Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mocca - How Wonderful Would Life Be

Oh dear how wonderful life would be
With you still in my heart
Oh dear how wonderful life would be
With you still in my dreams

Only stars in the sky
Who will understand my tears
Let the time pass me by
I am lonely as can be
Lonely raven in the sky
Who will understand my fears
It is just you and i
My aching despair

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Dream..

I dream. That in another 4 to 5 months, me and my friends are gonna be out near the sea. I'm looking at Tioman as a prospect of the trip. But then again, that's another matter altogether. What matters is that we are out. And we are at the sea !

I guess the times in Redang are still pretty much stuck there up in my head. So starting from now on, am gonna have to keep myself in check to make sure that everything is in order when the time finally arrived.

  • Planning to get a few good books to read and pretend like I'll have enough time to even flip at least a page. But am still gonna grab them. By the crook.
  • Nice lineups of MP3s.
  • A nice digital camera would be an added bonus.
  • A long, nice shaped legged lass is practically impossible, but hey, a mere dream is where every success story begins, a lass hottie as a company isn't yet out of question, alas.
  • Packs of nice ciggies to accompany the dreamy sessions along with the sounds of the sea making out with her shore.
  • Nice, practical and what have you kind of headphone.
OMG am so drooling with sexcitements now. Darn it.

Before I wrap this up -






Here are some droolsome pixels for you Less Fortunates out there, just to help you climax and sore, of legitimate jealousy. For I am gonna go to Tioman, along with a few good friends of mine.

And you're not.

Wargh kargh kargh.
The Epitaph When Eye End You.


Today I found a note that took me a year or so to discover. Scattering pieces of thoughts and reality billows upon the skies of my mind. Damned be the olden days, doomed shall the future. A graveyard of roses, as I walk by the alley of familiar skeletons. Every dark corners echoes the bleakness coming from all directions.

Eye End.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 Israel: 1000 Palestinians. Yes, This Is Islamic Terrorism.


Israel sons of fuckin bitches declared a ceasefire.

Hell yea, how much was that again ? I thought am just gonna buy all the lies yet again. Heh. See, if the whole wide world has got a good opinion about this. Fuck them. Am neither "the left or the right wing - am the middle finger".

Oh the good and the benevolent people of Israel has granted the barbaric and the man-gobbling Palestinians a ceasefire. OMG, see how the Jews are actually nice people ?

So tell me the good people of Israel, you can take this chance and wipe Hamas all the way to oblivion for good this time, why not you just penetrate further North and wipe them off the map to your heart's content ? Dont worry, the world'd approve this. Shit, even some, if not most, of Palestinians' supposedly Muslim brothers too wouldn't mind. I mean you know Hamas is like a plague, if you don't cut them off to their roots, they just keep coming back. So yea, why not ? It boggles me mind just to explain your reasoning of ceasing your fire. Please, please explain to my shallow being for I couldn't understand the complex logic of your behavior.

Or of course, you cease your fire when you couldn't stand being in the middle of the fire itself. OR did you just meet Horror up the lonely alleys in Gazaa ? You know you can always proclaim victory while enjoying the luxury of the towering skies, bombarding the innocent civilians and what have you. But the real test to your testis is when you make your cameo on our grounds. Thats when you know how lovely is the taste of your own blood. Too heavy a price eh Mr. Old-nerd ? I heard that you lost quite a few commandos, I repeat, COMMANDOS to the spookiness of Gazaa in just of few days of your ground assault's campaign. But of course this felt to deaf ears and went on unreported in the main piss streams' medias. Well, Hamas' heroism is something that the mind of the world's not programmed to recognize. Kinda like us not knowing how maroon is actually not red, were we not told of its existence.

Hamas has vowed to fight, however. Dirty, dimwitted Hamas eh ? Heh.

I just couldnt see how some stupid fucks partly blamed Hamas of Israel's invasion. I mean firstly, you fuckers seem to forget that there was no Israel prior 1942. And by some geniuscydal hands of the Brits, Israel managed to successfully, illegally, form its filthy self. Their hands were bloody of so many Muslims' lives. And their current leaders, and the world's, not to mention, instead of apologizing for the atrocities, pin and stomp the Palestinians to the ground. They were made criminals for trying to savour their homes, their pride and simply their lives.

Hamas' actions are not only avenging 60 something years of oppression. They didn't simply chose to shell Tel Aviv, the filthy scumbags Israel sealed off routes for the Gazaans to make a living. When Hamas reacted to this, Israel flexed its muscle just to remind the Palestinians whos the boss. Filthy fuckin asswipes.

