Thursday, December 31, 2009

What The Elf, No, Seriously..

We've all heard of goalkeepers tapping in goals for their teams. Though not common, its not rare - well, to a certain extend.

But last night I had this weird dream. I dreamt that Sam Allardyce got so pissed off, he went and take on 3 or 4 defenders before blasting home past the poor goalkeeper. And what's even weirder, he was wearing West Ham outfit, well yea if am not mistaken. I was like What the Elf..

And, and, and MU beat the mighty Wigan 5-0, AGAIN. Yayyyyyyyyyy !

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Chance Upon Post.

Another stumble upon. Nice read and some profound thoughts.

Some excerpts.

"Everybody has a set of arbitrary rules defining the meaning of events in their life. Most people don’t set these rules consciously; instead, they just “grow” into them based on their temperament and upbringing. Because of this, many people have rules that tend to make them miserable.

I’ve known people who, in order to consider themselves really happy, must be on a wonderful vacation, win the lottery, fall in love, eats some rare delicacy, or some other unusual or even once-in-a-lifetime event.

In almost every case, these same people can find virtually any excuse to be miserable. If they miss a stop light, they get upset. If they can’t get a jelly donut in the morning, they’re upset. If they can’t watch their favorite TV show, it ruins their day, etc., etc., etc. They have an endless list of tiny things that steal away their happiness.

People who have those rules about life, are programmed to be miserable, because they’ll encounter dozens of things each day that irritate them, and very few events that will make them happy. And being unhappy or irritated most of the day is the ULTIMATE expression of failure in life.

Consider, then, somebody who complains about having to “click 10 times” to read a Sales Machine post. On the one hand, this person is getting information that could increase lifetime earnings by a million dollars. On the other hand, this person also has to move an index finger 10 times."

My take, Ha-Ha spot on.

We could find like 10 fucking thousand over reasons to be mad and not one thing to smile about. Its just something you and me find hard, to appreciate the little things around us. Things that we deem trivial. We expect white sandy beaches, fishing boats and high lands to make us happy while forgetting to laugh at a cicak who was stuck in a cup while enjoying the left overs in it. lol. That actually happened and he's still enjoying his luxurious little vacation.

The author then continues:

"The solution, of course, is to get off your emotional duff and start doing the hard work of changing your rules. Because here’s the exciting thing: if you switch the two sets around, you’re re-programming yourself to be happy, and therefore to win.

The Hows:
  • Decide to have rules that make it easy to be happy. Let little things that happen every day be cause for celebration. Find every excuse possible to take a little pleasure out of life.
  • Decide to have rules that make it difficult to be miserable. Save your misery for truly awful things, like the death of a close relative, financial disaster, or a major, debilitating illness."

Obama's Annual Speech - The Missing Verses.

Goddamnit 2009 is rolling down her curtain and here I am. Still clueless. About pretty much erm, - every effing thing. Yeah, fuck me. No seriously, I was so religiously optimistic about going to a certain direction - yet that direction eluded me at a stage I thought I was so sure - "This is it!"

But no sire, you're not that special. You're practically like anybody else - sprinting as fast as we could to a certain (yes, certain-ly delusional finish that we wet our pants thinking that it exist) touchline. But again, there was Destiny with the "I-Just-Benchpressed-The-Whole-World" smiley face in the corner. Taunting.

"Ha-Ha I eluded you dumarse again !", she said.

Thus, if its so destined that I shall be the casualty of these vicious cycles so then be it. Lets just keep setting goals and pillage what we can from Life since it's taken far too many from Eye to be bear. Let us revisit 2009 and learn our impending lessons from a total of 12 semesters and 365 classes.

Well, at least until am rajin again..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Piss off, Bitch.

A love letter to Maybank Auto Finance branched in Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. May you rest in Pieces - Not My Thoughts, obviously. Drench in your tears because rest assured - I will pursue this thing full swing.

"At approximately 2.10 p.m Friday 20th November 2009 I spoke to one of your staff from Kompleks PKNS branch who refuses to give her name all the way through my inquiries. I regret to say that if this kind of behavior is to prevail within your esteemed organization, I'm afraid that your customers' perception of your ongoing efforts will be in jeopardy.

What I was inquiring is my right as a customer who feels that he has been wronged by being overcharged without any credible justification or answers, but calling me names like 'Kurang ajar' and the likes of that indicates more serious signs that something is definitely wrong with your customer service system or that your staff simply lack manners.

Until the person in charge of that particular branch or the staff that I spoke to personally call, explain and apologize to me I will pay only the amount that I deem correct."

Mohd Fakhrolruzi Bin Ahmad
012 - 242 ____

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pantheons of Epic Cantona
Nota Kaki: Malas nak pk tittle. Fukyu thus.

I've always carelessly told people that one day I'm gonna go watch Manchester United play Chelshit or Liverfool. Yerp one fine day. But I've never really actually believed in that. But seeing a friend's picture at Old Trafford has got me certain that YES ONE DAY I WILL GO WATCH The Red Devils roast The Scouse, preferably to Oblivion. How good is that to watch the likes of Carragher, Torres and Gerrad roasted to purples - right in front of your eyes. Its a stuff of epic.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"..that we bleed just to feel alive.."

That weekend breeze blowing through your window feels so exquisitely splendid on your face when you were busting  your ass around the clock juggling between jobs all week.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Aku Ingin Pulang - Ebiet G. Ade

Kemanapun aku pergi
Bayang bayangmu mengejar
Bersembunyi dimanapun
S'lalu engkau temukan
Aku merasa letih dan ingin sendiri

Ku tanya pada siapa
Tak ada yang menjawab
Sebab semua peristiwa
Hanya di rongga dada
Pergulatan yang panjang dalam kesunyian

Aku mencari jawaban di laut
Ku sadari langkah menyusuri pantai
Aku merasa mendengar suara
Menutupi jalan
Menghentikan petualangan
Du du du

Kemanapun aku pergi
Selalu ku bawa bawa
Perasaan yang bersalah datang menghantuiku
Masih mungkinkah pintumu ku buka
Dengan kunci yang pernah kupatahkan
Lihatlah aku terkapar dan luka
Dengarkanlah jeritan dari dalam jiwa

Aku ingin pulang uhuu
Aku harus pulang uhuu
Aku ingin pulang uhuu
Aku harus pulang uhuu
Aku harus pulang

Monday, September 07, 2009

Thy Illusive Obvious.

I've learnt something that has been so obvious yet eluded us for as long as we can remember. Notice how your grumbling actually has an untold, subtle effect on the people around. And I don't mean it literally, I really mean people around you. The one(s) within your proximity.

Lets say you're grumbling about your parents or your siblings in the presence of your children. They will tend to have negative connotation about the subjects in your fierce grumbling. What I am saying is learn to actually disagree or protest without exclaiming it for the whole world to judge.

It wouldn't help you know that when Raya eves are just around the corner and your children indicate little or no interest to balik kampung and meet their grandparents and would probably backfire, if you should attempt to advice them how this kind of attitude just isn't permitted.
Today Is Nuzul Quran Public HOLIDAY & Here I Am..

Its been a while.

I didn't even write any Merdeka piece for the year. Been even toying with the idea of getting rid of the Blog. But since it doesn't kacau anyone's scrotum's well-being yet, so yea why bother.

See, even as of the moment I'm typing this, my fingers have been running around in circles - between the backspace key and a few letters' key in between. Temporal lost for words have been the theme song for me for quite some time now. Please God, don't let me get immunized.

My mind spells Mediocre at best. Lately everything has been dealt with an excessive dose of Mediocrity. Barrages of movies downloaded just for the sake of downloading and fulfilling the term so Broad a band (read: Broadband). Hence I find myself reluctant to press the Start Menu button and log my PC off. I rarely watch what I download right away, maybe a month or two later, IF they're lucky enough. Capital letters. No mistake.

