Tuesday, March 03, 2015


The extend of the boredom.


Hi. Hello. Am 31. Officially. The passing of being in the 20's to the 30's used to suck. But now am 31. And here's a perspective. In 9 years, I'll be in the same age as those Hollywood movie characters who dreads being 40 and looking back at life asking to himself "What the fuck have I done with my life ?" Its all a little bit cliche. But that's a perspective alrite. 

I'm drifting. And I know it. But I let it anyway. There's no boom. There's no bang. Life is just too quiet. Fuck, am getting old. And its a dreadful feeling. Not dreadful in a bad kind of way. Its just dreadfully boring. The highlight of my weeks now are United matches, and they are if I am honest, gawdawful.

I feel like the best of my years have gone passed and I didn't even know.

And its kinda sad.


p/s: Happy birthday, Fakhrol. You darn beautiful thing you.

p/s/s: Oh hey look who's back. Its the Positve Me!

p/s/s/s: I must look like a lunatic now. Pulling a monologue like that. Thank God nobody's reading     -_-'