And yet the world has the balls to call Hamas on their actions, pats Israel on its back and pacify it out of oh-so-big a tragedy. And with Israeli forces maintaining its presence on Gazaa's soil, Godspeed Hamas, crush them.

Until Victory or Martyrdom.
Until Victory or Martyrdom.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moon Shined Her Fullest.


And how was that to your liking, fuckin peasants ? Wargh kargh kargh. Dip the taste of your own medicine. And in the meantime we'll prescribe you with some of ours.

I ought to stop really, but it really tickles up my belly funny that you punks, what with having the whole security force, the EC, not to mention the money couldn't take on a party that is so broke that they had to raise all the funds they could get, through all the channels they could do with.

Yet you couldn't take on such party ? Impotent Imbeciles.

Bow down, lowly Earthlings. Heh.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The White Wedding Gown.

Qaed and Hammas were destined soul mates. Their parents knew. All the neighborhood knew. 2 beautiful souls entwined in the face of collapsing Gazaa's rubble. How irony speaks its mind. The duo were seeming victims. A barter to settle years of a family feud between 2 well respected families in the community.

Infant arranged marriage, something that would require the West to traverse the end of its Eastern counterpart to grasp with its concept and beauty. But not here. Not when the end's well.

For a moment, they loathed each others' guts. Having to succumb to their parents' wishes, without having even a say in it. For God's sake, they were 5 years old when the engagement took place.

Hammas opted for a school she less favored when she discovered that Qaed has enrolled for the institution. For a stint, they enjoyed the fact that their silent rebellion was seeming to bear fruits. And maybe if they're persistent enough, their parents will rethink through the whole matter. After all the feud had wore off, after a century and a half old arrangement.

But nature in its weird ways had deceived them by setting them into 2 different paths with but one end. They ended up sharing the same classmates, right after the dreaded discovery of them studying in the same college.

"You! Did you follow me here ? Cant hold yourself back no longer eh ? What on seeing a charming lad like me and all ?" Qaed said mockingly.

To a nonchalant reply from Hammas - "Oh I didn't know they reinvented the whole definition of charming to so big an asshole, he might even be talking from the butthole himself. No, wait. Was that you or your ass speaking ?"

To a burst of laughter from the class.

- To be continued.
United Nonsense, The Wishful Minions & The Endless Rhetorics.

The Star quoted:

"Never say die - Malaysia’s unrelenting effort to get the international community to condemn Israeli atrocities in Gaza is bearing fruit with the United Nations agreeing to hold a special emergency session today to discuss and come up with firm actions."

Condemn terminology, Google's web definition:
  • express strong disapproval of, disapprobation.
Now when we say 'unrelenting effort' and we so intellectually try to connect it with Condemnation.

Take a pause.... Now. Take a deep breath.

Is there something wrong with the statement or its just ME ? Unrelenting effort ? And I thought 'unrelenting effort' was supposed to be something like militarily engaging sons of fuckin bitches Israel. Or at least confronting these punks in negotiation chamber and whatnots.

And God, how dimwitted can we be to be overjoyed just by the fact that United Nonsense has granted us 'a discussion to come up with firm actions.'

Israel SOBs fired shots at UN staffs for God's sake. So do you think they will give 2 flying fucks about UN's condemnation ? And to hold discussions up your plushy meeting suites while making 'slim to none' progress. Hamas would make more significances on the ground - minus the rhetorics, in an hour in contrast to your 2 days of sleepy discussions up in UN's bunker somewhere.

We're barely a drop of water in an ocean, yet being luxurious enough to be deluded into thinking that we're marking our spot on the map.

My thoughts propelled. My guns smoking. My trail blazing. Fuck you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Blogging Beta v 1.0 (Fuck You)


I bet pixels are bitchy since picture tells a thousand words. Too many a word for something stagnant, don't you think ? Imagine having a sculpture nagging you for shaping its nose against it's likings.

Meetings. Cigging kat belakang office. Dark cloud KLIA view. Meeting - Mini Mining Kak Ida (Wargh kargh kargh. Night Mosque. Night lakeside view residencies. And oh, a smartly stationed camabwhored. Pretty much sums it all.

Most welcomed & don't mention. Laters skaters.

Monday, January 12, 2009

pwn3d & 0wn3d.


Chelsea's Scolari said in a defeated tone of gestures, "We hereby concede the title to the INevitable champions. Manchester United." He proceeded further to say that Chelsea were asswipes from the beginning. So we didnt expect anything less than conceding the title to rightful owners.