Books flipped, well literally. How do you flip an ebook for God's sake.

So yea, books flipped for a few pages and then there goes the primary school composition's cliche - "And that was the last time I saw.." - In my case, the book(s) that I downloaded. Am bandwidth freak, neither a movie junkie nor an 8 inches thick glasses bookworm.

Office has never been this gloomy. But even so, days off the office too seem like another extra ordinarily ordinary day - but with a little extra dozing off during the day. And that's it. Oh my God, I can't stop complaining.

And sighing.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Coroner's Note - Death of Inspiration.
Time of Death: N/A
Current Listen: The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.mp3

Listening to the current song and I just remembered something of substantial depression. Lately, everything and anything will somehow come to me at the light speed of stress. Be it work, life and the people involved. Words wouldn't begin to justify the intensity of the pressure. Yet that sheer intensity has only rendered me somehow - void. Empty.

Its Ironic, really.

Everything is done and required in a rushing manner. Yet the further the track runs, the more clueless I am of where am going. Have had days where I practically dragged my feet to go to work. Whats more bothering is the fact that the cycle of this confusion has only grown more constant in recent times. Where it used to be once or twice a month - now is once or twice a week.

I've forgotten where I started and what did I start these sprints for.

Dying for Inspiration - even a tiny flicker.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Quote.

"The greatest trick the Devil's ever pulled was to convince the world that he doesn't exist.."

- The Usual Suspects, 1995

Monday, July 06, 2009

Same Shit Different Mouths.

Owen's a Devil. What shock.

On the heavier note - Sighs. Sighs. That's all I do. Been taking office assignments home for quite a while now. Its depressing. And this is just an out-of-nowhere, ad-hoc assignment, I haven't even started firing holes in Microsoft Excel's blank sheets just yet. And that is the real deal. The one with a hefty price tag and a deadline. The Monthly Sales Report. But then again, we were taught to prioritize, and this was something that HOC himself scratched his temple projecting at the SGM's instruction.

And it just doesn't help one bit if the surrounding fails quite miserably to grasp the situation. Its so much frustrating, it drains your drive, consumes your will at a whim. Persons firing shots at will without much less a thought, landing to conclusions absorbed by their delusions. Ass-suming. God, you're so good at flame throwing your assumptions, your mind reeks of Ne-cavity (read: Negativity).

I think am getting mushy. Mcm punde-

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Hi Too Far..
Current Listen: Estrella - Ternyata.mp3

I just got back from Redang. Hell, interesting as it was tiring. Roller costing emotional ride highs and lows in a matter of a few days.

It was damn fun alrite, laughters and giggles here and there. The snorkeling is one of the most sexciting experience I've yet to encounter. The friends we made. The beach footballs. The cigs. The ______.

But here's the thing, I met this girl, erm not exactly meet but I first saw her when we were ferrying to Redang and I caught her staring, stealing a peek myself. She was sweet alrite. Trying to hide the fact that she was staring. Lovelily adorable. I'm in love. I brushed away all the probabilities. But its OK, we've got all the friggin time in the whole wide world. So why rush.

Things worked their says in a very mysterious way. Thus making matters lovelier, she stayed at the right opposite of our room with her family. I caught her stare, yet again. I was juggling a ball. Football, you faggots, not mine and I think she was smiling, I was too busy juggling both the ball and my fragile 'cool' front - my sibuk sister nonchalantly went like "Checking out chicks eh ?". Sibuk minah ni. Serius. It was brief, But I was sure she smiled at me. And I never got the chance to smile back, too busy minding the busy bodies around. Brief though it was, I think its Spring again.

From thereon, there we were, playing Illusive Obvious, Peek & Hide between us. After the dinners, the breakfasts and the swimming sessions that were organized for the families. I came to be close with her brother. And after a few beach football and smokes together, I think it was time for me to move. So we went out. Me, the brother and his sisters and a younger brother and my brother - looking for memorabilias of our Redang experience. From one shop to another. We were walking shoulder to shoulder and the gap proved to be too far. I couldn't find a tiny inch of space for me to open up and approach up until she was sitting a few distance away from me. We were finally, painstakingly - alone. The others were busy probing the shop's items. And there I was too, busy sorting out the wars in my head. Hence not a single Hi.

Procrastination Fakhrol. Procrastination.

Its OK - I thought to myself, again. I'll get her digits on our ferrying trip when we go back. Just to find out later when I was hanging with out with her brother that they were ferrying back to Kuala Terengganu at the first sight of a ferry at six tomorrow. Huge, enormous I-D-I-O-T blocks fall over my head. And there I was..

Damned - And a Hi too far.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

And Then There Was..
Nota Kaki: Random

We're off to Terengganu in a couple of hours. Gotta get a good long schleep first before hitting off the roads. Its Redang after all. So many things to do but fuck it, tido comes first.
  • Books
  • MP3 Player, Headphone
Erm.. Seriously I'll think of it later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something You'll Never Grab A Grasp Upon.


Am interested in this article written by Kazi Mahmood of World Futures. Article here.

Mr. Mahmood was asking - Did the Talibans actually have the military strategy and force to conquer Afghanistan post Soviet period ? Mr. Mahmood, For your information, they were war veterans gathered from all over the world's fronts. So do they ? Yeah maybe you thought they were still using catapults to destroy the vast forces of the Soviets. This sort of analysis helps you know, in getting the US and Nato forces into thinking how the Talibans are a bunch of monkeys who still pop stones and sticks to create fire.

The Taliban, using its diplomatic channels, tried everything they could to prevent the American invasion.

Oh yea ? I don't think they tried hard enough. I mean if they so much cling to the powers, the simplest way would be to hand over Osama to US and you stay in. Even if they did try it from the diplomatic point of view, it's because they fear for their citizens' lives. But then again, being people of great principles, turning Osama in is like turning down the Ummah as a whole.

What are our values in the face of the Ummah's future Mr. Mahmood ? Collaterals. Nothing more. Get Leadership 101, somehow some where in the grueling reality of your career, sooner or later you'll be faced against difficult decisions which shall require a firm say, and priorities rightly set. But maybe even the course itself would prove to be too mentally challenging for the person you stare in the mirror every morning.

Of course those were indeed tough choices, but shots have been fired and tears already dried. Here we are 8 years on, is the US winning ? Has any of the one too many Osama and Mullah Omar's glimpses transcended into their physical equal ? Dont bother thinking from this perspective, seriously, you'll require a lifetime of healing dosage to your brain cells.

And I feel inclined to clarify this. Taliban did not abandon Kabul because they were scared stiff of the US and the chicken shits Northern Alliance forces coming at them, NO. Simply because the US were so brave they endlessly shell remorseless bombardment on Kabul for 3 days and nights on the helpless citizens of Kabul and how the gruesome numbers of casualties increase like Bush's idiocy as he speaks. That was why they chose to retreat and fight the war another day. Yea, they lost the battle. But heh, the Nato idiots and the US are the ones that are losing the war.

Every day the Talibans grow into some very fearsome adversaries the US has had to encounter. And each passing day serves as a very painful lesson for those who learn. Numbers and tanks wont save you from these mountain monkeys you perceived, idiots. Its God. And only Him.

I guess that explains why lights travel at a much faster speed than the sound. You look bright a couple of seconds before you made a sound.

With all due disrespects, please Mr. Mahmood, don't open your mouth. You'll at least appear smart for a few dying stints.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fucketh List Updated, Again.
Current Listen: Lenka - The Show.mp3

Aku dok sibuk godek packages to Redang or a few other islands along the shore which I utterly hate. The godek-ing part, not the pulau, mind you.

