Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Three Worded Culprit.

I _____ you. Only second to the phrase ' I love you..'
Feets fasten on the ground, still i wish i'd be the skies above you..
So that i can watch over you on the very tick of every clocks
You're the barricades in which logical thoughts are imprisoned & blocked.

60 seconds of sorrow & 59 smiling appearances - an hour of thoughts....
Thoughts of you - Approval of circumstances & coincidence ? I seek not !
Whats this feeling thats pleasingly hurtful ? - Shit, its sickening !
These 3 words i tend to hold back just so i'd preserve its meaning

I hate how far you seem to me & if asked who i shall hate - "Its you.."
Ironic. I despise you & loath your presence but in a sick way "I miss you"

P/S : My eyelids weigh a tone, ngantuk..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Different Angles of Words.
We've all met Words & only a handful manage to meet its different angle..

I feel poetic. My attempt on smarty pants was halted by some nice grandma-tickle errors. LOL. Shits.

* blushes *

I despise sentence since it holds phrases, i loath phrases coz they're bonded by words, i hate words since they hurt..

I am amazed by the possiblity of words, how far can they go, how convincing we would've sound if we got to say the right words at exactly the right time. & how things'd go on the otherwise. Oh, how nice. I love words.

On the back hand, err, i mean on the other hand though, the dark side of words is seldom discovered, yet it's been there ever since the mankind learn to fully utilize the tip of their tongue. The aftermath of the dark side of words leaves at times, a permanent scar within the hearts of those victimized by its brutality.

Often we're made to believe that words are a one sided coin. Well, meet his half brother, the darker side of the coin which its possiblity & potentiality are yet to be discovered.

Words do hurt.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

November Rains II.

My head spins three-sixty-degrees, still i feel kinda good coz i now feel like i can make the mockery out of the world itself.

Fever, dizzy, sore throat, cold, coughs. PC got owned. Exam goes _______ . Well, meet Life - the bitch that everybody have been talking about. I mean yea, meet her once, she's not your average bitch who'll flaunt and walk like " Dont fuckin approach me.. " & weep once dumped. She flirts, make you fall in love & leave, fer good. Thats Life. Everybody got at least a chance to be around her.

Mine has come & gone.

I, as of now - am a mere container of the soul seeking not any approvals from the world which spins within its locus regardless of how prominent you are in the eyes of mere earth dwelling peasants.

Contradictorily complicated eh ? Wait till you meet the other side of Life..

P/S : & prayers be with Nawa's Cikgu Atikah. God be with you..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November Rains.

November does rains a lot doesnt she ? And thats exactly why i love her soooo much that i wish to have my semen lurking up her belly. What the fuck am i blabbering about anyways ?


Thats the only description i find suitable for all the Fuckages * that have been happening to me lately.

Chronologically putting it :

1. My PC decided to date Ms. Thunder (real name undisclosed because of the sensitivity of the subject) & i guess yea, they went too deep (Geeeeez, young people nowadays..) & a couple of days later - a cute little infant by the name of Streamyx was born & unfortunately, didnt manage to make it long enough to be called a 'grown-up'. Moral of the story : Dont fuckin on your PC when its raining, you fuckheads.. What ? you dont find any morals ? Go fuck yerself then..

2. Called Streamyx to fix the shit & it took them 3 days to rectify the matter. Oh well still can be consiered lucky comparing to my previous experiences with those TM Nut guys..

A happy ending it seems eh ?

Yesterday though, as i was pressing my finger against the boobs err i mean the switch of the PC i found my smart self prematurely ejaculated because i cant seem to get the PC turned on - regardless of the foreplays i opted for..

Unfortunate ?

Fortunately it was INdeed unfortunate coz i got my hopes up by switching to a new partner; my parent's PC. Since they were away for a couple of days & guess what ? The lands of the free of the PC were already invaded by filthily vulgar & profanely nasty son of Virus's bitches & they roam free without a single attempt of halt by the helpless bytes of the PC.

Sooo nasty they killed off my attempts of new installations, raped all attempt to view hidden files & robbed any caravan of Avast! anti-virus passing through.

The only way out of the quagmire, so it seems, is to opt for the veto power that is only possessed by the force of FORMATION.