These are some of the exerts of the interview with Scolari after the crushing defeat. Please bear in mind that the author of this Blog does not and will not in any given circumstances be associated with the Bulu's, err I mean The Blues' opinions:

We remind our viewers that these are the thoughts and opinions of Scolari. And the author shall be under no circumstance be held responsible (though he is a responsible lad to note) for any events or stupid antics that shall occur henceforth and so on.

E-Ass-PN: Morning sir. Quite a battering to take for a reigning champions, u think sir ?
Scolari: Well.. if you see it from our point of view, I would say this is rather normal. We're losers. What do you expect from losers but to lose ? But we're not without pride. We take pride in a job well done. We're losers. And we are doing what we do best. Losing. A 3-0 loss is but a bonus.

E-Ass-PN: Very well sir. So what do you think of the fans' reactions after this crushing defeat. More so to the hands of bitter arch rival, Manchester United ?
Scolari: I think you momma's hot.

E-Ass-PN: Excuse me sir ?
Scolari: No dickhead, address me with Pops after my name. I might be your Papa.

E-Ass-PN: But my mom said she'd never date a bald headed idiot sir.
Scolari: Well go tell your momma that your birth certificate is a Letter of Apology from the bar I pick your momma up that night.

The latter events could be summed up as Tragic. And no words uttered will be sufficient to compensate the humilliation that parties involved will have to live with and bear in their conscience.

pwn3d. Wargh kargh kargh.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Intersection With Real Time.
Nota Kaki: Title unrelated. Taken from of JMT's lyrcis. It resound quite a time in my head.


I have this habit. I enjoy sitting and watch as the world goes by. Well, 'the world goes by' terminology can be derived from various goings that take place in the surrounding environment that I am in, at that particular mo. Be it something as obvious as the lines of vehicles that pass through the streets and birds flocking up the air or something as subtle as the blowing winds and the marching skies.

I particularly enjoy lakeside view and the Colors of Dawn up my crib's balcony. They just bring me a great deal of seeming Tranquility in the countless ordeals and affairs I was and am in.

I dream. Loads too. One could go so far to say that I am a Dreamy person. But go ahead and make a mistake by thinking that its full of air. I'll traverse to the length of China's Great Wall just to prove that your ass is wrong.

My head's pretty much a factory, one that bisect thoughts and ideas into structures, only but a problem. If the whole system consists of 100 phases. The farthest I'll anal-lyse would be 50. Rarely I finish. Sighs. Ok I digressed.

On occasions where I sit by and just watch as the world goes, I dream. I redefine dreams. I wonder what had happen so far. I had probably aged without realizing how much a hectic life had taken from me. We all probably are. Its like driving your way to the office and back home, drive to the office and back home yet again and suddenly we realize we're 50. We aged just along the way. What a scary thought.

And that is why I particularly enjoy sessions such as the above and vacations. It takes my mind off things, it gives me plenty of time to be alone and evaluate how things are, so far. To remind me of my dreams. To strategize on how to juggle those dreams, as not to achieve a dream at the expense of what has already been in order. To give me to just lepak all the way from the mornings till dawn. And by dawn, getting ready to watch as the sun sets.

And friends and families wonder I rather stuck myself beneath the sheets in the hotel room during vacation, rather than getting out and maximize the fact that we're on vacation ! lol.

Hence my actions are justified. :D

Friday, January 09, 2009

Copywritten Seventy Eight-ed.

Prowess the hardest cowards that rock alike
Trying to sound like Pete Nelson but you can`t even Copywrite.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

.. And My Heart Goes To The Bravehearted Palestinians.


I was reading one of the Blog from Beyie's blogroll, and the author was asking for International intervention on Gaza's bloody massacre. That reminds to a movie I watched just a few days back. Richard Gere and Terrence Howard starred The Hunting Party. A movie about a journalist who got his life turned upside down after the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.

One of the intriguing question thrown into the mind of its viewers was - "Why cant the United States or the United Nations for that matter, find a guy in THREE FUCKIN YEARS that we could, in just 2 DAYS ?", referring to The Fox a.k.a Radovan Karadzic, the blueprinter of Bosnia's melancholic tragedy.

And oh, one more thing, Terrence mentioned something like "Sir, ur not making any sense here.." and the dude replied. "Of course. We're the United Nations !". Wargh kargh kargh.