And I suddenly came to a realization - YOU WORK AT THE GODDAMNED AIRPORT, YE DIMWIT !!!1111

And airport authority at that. What the fuck. Maybe I should use some exhortations to squeeze the most spankfuckingly outrageous cheap package out of the Travel agents. Hrm.

The last time I went there, me and Shanaz we just terjah the hell out of everything and it wasn't peak season or anything. So there wasn't any need to pre-plan or anything. And we were so lucky that the package was quite reasonable, you know given the impulsive nature of the trip. 2 ferry trips (pergi balik), 4 meals, 1 snorkeling erm or 2 ? Tah. And a room with 2 beds for around RM 280 - 2 days. And if you were to stay longer, you get about the same price with a longer staying period, like a few dudes who later became our friends on the islands.

Oh and maybe its not Redang after all, I've been there once, so am looking at Lang Tengah as a prospect. So even if my family hadn't been there yet, Lang Tengah is technically still Redang, on the basis that its along the same shore with it. That'll do the trick I guess. lol.

The Fucketh List Updated.

1. Tioman dengan Shahnaz
2. Langkawi ngan Amin a few freak honchos.
3. Lang Tengah ?

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Just Arrived From One Hell of An Endurance Post.
Nota Kaki: Forget F U! Its MU.

I don't care if MU doesn't win the EPL next season but they will crush the Liverfools. Err correction, they have to beat the Fools and win the EPL at the same time.

And for those of you Idiots who think Giggsy doesn't deserve to win the PFA Player of The Year Award, you've just insulted the entire EPL players' intelligence. I mean its the players who voted for the Welsh Ironman.

Oh but then again, I would agree with you if you think that the players from the team you worship are nothing but a bunch of grass ass shallow pushovers. Yea, on just that. Not on the vote they casted for Giggsy. Thats quite intelligent for the likes of them you know.

Probably the only thing Intellectual they'd ever come across them in their whole entire shitty lives.

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 5.04 AM Post.
Current Listen: Lady Gaga - Pokerface.mp3
Nota Kaki: Oh great. Esok got a whole bunch of stuffs to prepare for the meeting the day after tomorrow.

I cant schleep and tomorrow's work. So whats new. Fuck the question mark thus impregnate the shallow minds which shall subsequently gives birth to Curiosity.

I've missed Eminem. I bet the whole industry's missed him quite sorely. Love him or hate him, the man like Tupac, holds certain appeal to both his fans and naysayers. That said, the first single for his Relapse album, scheduled to drop on the head of May, might just draw criticisms that deserves criticism for the criticisms. I mean overall independent or mainstream reviews and comments have revolved around how Em is getting old, the issues that he plucked so to speak. But I read the SAME exact review back when Marshall Mathers LP was dropped and you didnt even have to guess that it went Multi-Platinum.

I mean Eminem is just who he is. I wouldn't like him if he didnt do what he did. Btw, Sarah Palin in the vid looks so droolsome.


Recently I've grown kinda fond of Lady Gaga. lol. Yea I think shes cute. But more than that. I think shes fuckin cool. (read: Pokerface vid). Yea that video has got me watching it over and over again studying her body language and gestures. Yes sir, no underhanded activity is going on here. Plain star struck moments which are quite easily the same with every container of soul.

I've always admired individuals who can maintain a pokerface despite feeling engulfed with fierce devouring fear. Been thinking about enrolling in public speaking class so that I'll make Obama's oratory skill so pale in comparison to mine that people thought he was white.

I think more or less I can at least maintain the state of my face, though I've never actually seen the playback of my conversation or heated debates in meeting rooms. While I can maintain the flickering presence of confidence to a certain extent, drowning perspiration has always betrayed the fragile front. Am a guy who naturally perspire quite effortlessly even when its not wanted. Quite befitting to say that it chose to appear when the time is not right.

Oh Well. Yea whatever. Besok MU, Arsenal. Both arch rivals from way back. Tho I suspect and hope that the match to be entertaining. Am telling you I could do without. Fuck entertainment so long as you win. Even if its half against a nil. Its still a fuckin' win.

P/S: Girls in office attire equals HAWTNESS. (read: Irma Hasmie) :|~ *drools*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pffffffffffftttttttt Updated.


Interview isn't until 2.15 on the P.M but I still haven't got my certs certified. Job Letter of Offer faxed. And to tumpang my relative's office fax. Since its the nearest. And Mak's growling is growing increasingly rapid. So I better move my ass and spare me a morning sermon for now.

Laters skaters.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Whats cracking dickheads ? I dont feel really well but I just gotta blog this. I was already shortlisted for the ehem, yea for the interview. Yea interview. Sue me. Its a 5000 over candidates competition. And I have reasons to be proud of myself of course.

So lets just pray that everything goes well.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

And That's Why..
Current Listen: The Pussycat Dolls feat. A.Rahman - Jai Ho (You're My Destiny).mp3
Nota Kaki: Rose Dawson was Love. *smooch*

Now I remember why I so hate watching sad/tragic movies, coz believe it or not I am a person who got effected so much when something like Rose had to leave Jack down the cruel ocean or Ho Nam's girlfriend was shot dead by that damn evil villain Crow or something.

I just watched Titanic and God, Omaigod ! I got so bothered and its so fuckin awfully sad.

Its all Fly FM's fault for having reminded me of how magnificently crafted a movie Titanic was. "Am flying.. Jack !" Damn damn damn.

But I gotta say that rewatching the movie after some 13 years of its release just gave a sheerly refreshing and dreadfully tragic feeling all the same. Back when I was 12, or was it 13 ? Erm fuck it. So yea, back when I was 12, though I could appreciate the beauty of the movie, it was more or less one of the many Cerita Orang Putih that I've seen. And of course the center of the attraction was when the classic car's windshield suddenly turned all steamy (and then all of a sudden Rose's hand falls slowly and wiping the screen off the steam). Yea, that was back then. And oh the drawing part. Even better.

Yea but that was back then. Now that I could understand the language a little better. The subtle messages a little better. Gone through somewhat identical pain altogether. The beauty of the movie has somewhat transcended the shine of light.

Lined up in the pantheons of epic.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Enter Baldhead Fuck(You) Face.


Yup, its that time of the year again. It was quite hard. Harder than I'd imagine. But times have decided that the separation is long overdue. Thus, entering with a Bang. The Baldheaded Me. Yea, I'll talk to you guys later.

Now bow ye' lowly Earthlings.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dont We Love Monkeys ?


Here they come again. The circus from out of town. A bunch of well trained Monkeys trained to caress their masters with the tip of their tongues. The most loyal kind. So loyal that they are willing to hand their masters the whips so that they'd get whooped.

A bunch of trained apes peacocking each's gusto by singing, reciting poem and drooling cheap tears. So that everyone especially the higher ups would even look just for a while. Even just for a little while. Seriously, these are some serious monkeys.

Dont we love monkeys ? They amuse us to no end..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bucket List. Revisited & Updated.
Current Listen: 2Pac - Still I Rise.mp3

Been thinking this to myself.

Sometimes I just wanna be wrapped in pitch darkness. Lost in thoughts. Far from everything and everyone so that I could fink (read: think). Well, in current context that's just too luxurious. Naiveté. Wishful thinking. Or call it what you may. But if that's the entry fee to the Utopia of beautiful dreams and fascinating wishes - Naive and wishful thinking it is.

So today I snatch the idea of the 'Pitch Darkness'. How, is another story that is of much lesser significance than the outcome. So fuck the hows.

There I was thinking to myself, as I always have, but was just too distracted with variations of daily bullshits and craps to actually visualize them. I therefore concluded loads and am only able to spill these few since there were too many conclusions, they became pointless. But hey..
  • Losing a few pounds of 'Horizontal height' that have rendered me schleepless due to the not so favorable outlook in recent pixels.
  • Tangkap these kind of pixels just for the fun of it:
The Ha-Ha Dance, as I call it.

