Monday, September 18, 2006

The Untitled.

Dear AA :

You're the light i found in my darkest of sorrow
The colors i need for the pictures of my tomorrows
Word of praise is an understatement for someone like you
For if someone is worth a mention, you're worth at least two

I long for the day i'd finally meet you
Coz' the sight of you defines my Greatest View
Telling myself that i dont need you would be a self betrayal
Here i am.. its 3 AM & im busted - in the Land of Denials

Beauty of the word is dull in the presence of Thee
How beautiful'd the phrase 'I love you' be - without you beside me ?
Some women'll retort " Hey, your sweet words dont deceive me.."
But f*ck it, i'd lie, fake & steal just so you'd forgive me..

Loving you needs no logic or justifications. Whatever it takes -


Im sorry.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Haunted Corner of Familiar Rooms II.

Human regret most things they say when they werent thinking straight. But hey whatever. Sometimes i just wish that this world would just pause & i could sort a few things out the way i want to see it. But hey, its the world that you're up against. Humans drown in their very own sorrow because they need to keep moving bearing all kinds of pain within their heart.

Move along or stagnantly stay still is entirely yours for the making.

Sometimes we try our hardest to put things out of their motion, but they just wont. By the time we stop trying maybe things will.

Fuck the world.

But hey, whatever. Im tired.