So how in God's green earth do we expect the so called Nation-fuckin-anal leaders to react on such sad events such as this ? Rais Yatim, our very own Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned something like this - "Oh Malaysia's gained recognition for her being one of the fastest to denounce Israel's (Hell scorches beneath their feet) barbaric actions..". How fuck up you could go ? No, you couldnt go beyond that kind of stupidity, married with pure ignorance. No sir. Nada.

Them Palestinians, your brothers and sisters by religion, are suffering day to day, facing endless horrors and carpeted bombings. And all you Imbeciles could come off with is WE'RE FUCKIN GAINING RECOGNITION ? MOTHERFUCKER !

So we would expect them Nation Anal Leaders to act on this ? Yeah lets hope they do so after 10s of thousands Palestinians or so have been mercilessly massacred by them trigger happy Israel's sons of fuckin bitches.

On the other hand, I for one would say let Israel go ahead and do what it prefers. You will NEVER annihilate the whole Hamas. One syuhada' returns to God will only give birth to thousands of whom are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their religion. Any day.

Hamas, Al Qaeda and whatnots aren't any near to organizations or such that you'd like to label them. Its an ideology, a doctrine that engulfed the hearts of every religion-loving Muslims. That's one thing you'll never come in grasp with. And that's one thing that shall lead you to your downfall.

And that's God's promise. And never did He break one.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Adik Nak Biar Dia Kering Dulu.."

Zahir had his first few couple of days as a secondary schooler. In short, the beginning of his journey that will define pretty much what kind of adult we'd see in the future. And he hadnt been eating well. I overlook his breakfasts, have no idea about his lunch, and he had Maggi, and canned soup for dinners.

On top of that, I fumed at him crazy a couple of days ago, for letting Todd J (accidentally) poop inside the kitchen, and to top it off, his answer was "Adik nak biar dia kering dulu.." when I asked him why didn't he wipe the shit off the kitchen's floor. That answer sure got me parachuted 50 fuckin thousand feet in the air because I was working and his school starts off somewhere 1 O'clock, in the PM mind you. Yea, the poop was indeed dried off when I start to smother the kain buruk with it. I wiped the poop clean off the floor. And some other things I thought I did was to throw a mop, a piece of used cloth and not tantrums. No other unnecessary stuffs, as far as I can remember.

"Adik lupa" will be his affirmative answers to questions directed to him regarding the chores, dishes and all that. Of course all the things are doable. But for God's sake, hes thirteen, having been thirteen myself, I know that boys that age have direct tunnels from this, to another end of both side of their ears. And its a toll-free 2-way freeway lanes. Its not like they purposely do what they do. They just do it. Its just them. Its just that they're spaced out 99.9% of the time. And another 0.01% used to plan what to play and how to play them later. Its not their fault, its encrypted in their genes, boys that age.

I dont have to be damn cynical towards his monotonous answer. I just have to remind him time and time again and again. Thats all. That is ALL.

I realize that I've been too hard on him. And I realize too, that I dont want him to hate me, God, he ate alone, lock his room, reading comics I guess, right after video games sessions at nights. And its been like 3 days of school and I havent even asked him a gesture as simple as "Hows school ?"
Unbroken Circles & Dimensions of The Mind


The title is erm, you guessed it. Random. You didnt ? Go fuck urself. Or do you need a shovel ?

"..But I'm notleft wing OR right wing. I'm the middle finger." - Sage Francis

P/S: The Hairstyle's cool, no ? :D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Legend of The Fall.

Todd Lizardary was an outcast from his family. He was born half-blind. Meaning to say that his only functional vision was either the left one or its counterpart, that if if you're wondering what the hell does the 'half-blind' terminology means. He grew up not knowing his father. Despite that and all the other obstacles, hes braved some of the roughest nights and the sunniest coast.

He was blessed, yet again, with 5 brothers and sisters coz his Momma didnt mind flirting around, be flirted with, and getting pregnant again while in her postnatal period. Out of the 5, the meekest one was Totti, dubbed Franscisco Totti Lizardary, no one ever thought he's gonna make it a month, given his shy and reserved tendencies. He miracalously survived nevertheless, getting even the most obnoxious of us, out of his seat, 50 feets high in the air, astonished.

These amazing brothers never seize to amaze us with their tales of valor and bizarre survivals. Hence, the siblingsless and motherless Totti was left alone to fend for himself. Him being kinda invisible in terms of size in a cold world, had called Todd to come forward and to offer him not a mansion and neither a cottage, but rather, a hut. Not air-conditioned but was good enough to keep them from being soaked when the skies are teary. And most importantly, it sure was warm, warmth that circulates ONLY from brotherly compassion. Yes, that sounded Ghey. But fuck it.