Couldn't find a more appropriate pixels of this dance since I dunno whats its name - hence I had to draw it and at the same time disqualifying me to Google the fuck out of it. So apologize to yourselves for failing to inform me better. I've forgiven you on my part, however.


Been liking this kind of pix for as long as I can remember. The key criteria involves the subject(s), a bright bleu sky and well, I dunno.. good senses ? Fuck it. But yea. This is what I tried to do in Penang but with a puny resemblance in the outcome. (read: The Blog's header)

So lets. With a Blast !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cibet - Word of Thy Week.

Cibet. MU kalah lagi. I feel so restless,I can't sleep. No, not because MU kalah or whatever. Tuka tempat tido is one thing I can't compromise when trying to get my eyes to rest. So here I am dreading the hours.

Hrm what should I do now ? Its 3 zero 5 in the A.M and my vision is as clear as when the sun towers the skies. Am up for a very rough night. Very.

Sighs. Should've gone back when I got the chance to.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Behind A Glass Expression - Thousand Broken Smiles.
Current Listen: The Times - Infra Merah.mp3
Nota Kaki: Makcik's my cuz. Manage to curi the pixels frm her FS.

Who would've thought. Kak Ina dubbed Minah Letupan by none other than The Geniusidally Wise One, Me, behind those squeaky smooth glass expressions, a thousand broken smiles. A secret she hold so dear intact for 6 years. And only known to the stars in the sky that blanket the darkest of nights. And 10s of pillows she wet in solitary.

Bearing the whole weight of the world on her shoulder so that she'd protect the faces that she cares about. To protect them from the unprejudiced debris of the painful affair. How, never would have I grasped.

I have a new found respect for the Makcik. 6 years of silent tears. I would've crumbled. She managed to finish her degree and excel in between. Seriously, what tenacity. She didnt present a single drop of tears when the dude decided to walk away. And he doesnt even know that she wriths in stabbing pain all the while for him. And the tears didnt hide away when she views the dude's FS or when she engages him online (he does Medic somewhere in foreign land). Even now.

I told her just how plenty strong she is and she should know that this isnt gonna last forever and cherish the present moments for she should be joyful that she's gonna come out of this even stronger. Granted that she survives the ordeal. And she will.

Gila ah Makcik, you're ways more twisted than I thought.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 4 A.M. Post.

The last thing I remembered was replying Sheri's SMS asking me where my father is. A little further down the road, when I all detached senses start to fall in place back again, the clock's face was punched somewhere around 4. Its in the AM. I guess I'll just check on my torrent downloads. And ah there was the heat-preserving mug that I've just bought, to cater my addiction for caffeine and my habit of leaving it for quite some time until it becomes cold enough for me just to pour it into the abyss of the kitchen's sink.

And thats just the most genius-cydal thing to do, given how the clock's face was bruised around 4. I mean here I am, all clear and feeling smarter than ever.

I guess I'll just share some of the recent captions (read:Hepi) from a trip that I was just back from - Penang, Food Heaven, since my relationship with Ms. Pillow has just prematurely ended.

Well that's when I come back.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Twenty Five Years YOUNG's First Post.


Yea finally. The numbers are catching up. Thanx to ye thoughtfoul folks for all the SMSes, well-wishes and what have you. I know, I know am just loveable like that. But don't worry, I luv you too. Janji. X tipu. Pinky swear even. lol.

But hey seriously, thanx... Am flattered really. :"}

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Deadlock Post.

Am applying for a new job. Well its quite a renowned institution.

Am so hoping that I'll get this deal. I've reached the point here, where enough is just enough. Am given a task too many with all of them tagged - URGENT!!

So tell me how the hell do I prioritize ?

Sales reports on its monthly basis is as is busy as it is. Its a practice full of running high and low just to get the sales' figures of 150 (and still counting) something outlets tabulated - and oh, not to mention ACCURATELY, from a few different sources namely - The System & The People.

Good Lord, when you combine these forces and confront them on your own, the result is genocide. The system relies heavily on the availability of the network and albeit the human factor, so it still pretty much boggles down to the reliant of human perps. Plus the flaws that are seemingly forever make it even merrier.

And when it all seems lost.. Well, you're just gonna lose even more.

Relying on human - the so called retailers, to submit their sales figures to us so that we could charge them on Royalty basis and rentals. How luvly do you think that is ? Granted, there are a few good natured retailers who submit their sales figures on time and didn't twist and turn the figure here and there to their likings. How many of them do you think even exist in the world ? Well chances are as slim as Anne Roxias going on hunger strike.

So now sum it up to complete just a report. And multiply the life-draining efforts to a quadruple of times. What you get is an even more comprehensive weekly sales basis. Single handedly engineered by our new Senior General Manager (SGM). Lovely character, really. So now you do the same exact runs, only just 4 times the effort. INsignificant if you ask me. No am not lying, you bitch !

There you go. Now come the ownership of Point of Sales (POS) machine that I was entrusted with as the guardian. Some people, as loads of them hover over the corporate atmosphere, they would say that its just a matter of sending the retailers the form, get them to fill in all the blanks, deliver the system, bill them accordingly - and zoom your work is done. You score an A. Easy fucks.

If you would just take your time to notice, pause for a bit - Play all the actions again, backwards. What you get in betweens are -
  • Getting the retailers to reach me, which if ever a kucing is gonna have tanduk, maybe they would, or as has become the standard practice, I have to reach them over, rub their shoulders and hand them the forms.
  • Contact them should they fail to resubmit the thing.
  • Coordinate the placement of how many POS for how many tenants.
  • Knowing the exact geographical coordinate of their outlet's location - lest they would have an outlet on top of Mt. Everest and having problems connecting with KLIA's VLAN.
  • Coordination work and liaising with respective departments, who are yet to fall short on staff when the time requires them most.
  • The ever so tangled means of billing and;
  • a few hundred thousand over etcetras more.
Well that is all.

Then come the less twisted scopes, credit control dicks and pussies. The special SM and SGM's office culprits. And a few more that I might have forgotten to mention, which I am terribly sorry of but still fuck you any any ways. Those are the less twisted works, days when I emphasize on those job is the most luvly, so luvlyI could go back home as early as 8.oo PM. Nevermind that it's exceeded 3 hours after the real balik time. But who cares. Those who went back, and me - We are 2 sides of the same coin. We may work under the same roof but am sorry am not your ordinary Joe Breadwinner. Yea right.

So there goes my 2 millions, hence spare your 2 cents if you're planning on a donation spree. Am just tired.. Sometimes I feel like its pointless. They all are. Everyday is another cycle of struggles and pressures. Rarely that I complete one job in a day and move to another one. Instead I juggle everything simultaneously and continue them the next day. So instead of a job settled and another one in progress, its two jobs delayed - since EVERYTHING is urgent.

And the fact that our company has been denied staffs recruitment makes it even more frustrating and surely the light that was seemingly bright at the end of the tunnel, now are no more than a mere few light matches survival - on a pitch black night.

Its noteworthy to say that I do love my job. I love the people, SOME of the colleagues, the environment, the experiences, the chances and the faith that my superiors have given me despite a few of my hiatus(es). The company is nurtured with a good working culture, well the department at least. But its just the point in life, I like to think that everybody have at least one of this point. A point so burdening that motivation is often a distant of home away. Scarce.

Is this goodbye ?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Businessman Pleads For Political Truce - Joke Who Jokes.

(Business Times Singapore) KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — A businessman has taken a full-page advertisement in a major daily newspaper asking warring political parties to call a truce and focus on the shaky economy and jobs.

Consultant Anas Zubedy shelled out more than RM36,000 for his advertisement yesterday in The Star, the country's biggest-selling English-language newspaper.

In the ad, he spoke of the challenges faced by his 20 staff, their fears for the future — and how the country's leaders seem oblivious to the anxiety that he feels is gripping the nation.

