Friday, January 08, 2010

..of Allah & Burning Churches.

So ahead of the times are we Malaysians that we resort back to burning churches. Gallantry ? Not exactly. In the Prophet's time, there was a bunch of Musyrikin thugs who thought it funny to get a Muslim girl's skirt slightly torn and laughed. The girl went on and report the whole incident to the benevolent Prophet.

Next thing you know, 50 friggin thousand soldiers at your door.

Well, something like that. But the whole point is, that was called for. Those rascals should've seen it coming mocking a Muslim like that - and a girl at that.

But this ? Didn't The Prophet himself forbade the cutting off of trees, hostility against women and children, THE BURNING OF CHURCHES ? Does that ring any bells in your shallow heads ? Anything at all ? Seriously, what can be described Islamic in this ? In whose name do you justify this despicable acts of yours ? You shallow bunch of grass weeded minisculed brain retards.

What's the matter with the Christians using the word Allah ? Isn't their God the SAME EXACT God that the Muslims worship ? Isn't their God the same Al-Khaliq - the very same One who put us all here on His earth ? How is their God different than ours ?

AMNO must've believed that the Christians have got a different God than theirs. Which pretty much sums up how pretty dumbfucked they are. Of which, is not even news. Yesterday's.

Before the bell rings, let me just reiterate here for you shallow Push friggin overs, thinking/accepting/agreeing that other religion's God is somewhat different than ours, spills nothing short of Polytheism. Shirk. Sins of the highest degree - by associating partners with Him.

Now seriously, repent. Or perhaps you might wanna Google the word first.