Sunday, December 23, 2007

I loves U.


The very spot U is placed,
The very vowel U sounds,
The very significance U phrase,
The very Heaven U is bound.

The very dread world'd fall to-
Without the very presence of U.

The very what U signifies,
The very who U represents,
The very Irony U n_llifies,
Has U never leave & resent.

The very end I would meet,
These feelings I couldn't mete.

U, please know this,
Opinion would've had her views-
On the very way U is,
When all I know is, that - I loves U.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To The Very Least.. I've Still Got PoeDreadaries.

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I found a place so cozy, a temple of which i manifest all Hindrance
I'd say flawless, perfect to conceal myself - behind my Intelligence.

No person scary enough to beat me cold and drag me where my ass is stuffed
Irony ? Beats me, I mean shoot, even one that you loath's as close as ur Love !
But wait, you havent seen anything yet, but since u insist, OK,thats something..
But Dont you find it funny when matters matter ONLY when you stop laughing ?

Here i am, back again tracing on the visible trail of Ignorance
Swinging my fist fast, but swinging in the dark only bruises my Arrogance
A constant stinging sensation that dwells the cells upon my brain
And you wonder why my thoughts would hurt & my tongue inflict emotional pain ?

" Dont ask me why, ask me How " - Now be a dear and ask me How, dear.
But then again who the fuck says that you're even gonna smell the answer ?
You hurt me when you say that i dont, coz frankly speaking, i do care.
I DO CARE if you invade my personal clusters, begone, well, at least while im there.

Your hands were the one reaching out to me, did I hesitate and blink wondering
The most reaching yet the simplest "Its ok" - left me with no more ponderings
Your hands were what saved me & they too were the ones forever slamming the door
The worst part of Imagination and the best parcel - I dont care anymore..

Friday, December 07, 2007

Down Memory Lane : Deja Vu
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Ecah poyo nak mampus, me ? the total opposite ! hello ?

Ok, this, somehow seems familiar, hrmm, where have i dipped my taste buds on this feeling of Deja Vu. Holy Shit. Practical students. Yea they come and go, and the only thing that remain are the crumbs of memories left behind the trail of the stress smothered piles of work papers and never empty tables of the tired cubicles. Me again, trapped within my own definition of Emptiness. I forced a fake burst of laughter, one with the credibility worthy of making people around me believe that i'm not at all troubled by the exterior motions that are far from oblivion. People notice the tension, Ecah's tears seal it, Period.

I, on the other hand, showed not a single hint of wrinkles of worry.

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Wan, nice fella. Me ? I define Niceness, again, hello ?

The 3 months-old bond, too young, Greenish, if you ask me, but sighs, I just hate it. I just hate my tender self. I just cant stand looking at their empty cubicles. I just hate the glass on the table, i hate how well arranged the files are, Argh fuck, Holy fuck. Too strong a bond too fragile an affair.

Good luck guys, in all yer future undertakings, the best of it. You will need loads of it. And until the day that we meet again, you can always look back and be glad (very) that i used to be good a friend of your laughters and hey, your tears, more so.

Till we meet again..

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Twenty Four Times Three Sixty Five Life Cycle
Current Listen : The growlings of my angry stomach.
Nota Kaki : Saya lapar..

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A path frighteningly lonely to others..

They left for Kedah & Perak yesterday, leaving behind some trails of Nasik and a few slices of 'Rendang Daging' for me to gobble upon. Erm Ok i guess, was what i thought, just to be so cynically proven the otherwise later. I later found out that the Nasik has already fit the bills of a trash can occupant. Ok, it wasn't there when they left, but now, i do feel like am being abandoned, and, on a lonely and windy path not taken by most.

And suddenly the world came crashing down to my face when i, finally came to a divine realization of how pillaged the kitchen was. The Biskuts, The Burgers, The Hotdogs and The Telurs even ? The Telurs.. such crucial ingredient for my ideal preference of how a bowl of Megi Mee should be, Takde ? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Im finally scared now & i suddenly realize how lonely i am in this cold world.

Later on i officially am a Megi Boi when i had nothing but Megi Mee for both lunch and dinner. Minum with my cuzzies and granted them the privilege of paying for me, trust me, they couldn't have looked more cheerful. I'm glad i can be much of help. Really i do.

Shot off to KLIA for a blo.. Err, a 2nd Job that pays quite lavishly and a great one, should it be excluded of such stupid shift arrangements, but - " Hey You, Yea, You damnnit ! Your ass is broke and such luxurious remarks are far off too luxurious for your ass now, live with it hence, Punk ! "

Signing off, and my friend finally answers the calls which i had directed him with, to ask whether or not has he realized this once-in-lifetime opportunity at his doorstep, by having me inviting him for a berakfast, no, breakfast, damnit ! And the dude is on a Morn' Shift, really i do pity him. But drop by anyways at his station to withdraw my fast draining cash just to realize that i have a few bucks more than what sum i thought i possess. Had breakfast with him anyways when i saw a nicely packed hot Roti Canai and Dal within his grasp. Well, i tried to resist, but he wants to treat me the Roti Canai so bad, i couldn't help it. So i only buy the cold Milo then.

A full stomach with an empty home to return to, sighs. Sad. Woke up at 12 something just to lose all sense of Time coz Yan's room is without any window or its pane. And i've still got but one problem though, what am i gonna have for lunch ? Of course i would love the richly topped Pizzas with some cheesy finishings as its crust, damnit ! But for God's sake, for God's sake -

I is broke, Period.