I shall come back and and cum at the back of your mind.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Get Off Your High Horses Malaysians.

Humanity who ? Malaysians are so full of rhetoric it makes my inside feels like its tied to a knot. Humanitarian effort here, Mercy there - When foreign workers are being raped in our OWN BACKYARD.

Seriously, why bother sending fleet of ships 100 miles away when foreigners are being treated like 2nd class human being on our own soil ? Drain them dry, put them to work double time, then you send them back to their homes using the oh-so legal way through immigration gateway because why ? - They didn't have any valid travel documents when you were the ones who hired them in the first place.

How did these animals escape unscathed and these immigrants sent back without question ? How fucked up of a logic is that ? Are we so blind that we cannot see this happening in our own backyard ? Are our law experts so dumb not to see this loophole being manipulated by these fucking bastardized leeches ? And are we so inhumane to let these starving HUMAN BEINGS conned into working without being paid ?


Malaysia hold so much to answer for.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

4-0 Demolition.

Babi. If you were gonna lose, why THE scoreline ? What THAT scoreline ? What the fuck. I cannot bear to read the quick analysis because it would end up sounding like anal-is-this. Whose ? Ours. Seriously what the fuck I held back to look at the results expecting to see some youngsters on the score sheet and ended up being sick to my stomach looking at the whore shit.

Now I don\t even have the appetite to reply my superoprs' email. And I leave the miospell all uncorrected so that I'd get a clerarr picture of my feelings whdn it finally sibdisde. subside.\\

No fuyck you, you.