“Whether (the governing) Barisan Nasional or (opposition) Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leads is meaningless . . . if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table,” he wrote.

“Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and just let go. The nation can wait until the next general election if they want change.

“Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR lawmakers. You have proved your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general election if they want your party.”

Anas called on politicians from all sides to “get together and compromise”, telling them: “Someone has to give in. Take the nation to heart. That's why you are in politics in the first place. Focus on the people. Focus on the economy.”

The last time an individual placed a full-page newspaper ad about their political feelings was in 1998, when the late social scientist Tan Sri Dr Noordin Sopiee attacked former US Vice-President Al Gore for praising Malaysia's “Reformasi” movement at an international banquet hosted by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Reformasi movement supported Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who Dr Mahathir had just sacked as deputy premier. Noordin felt that it was rude of Gore to attack Dr Mahathir at a banquet attended by many foreign leaders.

In the ad, Anas may have articulated what many Malaysians, frustrated over the constant political bickering, really feel — that the government has been distracted from more important matters.

For instance, a second economic stimulus package, mooted by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in December last year, is only being tabled on March 10 this year.

Some observers say that Anas's message — and his willingness to pay more than RM36,000 to get it across — could galvanise mass support.

“He is echoing what many of us are thinking — that enough is enough, and that everyone needs to get down and get back to work,” activist and writer Marina Mahathir wrote in her blog on Wednesday.

But whether Anas will move politicians is anyone's guess.

My dear friend, this is not a war. The ruling parties are flexing their muscles and exerting their power on those who dare speak up. Your shallow observation and shortsightedness are living proofs that they're doing so. And well too. Look at how ill informed and ignorant you are.

Your call for the so called warring factions cant help but fall in the same boat with the rhetorical United Nonsense's (UN) piss making effort. Calling those involved in the Palestinians' crisis to make peace while failing so flamboyantly to disarm Israel. Do you expect Hamas to not protect its people ?

Ok, I digressed.

So do you expect PR to lay down their guns ? We are facing political mutilation on daily basis and you expect us to shut our mouths ? Aww c'mon. Seriously. BASIC COMMON SENSE 101.

And if you're ever so concerned about your staffs' well being, their challenges and uncertainties, you see, 36 Grands can do wonders in these desperate times, rather than a certainly-wouldn't-be-heeded ads on stupid rhetorical preaches.

Aren't you just funny ?

Thus, it would help, significantly if you just ponder on this fact - those who wield the power, at their disposal are an army of medias, armed forces and lapdogs ready to die at the part of their lips.

Now who are you kidding ?
The Pirates Say It Best.


Ripped off from The Pirate Bay. Google Pirate Bay if you are just two damn illiterates to actually know what and who they are. Good laugh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Character Assassination 101.

Walking Tall.

Class, pay your utmost attention. Or, pleasantly fuck yourselves.

Writing in support of Elizabeth Wong. Yea, she was sleeping half naked. Yea she was with her boyfriend. So whats the big deal ?

Fuck, she could be walking around butt naked and having sex on the kitchen's floor and that does not mean she should be publicly paraded and hanged to the people's contempt.

Who the fuck are you to judge her ? You people could probably have done worse, and lucky you YOU'RE NOT AS FAMOUS. Heh.

This will quickly bring your distorted minds to Chua Soi Lek on why hes guilty and Liz's not. THE MAN'S SUPPOSEDLY, HAPPILY MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS IN THE PROCESS. Liz on the other hand, is single. And its only normal for her to have a healthy sexual life. Well, unless her name is Nurul Elizabeth Abdullah or something, no faggots, she's not guilty.

She's the victim of a despicably filthy political ploy. Character assassination committed in a BROAD DAYLIGHT. And hey, I dont blame you if you choose to blame her. You're an Idiot after all. That's what you do. And what you do best. Being a perfect Idiot.

Monday, February 16, 2009


My Mom said that I need to be more matured and more responsible. God, do I feel stupidly kiddish. Am 25 and having this kind of issue.

On my part, I thought am having enough burdens to carry. And no one really to share, albeit a very few that I am so lucky to know of. I feel heavily inclined to spill but not knowing how to even spit, let alone puke.

I shoulder burdens that I so carefully juggle to protect every ones that I hold dear. To protect them from any potential emotional debris they are bound to indulge themselves in should they come to know.

And am neither responsible nor matured I am. Maybe its time I get out of the house. Just to be more responsible and matured all the same.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" I don't have problems, I give 'em " - Copywrite78.

Urgh, sial this dude. Goddamn arrogant. I like. I like. :D

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saya Tipu.


Current position: Exaggeratedly in pain due to a dislocated shoulder. Manage to rip off a whole week's MC when I managed to convince the Doc. that I need more than just 2 days worth of MC. Well, if anyone's at fault, its the Doc. for buying my story so naively.

Escapes daily house chores and in the process transferred the burden to Zahir. Points at the arm support aid band whenever pointed to any potential chore. And look at Zahir with a ridiculously exaggerated puppy eyes. lol.

So that's it, am enjoying a 10 days holiday. Super sizing my ass from a mere XXL to the abundance of Free Size.

Uh, what achievement.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lovelily Lovely.
Nota Kaki: With reference to the previous entry.


Aint this luvly folks ? I was at three downloads. All three were downloading below 10 Kbps. Plus if am not mistaken, I've been paying for a 100 Kbps package all throughout the miserable years of bad services and lame excuses. Yet here I am having a hard time just browsing a few pages simultaneuosly. Good grief Stimix. I hate you. And I hope you have families and relatives so that I can hate them too. Please die, so that I can spit on your grave.
Send Which Prison (Sandwich Prison)

I would like to personally thank the 'Heavenly Divine' government of Malaysia for the wonderful blowj- err, jobs that you've done up in your office. Your relentless thrust to the bettering of your citizens from all walks and runs of lives. Day in and day out. Thank you.

Thanks for all your efforts too in making TM Nutsack the most powerful Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the nation which have done, suffice to say, loads of goods to the country and her people.

Again, in this Exalted Trans-Script, allow me to Trans-cend the luxury of gratitude to a government that I, and am sure am not alone in this, a government that we all hold dear, close to our hearts. And I have no more wonders why handful of Malaysians succumbed to heart attacks.

Last but not least, I thank you bastards, for sandwiching us between TM Nuts and its rival's rivalry only to force us to accept 'Speed at best effort' - and not what we pay for.

Normal Folk,
Obnixious Bastard

From The Temple of Cleaving Berserks.


TM bangsat, charged me for 100 Kbps speed and what did I ever do to deserve not more than 75% at BEST. 75% speed AT BEST speed craps from you ? And it normally runs on a mere below 50% speed. Shit even snails are commuting in Megabytes. Are we walking backwards ?

Jaring is good so far as I've tried. But hey guess what ? Jaring is a tad too far to cover its wired Flite Broadband within my vicinity. Therefore it only leaves me with either Stimix or Wireless Jaring which I havent been able to certify which is which. Responds from around the virtual community have been mixed, ranging from VERY VERY GOOD to WORSE THAN STIMIX. And here I thought Stimix is world's end. And obviously statistics like that wouldn't be able to assist much in my decision making.

Plus if I were to go like "Hey lets just find out.." - The "Hey lets just find out.." concept alone will cost me about Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred And A Graceful Seventy, for the start. So its not workable. What if I decide that this isnt it.

Sighs Sighs. Nice being sandwiched while chewing on dilemmas.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Public Service, Pubic Servants.
Nota kaki: 2nd rate facility, 3rd grade mentality.

I reread stuffs I wrote last night. Like what the fuck. lol. Even I am having a hard time deciphering the encryption. Blergh. Ngantuk. Not my fault. Its Blogspot's.

