Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When Fate Smirks..

3 sides constantly clashing. Fate smirks on the idiocy of the trio
They battled & crumbled without a peep to the actual scenario
One side kills the other and thought "There awaits the throne i desire"
Fate smirks again. Now with cynical fangs visible within the picture

Pride, Concsience & Insecurity are the 3 sides that dwell within me
When fate smirked, i should've known that - Mine, she'll never be.
The Idiot i am, saw it coming, but i refused to accept the verifiablity
I refused the shelter of Agony and avoided contacts with Reality.

* GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA * The cynical laughter keeps gettin colder
And that's the sound of the Smirking Fate saying " Look ? I told ya.."


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Raizzenly Divine.

Self centered aint i ? Fuck it. I was so fascinated by the character of YYH & still am. First glimpse of him in the 17th volume of the manga was permanently engraved on the back of my mind like mad. Yerp, some idiots might question " Its Raizen not Raizzen.. " Well, i dont exactly have the answer for that kind of question neither do i care. And please bear in mind that this might sound like another trivial-nothings to others, while it means a big deal fer me and hey.. psst .. I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hollow Insights : Story of My Life.

The epilogue :

It is an exhaustingly hectic week. Sunday marked the last class of my drifting semester. Took up a couple of wise dosage of naggings and excessive craps from my lecturers about late submissions / not submitting at all - assignments of mine. 10 congested hours of classes with a meal-less hour break in between dont kill you, they just rip your soul to shreds and dispose of it so INsignificantly. And whats more, the next Monday was a working day, thanx to my ignorance - i didnt apply for the continuation of leave since the next day was a public holiday (Nuzul Quran). Break fast with the idiotic classmates of mine at 20 and was forced to fetch my brother up at Section 8 and to complement the nice day, they werent home, yet. God loves me. Had to wait like till 11 pm until they arrive.

Oh, how lurvelyyy.

The beginning of the end..

Monday went like hell-i-dont-care, and to my surprise i manage to join the study group that those idiots were planning to have. 50 bucks that i withdrew just a few hours before evaporated into thin air, 2o bucks for gas, a few bucks more for tolls etc etc and there it goes, Finito ! Oh gawdd. Had to make a trip to Subang before heading towards Cheras to pick those fools up. And our self proclaimed lecturer is currently waiting in Gombak. It was 3 am in the morning before they finally decide to put a stop on the session. Another long, windy trip to Cheras and Subang before i can finally date my Ms. Pillow and Mrs. Mattress.

The Apoclypse..

Thought that the following Tuesday was going to be the day of redemption for all the sleepless nights i've had before, - just for me to be greeted by the biggest Mr. Disappointment. Mak has asked me to drive her and my brother to UH for my brother's treatment at a pretty much early time of the morning, - which i had hope to use to recompensate all my sleepless nights. Had to entertain both of them till it was 2.30 pm, plusses, minus & so on, made it home at 3.30 pm. We waited for like 2-3 blistering hours just to be told that we should come back later for further treatments. All that craps for what ? An appointment ? C'mon.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pieces of My Scattering Thoughts.

i b l o g w h e n i f e e l s h i t t y , t h e r e f o r e i f e e l s h i t t y w h e n i b l o g , h e n c e , b l o g g i n g i s s o f u l l o f s h i t s .

I hate it when circumstances & coincidences are the ones that determine the direction of our lives. Most of the time. Disregard of what & how much effort you put into something. Got me thinking of the weight that the time spent on planning & strategizings carries.

Oh well, Gudbyes.