Saturday, August 26, 2006

In The Spirit of Merdeka.

The grave of Dol Said

Tok Janggut : Hanged to Contempt

How many days more till it hit 31st ? I was inspired by Ophy's writings regarding the story of Malaysia's Independence Day, therefore i grabbed my Blog as quickly as i can. The inspiring work of ophy -->

Now, this’d send controversies in the air :

But, i think the real hero of Independence was not Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Independence’s negotiations that had taken place in London was a staged one. Though undeniably, Tunku was influential in declaring it.

The real heroes are always the forgotten ones. The likes of Tok Janggut who was hanged and publicly displayed as a subject of contempt by the Brits, Dol Said, Rosli Dobi, Mat Salleh and a lot more that often goes unmentioned in our celebration of Merdeka.

These persons have selflessly fought for what they believe in, for whom they care and for the religion and country they were willing to die for.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anonymously Painful.

The staircase i victimized in my 'soul searching' at my office

Been wanting to update the Blog for a long time now and here i am, finally made it. Malas.

* sighs *

Life hasnt been nice to me lately, excessive workloads, daily craps, naggings, studies, bullshits & more bullshits. Really. It's the point in life - where you desperately need a pause from all the hectics, but you dont have the luxury to do that. I couldnt define the core source of my pain despite all the evidence of the abovementioned factors. All i do know is that the pain is visible, - yet anonymous.

I hate talking to people when im not in the mood, therefore the best friend of mine when being moody is the staircase at the back of my office & my new baby : * drum rolls * - Introducing my not-so-new Sony Ericsson P900, i know, i know its a bit old, but hey, this baby is a super gadget. Almost perfect (in my definition), the only drawback is the storage space which is only 16 MB internally & can be expanded by 128 MB and its the limit of it. Shits. I heard that by switching a new firmware, this drawback can actually be eliminated. Hey, shed me some lights on this one okay ?

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