Who'd known that a disaster would struck the bonds of the brothers. A titan that crashlanded on them and change their lives, forever. Tatty Cloverfield, was a charming beaut a Queen to be. Ripe in her age, she turns head and got fools flooding the floor, drooling, just by walking up the street. And sometimes if the floor owner's lucky enough, they would even pee pee on the mat. Ok I digressed, but thats just the extend of a charmer Tatty was.

How her path crossed with the Lizardaries, God knows.

Being self-raised and in touch of solitary in most of his adolesence has taught Todd that an action, no matter how puny could always come back and haunt your ass. And sometimes haul you, for good. Hence there was Todd, cautious and moderate. A contrary scenario was however hovers in Totti's atmosphere. He was hanging with the wrong crowd. Smoking, skipping classed and flipping skirts. Devilishly handsome and charming, he held quite a reputation for breaking girls' hearts as easy as breaking his promises.

That was but till one day, till a phone call molested that afternoon silence. "Hello, Lizardary household. Todd speaking..". An eerie thought suddenly engulfed the coast of Todd's mind. "Rumah kita mana ada talipon, what the hell am I picking up ?" It was a girl's bre--, err, arm, she was half naked with a smile on her face. "Damn you Totti, what the hell did I tell you about brining girls home ?"

No the girl wasnt Tatty.

OK, suddenly my lazy-arse-ness struck. Malas nak sambung. To cut the story short, Todd and Tatty passed. And Totti has joined rank with them among the stars just this recently.


Its just that my story is actually a bout Todd Jarra. The 3rd generation Lizardary. A son of Totti and his final girlfriend. He's named Todd because of his keen resemblance to his uncle, Todd. Thus, he was named after him, to commemorate the memories of Todd. A kid who hired 'Love to eat' as his pastime . He would never stop eating, the moment we step our foot in the kitchen. There he was rubbing his body against our feet. Bajet comel.

The last pix, if you notice, showed that some of the Frieskies were arranged in line, like one of those bread crumbs track, inspired by one of the fairytales. Zahir did that. He thought Todd J would fall victim and follow the tracks exactly and got him trapped. How cute. But the gelojoh Todd J. didnt. lol.
Camwhorroraizzen Part One.


OK, OK, before whatever, I've just got myself a new ? Erm, OK not so new, as she, being close to a month-old now. And oh, the clock starts from the moment she comes home with me. Its a Motorolla V3 Double X (V3xx, for you illiterates out there.) An old, obsolete even model, if you ask me, but a Dear nonetheless. Been eyeing for her company ever since I dunno when. I think it was when I saw Sly flashing it before my mesmerized eyes, back when we were running the KLIA Shopping campaign events together. Yea, I think that was when.

So her being a Dear and me, being the handsome, knight-in-shining-armour, hemsem lad, dont you think its a waste if we dont indulge ourselves together ? Rampant camwhorings alas. And justified too. And fingers crossed, jealousy is normal.

Plus am doing the World Wide Web a favor. Am by right, entitled a fortune for allowing my pixels to be hosted by them. No, ur welcomed. Dont mention. Am just nice like that.

P/S: I had to edit them pixels, as to de-handsomize my overly schmart self. Unless the problems are wearing skirt and putting on mascara, I dont crave for troubles lining up my front door knocking for a peek. Plusses, its just not me putting so many souls out of business and I hate turning down my fans too, being a nice lad and all.

Sighs, what to do, I too am in a tight fix. =(

Camwhorroraizzen Part One. End.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Harga Sebuah Kedewasaan.


Hello Ladies.. and OK, lets cut to the chase and leave out any unnecessary preambles, shall we ?

We registered Zahir Dewasa a.k.a Chew-It* to his first ever secondary school yesterday. Of course, its his first, hes barely 13 yet, fuckers. So he's officially a secondary school laddie. Selamat bersekolah adik, and this is a whole new frontier, one that holds certain uncertainties. One that can be cruel at times but more importantly, one that you can smile upon its memories another 10 years to come.

I hope you'd walk its ground with your head held high and your chest strutted, no matter how dark the coming nights may seem. I hope you'll regard yourself with sky-high an esteem, despite what people'll tell you and what they want you to believe.

And of course, you will, having faced the knives ever since you were but in an infant. Such tenacity that'll raised 2 middle fingers to any one disapproval.

(Wargh kargh kargh. I'll shed some lights to this, another time, another occassions.) *