Going to UH this morning. Waiting for my cousins to come and fetch me. 10 was what I promise. Despite worrying about my 10, I still have enough span to actually worry about my cousin's 10. I wouldn't mind really about the timing. Its just that I hate waiting. I dread it with all the life within me.

The last time I was told to wait was a nightmare with Series of Unfortunate Events. Dislocated my shoulder at 8. Rocked a clinic's bed while the doc tried to reattach my arm back to its socket and triumphantly failed at 9. Rocked by Yan's superb driving skills and groan at every smalls bumps she crashed upon at 10. Arrived at the hospital at 10.30. Watching the staffs' ignorance, lack of responsibility, sensitivity, dimwittedness and straight up rudeness along the arriving period until 1.30 a.m something. A record breaking 3 minutes consultation by a non-smiley doc and told to wait again. Treated like 2 hours later. By that time I was totally knocked to even realize what had happened to me. A good dosage of 3 times sedation did the job pretty darn well.

Nice jobs you people at Serdang hospital. Most of them Malays, HELL YEA I INTEND TO MENTION. Big ups. Besides a few notable Medical Assistants and a female Indian guard, you're all probably ice-creaming on a Big ass wristwatch. COZ U GUYS SUCKED BIG TIME!

A guard for God's sake could be ever so sensitive to actually hold the door when I was wheel chaired. And you people couldn't posses even a simple gesture of courtesy as to even look for a wheelchair as you were too busy chit chatting about which schmug is dating which witch. You fuckheads. A nurse even told Yan to "Suruh dia duduk dulu.." because I couldn't stand having to walk on my feet when its painful enough for me just to sit around on my ass. And what happen after the divine " Suruh dia duduk dulu " ? She then nonchalantly proceed to her group and Hu-Ha. I should've stuck a kitchen knife to her throat. But the again, we ran out of those. And she's just too ugly to get a dick stuck in whichever hole she could offer. Wouldn't make any difference anyways.

And which nerve will you got damaged if you could just stretch that thin line of muscle on your face and JUST SMILE A BIT.

Gosh, public service ? Rather pubic service. Heh.
Yet Another Fracture. The Sinner I Am.

I saw my mom schleeping so peacefully in my parents' bedroom. I just feel like slipping beside her and just hug her and just schleep away the night. I dunno, I get especially mushy, wanna be pampered and all - when am not well or sick. And I insist its the only time.

So yea, I was speaking to this friend of mine whos doing meds, about my again dislocated shoulder. Frankly I lost count on how many times this shoulder of mine has decided to rebel against me. At first I thought that its getting better, though I wonder why the hell does this time around its taking more time and I feel like my shoulder back muscles are all swell up.

I dunno, maybe its just me, but when she mentioned muscle swelling and numbness is the symptoms for fractures, now I do remember what it feels when my leg was fractured way back in two zero zero six. Gosh. Now that I do know, my arm did feel pretty heavy to lift, even just to wrap myself up with a shirt. Yea even that.

It kinda makes sense now. So how now - do I or do I not go to work tomorrow ? Been asking that myself to myself. Doubting. Coz after all a few numbnesses and swellings can be bored. And what with deluding myself that it was getting better. So I was thinking that maybe I'll just bear with the minor pains and just go to work.

But now, a FRACTURE ? ZOMG. No. Not office.
When The Floodgates Open..


They rush to it.

So yea they say that people with the same wavelength attract each other. I guess that couldn't be any truer than this classical case of Sireh pulang ke Gagang. Well whats so weird about it ? So where do u think all these shitpoops came from ? From the rank of assholes. So from them they come and to them they go back to.

A bunch of sorry ass excuses for a People's Elective. Screw you. And you.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mocca - How Wonderful Would Life Be

Oh dear how wonderful life would be
With you still in my heart
Oh dear how wonderful life would be
With you still in my dreams

Only stars in the sky
Who will understand my tears
Let the time pass me by
I am lonely as can be
Lonely raven in the sky
Who will understand my fears
It is just you and i
My aching despair

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Dream..

I dream. That in another 4 to 5 months, me and my friends are gonna be out near the sea. I'm looking at Tioman as a prospect of the trip. But then again, that's another matter altogether. What matters is that we are out. And we are at the sea !

I guess the times in Redang are still pretty much stuck there up in my head. So starting from now on, am gonna have to keep myself in check to make sure that everything is in order when the time finally arrived.

  • Planning to get a few good books to read and pretend like I'll have enough time to even flip at least a page. But am still gonna grab them. By the crook.
  • Nice lineups of MP3s.
  • A nice digital camera would be an added bonus.
  • A long, nice shaped legged lass is practically impossible, but hey, a mere dream is where every success story begins, a lass hottie as a company isn't yet out of question, alas.
  • Packs of nice ciggies to accompany the dreamy sessions along with the sounds of the sea making out with her shore.
  • Nice, practical and what have you kind of headphone.
OMG am so drooling with sexcitements now. Darn it.

Before I wrap this up -






Here are some droolsome pixels for you Less Fortunates out there, just to help you climax and sore, of legitimate jealousy. For I am gonna go to Tioman, along with a few good friends of mine.

And you're not.

Wargh kargh kargh.
The Epitaph When Eye End You.


Today I found a note that took me a year or so to discover. Scattering pieces of thoughts and reality billows upon the skies of my mind. Damned be the olden days, doomed shall the future. A graveyard of roses, as I walk by the alley of familiar skeletons. Every dark corners echoes the bleakness coming from all directions.

Eye End.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 Israel: 1000 Palestinians. Yes, This Is Islamic Terrorism.


Israel sons of fuckin bitches declared a ceasefire.

Hell yea, how much was that again ? I thought am just gonna buy all the lies yet again. Heh. See, if the whole wide world has got a good opinion about this. Fuck them. Am neither "the left or the right wing - am the middle finger".

Oh the good and the benevolent people of Israel has granted the barbaric and the man-gobbling Palestinians a ceasefire. OMG, see how the Jews are actually nice people ?

So tell me the good people of Israel, you can take this chance and wipe Hamas all the way to oblivion for good this time, why not you just penetrate further North and wipe them off the map to your heart's content ? Dont worry, the world'd approve this. Shit, even some, if not most, of Palestinians' supposedly Muslim brothers too wouldn't mind. I mean you know Hamas is like a plague, if you don't cut them off to their roots, they just keep coming back. So yea, why not ? It boggles me mind just to explain your reasoning of ceasing your fire. Please, please explain to my shallow being for I couldn't understand the complex logic of your behavior.

Or of course, you cease your fire when you couldn't stand being in the middle of the fire itself. OR did you just meet Horror up the lonely alleys in Gazaa ? You know you can always proclaim victory while enjoying the luxury of the towering skies, bombarding the innocent civilians and what have you. But the real test to your testis is when you make your cameo on our grounds. Thats when you know how lovely is the taste of your own blood. Too heavy a price eh Mr. Old-nerd ? I heard that you lost quite a few commandos, I repeat, COMMANDOS to the spookiness of Gazaa in just of few days of your ground assault's campaign. But of course this felt to deaf ears and went on unreported in the main piss streams' medias. Well, Hamas' heroism is something that the mind of the world's not programmed to recognize. Kinda like us not knowing how maroon is actually not red, were we not told of its existence.

Hamas has vowed to fight, however. Dirty, dimwitted Hamas eh ? Heh.

I just couldnt see how some stupid fucks partly blamed Hamas of Israel's invasion. I mean firstly, you fuckers seem to forget that there was no Israel prior 1942. And by some geniuscydal hands of the Brits, Israel managed to successfully, illegally, form its filthy self. Their hands were bloody of so many Muslims' lives. And their current leaders, and the world's, not to mention, instead of apologizing for the atrocities, pin and stomp the Palestinians to the ground. They were made criminals for trying to savour their homes, their pride and simply their lives.

