Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cuban scientist barred from receiving U.S. prize : Double standard at it's purest form

They says its because it would be detrimental to U.S interests, Verez's at fault because he's a Cuban. This is only one of perhaps thousands of people who have received the same treatments from the U.S.


Please bare in mind that this is the same country that claims to fight for democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. In truth they couldn't even come out with an effective solution on how to deal with New Orlean's messes. New Orleans is considered insignificant compared to Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, in terms of problem scale. The rate of joblessness, crimes and homelessness. These are things you ought to look at when claiming that yer holding the sword of Democracy. Another option is to practice whatever that you favour & however you do it, without changing from a smiling mask to the evil ones. Only then will people stop caring so much coz' people are already made known about the stinking jerk you are.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Rice Praises Israeli Leader, Slam Hamas : Pukimak kau

Dsiclaimer : Pic unrelated, obviously -

woohoo ! so best laa finally finished my finals, this raya has been the worst. No balik kampungs, no jumpe cousins, no duit raya , no meeting with friends no this, no that, it's all because of exams, not only me, but also my sis & bro who's currently fighting hard with his sworn destinied enemy, SPM. So it figures lah kan why we not balik kampung and stuffs. I bet even my friends also never really emjoyed their rayas since most of us got wars to participate in after our holidays. But today, no more of that. Just a couple of assignments to go before i leave this tangling mess. Besok masuk kerja balik, sighs. Cant wait for the fully sponsored trip to Langkawi, too bad cannot go to Kota Kinabalu instead, its alrite though, it's free why should i even bother complaining.

Cant wait to get results also laa, cepat laa sikit.

Saturday, November 12, 2005