Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malaysia Oh Malaysiaku..

Dasar kita adalah dasar berbaik-baik dengan jiran, betul ? Baiknya kita dengan jiran kita sampai sebidang tanah tergadai pun dikira sedekah. Mengadu kat Tok Ketua, Tok Ketua bagi jiran kita sebidang tanah, kita dapat 2 bijik batu, boleh buat alas pasu bunga, kata Tok Ketua. Kita dengan tanpa segan atau silunya kata keputusan ni adil, dan ia adalah satu sesuatu yang orang putih kata, 'win-win situation'.

OH MY GOD apa bodoh sialnya mamat sorang ni. Thats a fuckin win-win ? OMG ! I better rape somebody and apologize later and says that it was a win-win situation, since the victim was probably having fun on her end as well, yea ? OMG! Bodoh nak mampus sial.

Jambatan Bengkok - scrapped. In the name of golf budd-, err, I mean goodwill between neighbours. 4 bils something project, scrapped in the name of goodwill between neighbours. Pulau Batu Puteh - kalah, but they say its ok anyways coz our PM has got a good tie dengan these S'pore punks. Wilayah Iskandar something dekat Johor nu, come another 40-50 years after the leasing period, after all these Setan Buncit dah makan kenyang-kenyang duit haram and died probably bedding with cash, lets all not act surprise if this same exact Batu Puteh II episode will come to play once again. We all shall then say " Ahhhh, deja vuuuuuu " schmiling in agreement while a few slaps are stamped on our proud Malaysia Boleh face. Yay !

And here comes the author's note: Dont get me wrong, I love my country and I'd die protecting it and alas, the harshness of my words just reflect how utter my disappointments are toward the strong, bersih, cekap dan amanah leadership of our country. And am not, by all means, trying to encourage sexual obscenity or rape in my article. I luv women (rape is not love, you damned fools !). If you would understand metaphors, then I dont see any problems with the article.

Till then,

Rzn x 10 sighs.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Malays' Politics, Political Malays, Bla Bla Bla

Malays losing power ? lol. What the fuck are you bitches saying ? There are now 121 MP's in the Parliament compared to 120 of 2004 post General-Election. Malays losing power ? Or their shallow interpretation of the Malays are of that political Malays MUST be made of AMNO fools ?

Aww c'mon, did the voters swing hit you on the head too hard ?

LOL. Punks.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

10.39 AM

Feeling rather messed up. Planned to schleep as long as I could so that the sorrows will just begone when am awake. Only to be awaken by mom's family breakfast ramblings. Kereta rosak pulak, sighs, why now. Of course the grass is greener on the other side, yet everything I touched turns blueish. I need company lest I will only be only accompanied by these darkness of sorrows.

Looks like I'll be updating the Blog more often now since I dont really have anyone to spill my feelings to.

Thanx for being here.

10.43 AM

I think I should get myself a camera so that I can play with it and transcend the digital pixels into some meanings. Hrmmm, Canon ? But I like Sony..

12.00 PM ++

Feeling lonely ass hell. Missing my Kancil badly. I wanna go outttttttt. Wheres my cig, I need some schmoke.

6.46 PM


Wake up from some afternoon nap. Feeling rather dreadful.

11.56 PM


Mamak stall, it was already 3-1 and Nani sent off before the interval. But its OK. We were just showing why exactly Chelsea should remain the Blues. Heh.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Politik Melayu.

Politik Melayu.. Politik Melayu.. When will these fuckers wake up and smell some good coffee. And you wonder why BN was doing so wonderfully well in the polling stations last March 8. Its leading party, the UMNO has lost its stint and yet, I still find it miraculous that they haven't wake up from their nice slumber. Politik Melayu is irrelevant Goddamnit ! Its so yesterday, history, fullstop !

Yes, it was a relevant and celebrated cause back in the Tunku-days, yes it was relevant in the pre-Independence day, yes it WAS. No denying it. And whoever is trying to minisculize it should be hanged to public contempt. But thats that. Yet, in those days, I mean a little after the tragic events of May 69', you start to see these Indians singing Malay songs, Alleycat for instance, Chinese acting in Malay movies et ceteras. Weird. That was when Politik Melayu was relevant and the Malays were so fond of UMNO, but now its weird when that sentiment is slowly wearing off, by right, the non-Malays should have come closer to us and ?

The total opposite.

Shocking ? Tell me that the night is dark, instead. We should have graduated from this racial barriers long ago, but why, why are we still at the old notch ? Or getting worse even ? Why ? Coz these UMNO punks and their henchmen have been unnecessarily spinning and fuming the same old fucking stupid manifestos, right when they feel that they are no more needed. Its just a simple psychological maneuver, one that you control people by instilling fear in their hearts. Genius, yea right. I bought that.

UMNO is history, its just so sad that the predecessors cant even come close to having the charisma of its founding fathers. Sad.

Racial politic is plain stupid - Islam will do.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Have I ever forgotten..?

Have I ever forgotten..?
Oh yes I might just be

And I thought the grass is greener
On the other side

Yet am proven - by the Other Wise
Its always blue - and its always You

And You alone
Shall face this

Have I ever forgotten..?
Oh yes I might just be

Should've trusted the Infinite Power
of Solitary

In Stead of, the two & three
There was never a You & Me