Hamas' actions are not only avenging 60 something years of oppression. They didn't simply chose to shell Tel Aviv, the filthy scumbags Israel sealed off routes for the Gazaans to make a living. When Hamas reacted to this, Israel flexed its muscle just to remind the Palestinians whos the boss. Filthy fuckin asswipes.

And yet the world has the balls to call Hamas on their actions, pats Israel on its back and pacify it out of oh-so-big a tragedy. And with Israeli forces maintaining its presence on Gazaa's soil, Godspeed Hamas, crush them.

Until Victory or Martyrdom.
Until Victory or Martyrdom.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moon Shined Her Fullest.


And how was that to your liking, fuckin peasants ? Wargh kargh kargh. Dip the taste of your own medicine. And in the meantime we'll prescribe you with some of ours.

I ought to stop really, but it really tickles up my belly funny that you punks, what with having the whole security force, the EC, not to mention the money couldn't take on a party that is so broke that they had to raise all the funds they could get, through all the channels they could do with.

Yet you couldn't take on such party ? Impotent Imbeciles.

Bow down, lowly Earthlings. Heh.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The White Wedding Gown.

Qaed and Hammas were destined soul mates. Their parents knew. All the neighborhood knew. 2 beautiful souls entwined in the face of collapsing Gazaa's rubble. How irony speaks its mind. The duo were seeming victims. A barter to settle years of a family feud between 2 well respected families in the community.

Infant arranged marriage, something that would require the West to traverse the end of its Eastern counterpart to grasp with its concept and beauty. But not here. Not when the end's well.

For a moment, they loathed each others' guts. Having to succumb to their parents' wishes, without having even a say in it. For God's sake, they were 5 years old when the engagement took place.

Hammas opted for a school she less favored when she discovered that Qaed has enrolled for the institution. For a stint, they enjoyed the fact that their silent rebellion was seeming to bear fruits. And maybe if they're persistent enough, their parents will rethink through the whole matter. After all the feud had wore off, after a century and a half old arrangement.

But nature in its weird ways had deceived them by setting them into 2 different paths with but one end. They ended up sharing the same classmates, right after the dreaded discovery of them studying in the same college.

"You! Did you follow me here ? Cant hold yourself back no longer eh ? What on seeing a charming lad like me and all ?" Qaed said mockingly.

To a nonchalant reply from Hammas - "Oh I didn't know they reinvented the whole definition of charming to so big an asshole, he might even be talking from the butthole himself. No, wait. Was that you or your ass speaking ?"

To a burst of laughter from the class.

- To be continued.
United Nonsense, The Wishful Minions & The Endless Rhetorics.

The Star quoted:

"Never say die - Malaysia’s unrelenting effort to get the international community to condemn Israeli atrocities in Gaza is bearing fruit with the United Nations agreeing to hold a special emergency session today to discuss and come up with firm actions."

Condemn terminology, Google's web definition:
  • express strong disapproval of, disapprobation.
Now when we say 'unrelenting effort' and we so intellectually try to connect it with Condemnation.

Take a pause.... Now. Take a deep breath.

Is there something wrong with the statement or its just ME ? Unrelenting effort ? And I thought 'unrelenting effort' was supposed to be something like militarily engaging sons of fuckin bitches Israel. Or at least confronting these punks in negotiation chamber and whatnots.

And God, how dimwitted can we be to be overjoyed just by the fact that United Nonsense has granted us 'a discussion to come up with firm actions.'

Israel SOBs fired shots at UN staffs for God's sake. So do you think they will give 2 flying fucks about UN's condemnation ? And to hold discussions up your plushy meeting suites while making 'slim to none' progress. Hamas would make more significances on the ground - minus the rhetorics, in an hour in contrast to your 2 days of sleepy discussions up in UN's bunker somewhere.

We're barely a drop of water in an ocean, yet being luxurious enough to be deluded into thinking that we're marking our spot on the map.

My thoughts propelled. My guns smoking. My trail blazing. Fuck you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Blogging Beta v 1.0 (Fuck You)


I bet pixels are bitchy since picture tells a thousand words. Too many a word for something stagnant, don't you think ? Imagine having a sculpture nagging you for shaping its nose against it's likings.

Meetings. Cigging kat belakang office. Dark cloud KLIA view. Meeting - Mini Mining Kak Ida (Wargh kargh kargh. Night Mosque. Night lakeside view residencies. And oh, a smartly stationed camabwhored. Pretty much sums it all.

Most welcomed & don't mention. Laters skaters.

Monday, January 12, 2009

pwn3d & 0wn3d.


Chelsea's Scolari said in a defeated tone of gestures, "We hereby concede the title to the INevitable champions. Manchester United." He proceeded further to say that Chelsea were asswipes from the beginning. So we didnt expect anything less than conceding the title to rightful owners.

These are some of the exerts of the interview with Scolari after the crushing defeat. Please bear in mind that the author of this Blog does not and will not in any given circumstances be associated with the Bulu's, err I mean The Blues' opinions:

We remind our viewers that these are the thoughts and opinions of Scolari. And the author shall be under no circumstance be held responsible (though he is a responsible lad to note) for any events or stupid antics that shall occur henceforth and so on.

E-Ass-PN: Morning sir. Quite a battering to take for a reigning champions, u think sir ?
Scolari: Well.. if you see it from our point of view, I would say this is rather normal. We're losers. What do you expect from losers but to lose ? But we're not without pride. We take pride in a job well done. We're losers. And we are doing what we do best. Losing. A 3-0 loss is but a bonus.

E-Ass-PN: Very well sir. So what do you think of the fans' reactions after this crushing defeat. More so to the hands of bitter arch rival, Manchester United ?
Scolari: I think you momma's hot.

E-Ass-PN: Excuse me sir ?
Scolari: No dickhead, address me with Pops after my name. I might be your Papa.

E-Ass-PN: But my mom said she'd never date a bald headed idiot sir.
Scolari: Well go tell your momma that your birth certificate is a Letter of Apology from the bar I pick your momma up that night.

The latter events could be summed up as Tragic. And no words uttered will be sufficient to compensate the humilliation that parties involved will have to live with and bear in their conscience.

pwn3d. Wargh kargh kargh.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Intersection With Real Time.
Nota Kaki: Title unrelated. Taken from of JMT's lyrcis. It resound quite a time in my head.


I have this habit. I enjoy sitting and watch as the world goes by. Well, 'the world goes by' terminology can be derived from various goings that take place in the surrounding environment that I am in, at that particular mo. Be it something as obvious as the lines of vehicles that pass through the streets and birds flocking up the air or something as subtle as the blowing winds and the marching skies.

I particularly enjoy lakeside view and the Colors of Dawn up my crib's balcony. They just bring me a great deal of seeming Tranquility in the countless ordeals and affairs I was and am in.

I dream. Loads too. One could go so far to say that I am a Dreamy person. But go ahead and make a mistake by thinking that its full of air. I'll traverse to the length of China's Great Wall just to prove that your ass is wrong.

My head's pretty much a factory, one that bisect thoughts and ideas into structures, only but a problem. If the whole system consists of 100 phases. The farthest I'll anal-lyse would be 50. Rarely I finish. Sighs. Ok I digressed.

On occasions where I sit by and just watch as the world goes, I dream. I redefine dreams. I wonder what had happen so far. I had probably aged without realizing how much a hectic life had taken from me. We all probably are. Its like driving your way to the office and back home, drive to the office and back home yet again and suddenly we realize we're 50. We aged just along the way. What a scary thought.

And that is why I particularly enjoy sessions such as the above and vacations. It takes my mind off things, it gives me plenty of time to be alone and evaluate how things are, so far. To remind me of my dreams. To strategize on how to juggle those dreams, as not to achieve a dream at the expense of what has already been in order. To give me to just lepak all the way from the mornings till dawn. And by dawn, getting ready to watch as the sun sets.

