Sunday, August 29, 2010

3-0 :)

Berba's had a flying start of the season so far.

Misunderstood geniuses at work. Berba and Nani ran their magic wands and Rooney scored again. I can see all kinds of positives for future fixtures if, hopefully, Fergie were to maintain the lineup.

Last week's decision to bench Nani and played Park instead had me asking from the word go and we paid the price. 2 points snatched away right from under our noses. And there goes my week. The lost points bugged me for a week. It was a game that could have been and we wasted it in a very brutal fashion.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I was there when my colleague Googled the word Google. Accidental on her part but I just can't stop from being reminded of this motivational poster.

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh

Saturday, August 07, 2010

HAHAHAHAHA, I Just Couldn't Stop Myself.

I stumbled upon a blog of self-proclaimed Bible Study.

What amused me is that the author wrote his article with much conviction. A simpler head would have believed him at the get-go. The author too dispensed of something close to eloquence, however, a closer inspection reveals, much too my surprise, a little something like this;

"Allah is a Moon God who married off the Sun Goddess and. And offspring-ed 3 children in the process."

Now am forced to cover my mouth from gaping a laugh at the attempt of intellect by a proven mentally disabled.

Furtherrock, err, I mean furthermore, the blog continued with more idiotic gibberish such as "Islam is a Rock Worshiping religion. "

( HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now I've done it - sorries :/ )

Based on the fact that Muslims smooch the Hajjarul Aswad a.k.a The Black Stones. Now such writing couldn't bring about the damage that's already undo-able by the hands of the Muslims themselves. Such ridiculously ambitious writing would only prove one or two from the the too many that could have been said about the author. And if they aren't so obvious yet, here goes:

1. The author's too lazy to run his fingers on the Google button which spells out naturally why the word homework doesn't seem to be making much sense to his ass.

2. The author's a simpleton and/or just doesn't have the mental capacity to debate such issues yet in his effort to impress his future mommies in law - he persevered.

And I lol'ed.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Because Do Gooders Are So Overrated.

At first it seemed pretty. Noble even. Then it gets pretty noble. But when shits have hit the fan & while the fan was spinning. Everything gets Rosmoh-ugly (Big Pun intended).

I mean how much of that all-advice all knowing rhetoric can a guy take before the inevitable puke arrives ? You know Do Gooders, surprisingly turn out to be more agitating than the naturally obnoxious assholes who won't even try to please you. Simply because these assholes wouldn't even try.

Goo Dooders, on the other hand attempt to advice you on an hourly basis and try to instill at least one moral value in everything they demonstrate. I mean how much more moralistic could you get scratching your butt off anyways ?

I digressed. But Goo Dooders are simply more annoying because out-rightly they seem to be helping you in all forms of sincerity but secretly, you cannot escape that disdainful eyes trying to tell you how much better they are from you.

I guess that's why.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Wuse werds and cracq kuotes"

There's no point to stop being a dick just to become a better asshole..

is what my mind had stymbled upoin as a reward of being so bright eyed when all that was opened are best left shut. Wuse werds and cracq kuotes are the fruits of my laborious streaks of schleeplessness. There's nothing wrong though is as much as I am capable of - as far as justification concurs, with the combination of a tids and tads of intellect mixed with a little bit of nightly intoxication.

Its just that it seems everything is just where they're supposed to be except that you're walking on the ceiling upside down. Well now looks who's walking the talk. Or rather, no, no rather.

I'd rather try to talk my pillow out of allowing me some grace period. With grace. No, not the Gracey Skirty next door, the Grace grace. Yes.

Now where did I shelve my pills ?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Now Where Is Sleep When You Need It ?

Am in dire need of schleep in what approximately should be 4 'o in the Aminah Masri (read: AM). Why do these eyelids weigh a feather when you need them to super-size their inches ?

Tomorrow's work and here I am.. Counting pigs - legions of them.