And friends and families wonder I rather stuck myself beneath the sheets in the hotel room during vacation, rather than getting out and maximize the fact that we're on vacation ! lol.

Hence my actions are justified. :D

Friday, January 09, 2009

Copywritten Seventy Eight-ed.

Prowess the hardest cowards that rock alike
Trying to sound like Pete Nelson but you can`t even Copywrite.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

.. And My Heart Goes To The Bravehearted Palestinians.


I was reading one of the Blog from Beyie's blogroll, and the author was asking for International intervention on Gaza's bloody massacre. That reminds to a movie I watched just a few days back. Richard Gere and Terrence Howard starred The Hunting Party. A movie about a journalist who got his life turned upside down after the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.

One of the intriguing question thrown into the mind of its viewers was - "Why cant the United States or the United Nations for that matter, find a guy in THREE FUCKIN YEARS that we could, in just 2 DAYS ?", referring to The Fox a.k.a Radovan Karadzic, the blueprinter of Bosnia's melancholic tragedy.

And oh, one more thing, Terrence mentioned something like "Sir, ur not making any sense here.." and the dude replied. "Of course. We're the United Nations !". Wargh kargh kargh.

So how in God's green earth do we expect the so called Nation-fuckin-anal leaders to react on such sad events such as this ? Rais Yatim, our very own Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned something like this - "Oh Malaysia's gained recognition for her being one of the fastest to denounce Israel's (Hell scorches beneath their feet) barbaric actions..". How fuck up you could go ? No, you couldnt go beyond that kind of stupidity, married with pure ignorance. No sir. Nada.

Them Palestinians, your brothers and sisters by religion, are suffering day to day, facing endless horrors and carpeted bombings. And all you Imbeciles could come off with is WE'RE FUCKIN GAINING RECOGNITION ? MOTHERFUCKER !

So we would expect them Nation Anal Leaders to act on this ? Yeah lets hope they do so after 10s of thousands Palestinians or so have been mercilessly massacred by them trigger happy Israel's sons of fuckin bitches.

On the other hand, I for one would say let Israel go ahead and do what it prefers. You will NEVER annihilate the whole Hamas. One syuhada' returns to God will only give birth to thousands of whom are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their religion. Any day.

Hamas, Al Qaeda and whatnots aren't any near to organizations or such that you'd like to label them. Its an ideology, a doctrine that engulfed the hearts of every religion-loving Muslims. That's one thing you'll never come in grasp with. And that's one thing that shall lead you to your downfall.

And that's God's promise. And never did He break one.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Adik Nak Biar Dia Kering Dulu.."

Zahir had his first few couple of days as a secondary schooler. In short, the beginning of his journey that will define pretty much what kind of adult we'd see in the future. And he hadnt been eating well. I overlook his breakfasts, have no idea about his lunch, and he had Maggi, and canned soup for dinners.

On top of that, I fumed at him crazy a couple of days ago, for letting Todd J (accidentally) poop inside the kitchen, and to top it off, his answer was "Adik nak biar dia kering dulu.." when I asked him why didn't he wipe the shit off the kitchen's floor. That answer sure got me parachuted 50 fuckin thousand feet in the air because I was working and his school starts off somewhere 1 O'clock, in the PM mind you. Yea, the poop was indeed dried off when I start to smother the kain buruk with it. I wiped the poop clean off the floor. And some other things I thought I did was to throw a mop, a piece of used cloth and not tantrums. No other unnecessary stuffs, as far as I can remember.

"Adik lupa" will be his affirmative answers to questions directed to him regarding the chores, dishes and all that. Of course all the things are doable. But for God's sake, hes thirteen, having been thirteen myself, I know that boys that age have direct tunnels from this, to another end of both side of their ears. And its a toll-free 2-way freeway lanes. Its not like they purposely do what they do. They just do it. Its just them. Its just that they're spaced out 99.9% of the time. And another 0.01% used to plan what to play and how to play them later. Its not their fault, its encrypted in their genes, boys that age.

I dont have to be damn cynical towards his monotonous answer. I just have to remind him time and time again and again. Thats all. That is ALL.

I realize that I've been too hard on him. And I realize too, that I dont want him to hate me, God, he ate alone, lock his room, reading comics I guess, right after video games sessions at nights. And its been like 3 days of school and I havent even asked him a gesture as simple as "Hows school ?"
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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Legend of The Fall.

Todd Lizardary was an outcast from his family. He was born half-blind. Meaning to say that his only functional vision was either the left one or its counterpart, that if if you're wondering what the hell does the 'half-blind' terminology means. He grew up not knowing his father. Despite that and all the other obstacles, hes braved some of the roughest nights and the sunniest coast.

He was blessed, yet again, with 5 brothers and sisters coz his Momma didnt mind flirting around, be flirted with, and getting pregnant again while in her postnatal period. Out of the 5, the meekest one was Totti, dubbed Franscisco Totti Lizardary, no one ever thought he's gonna make it a month, given his shy and reserved tendencies. He miracalously survived nevertheless, getting even the most obnoxious of us, out of his seat, 50 feets high in the air, astonished.

These amazing brothers never seize to amaze us with their tales of valor and bizarre survivals. Hence, the siblingsless and motherless Totti was left alone to fend for himself. Him being kinda invisible in terms of size in a cold world, had called Todd to come forward and to offer him not a mansion and neither a cottage, but rather, a hut. Not air-conditioned but was good enough to keep them from being soaked when the skies are teary. And most importantly, it sure was warm, warmth that circulates ONLY from brotherly compassion. Yes, that sounded Ghey. But fuck it.

Who'd known that a disaster would struck the bonds of the brothers. A titan that crashlanded on them and change their lives, forever. Tatty Cloverfield, was a charming beaut a Queen to be. Ripe in her age, she turns head and got fools flooding the floor, drooling, just by walking up the street. And sometimes if the floor owner's lucky enough, they would even pee pee on the mat. Ok I digressed, but thats just the extend of a charmer Tatty was.

How her path crossed with the Lizardaries, God knows.

Being self-raised and in touch of solitary in most of his adolesence has taught Todd that an action, no matter how puny could always come back and haunt your ass. And sometimes haul you, for good. Hence there was Todd, cautious and moderate. A contrary scenario was however hovers in Totti's atmosphere. He was hanging with the wrong crowd. Smoking, skipping classed and flipping skirts. Devilishly handsome and charming, he held quite a reputation for breaking girls' hearts as easy as breaking his promises.

That was but till one day, till a phone call molested that afternoon silence. "Hello, Lizardary household. Todd speaking..". An eerie thought suddenly engulfed the coast of Todd's mind. "Rumah kita mana ada talipon, what the hell am I picking up ?" It was a girl's bre--, err, arm, she was half naked with a smile on her face. "Damn you Totti, what the hell did I tell you about brining girls home ?"

No the girl wasnt Tatty.

OK, suddenly my lazy-arse-ness struck. Malas nak sambung. To cut the story short, Todd and Tatty passed. And Totti has joined rank with them among the stars just this recently.


Its just that my story is actually a bout Todd Jarra. The 3rd generation Lizardary. A son of Totti and his final girlfriend. He's named Todd because of his keen resemblance to his uncle, Todd. Thus, he was named after him, to commemorate the memories of Todd. A kid who hired 'Love to eat' as his pastime . He would never stop eating, the moment we step our foot in the kitchen. There he was rubbing his body against our feet. Bajet comel.

The last pix, if you notice, showed that some of the Frieskies were arranged in line, like one of those bread crumbs track, inspired by one of the fairytales. Zahir did that. He thought Todd J would fall victim and follow the tracks exactly and got him trapped. How cute. But the gelojoh Todd J. didnt. lol.