Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Football, Bloody Hell!"

Sakit perut betul la tengok MU main. We played like shit for a large part of the game. Of course scraping wins such as this, they say, is a mark of Champions. But have some empathy for the guys like us, the fans who wish we could have kicked the ball ourselves but had to settle with kicking airs instead, out of sheer frustration. 

Sir Alex's selection to guard our suspect midfield is befuddling to say the least. Our whole gameplay looked lethargic. Yes, the midfield issue has been an open secret whole season long, in fact, 2 or 3 seasons back. But starting Giggsy and Scholes has made Newcastle looked like Barcelona when we know what we needed is energy and penetration against one of the more physically built team in the PL.

Of course I'm gushing with happiness with the win but 1 or 2 more games such as this, I'll probably have to get that insurance package from Anna sooner than I thought. Damnit United! 

"Football, bloody hell!"

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I want that face.

That smile.

And I want them in their entirety. 

I want YOU.

Right here.

Right now.

Where you belong.


To US.

Fuck. I miss you SO.

edit: ..and with you I left my Better Half.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So Long Fatty Tho I Know It Was That Fateful Accident You Blame Everyday But Its NO ONE's Fault But YOURS Fatty!

 photo bfcf4c0ac9a5c01fd89be3b2dba76822_zpsdc7f5dc9.jpg
If this isn't inspirational enough, then I dunno what is

Today's the FIRST day of my Projek Kur- well you know what, fuck all these naming conventions. Whenever ever my mind goes into hyperdrive and overdosing on mental masturbations, I come up with all sorts of names, all of whom were pretty much doomed to oblivion because of all these pre-planning which involves another, much bigger planning - which, If I'm honest here, at the end of the day amounted and dissipated into the abyss nothingness.

So to cut the crap short because I'm in dire need of my daily dosage of Futurama to cater my addiction and because my old hip insists on reminding me its age every chance it got. And not to fucken mention I hate typing with a laptop because my PC decided to ditch me in search of a better loving partner and I quote (my PC) - "I'm looking for a new adventure.."

Well good for you. Oh shit, I digress, its all the laptop's fault for reminding me how such a bitch her goddamned keyboard is with every 3 words I typed.

So yeah after long fucken overdue and sleepless nights I've embarked on a journey of NO fucken return in search of a land where Fakhrol is tall, languid and slim taf gila, tapi tak macam Awie!

40 minutes this morning. Another hour lepas Maghrib tadi. So long fatty! So if no else is proud of me, fuck yeah am proud of myself!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Liverstool = BIG Club = I Pissed LOLs

There will be no love spared for Liverstool in the event of their defeat. Why are these fucks even crying over spilled milk is beyond me. I mean right after you ran your big mouths too. And still stuck in the dimension where they are a reigning champions with 5 European titles under their belt.

But to put your club in the same breath as other big clubs. Now, that gotta be some high quality shit you're fucken smoking. Must be.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


God, I'm such a slow slow starter. I'm still savouring, and as a matter of fact, savouring it more and more with each passing day ever since that match. THAT win.

Tevez proving the cunt he is.

The win has got all the flavours a United fan could ask for. Beating the fucklots at their home. Tevez coming in and was initially thought a saviour only to eventually concede a freekick that prove to be the decisive moment for the derby match.

Also him coming in and quickly getting into the thick of things and acting in a direct proportion with the ugly prick he is, as quickly; kicking Jones, getting involved in heated face-offs and running like a headless chicken, as if winning could come with brawns alone.

And most fucken importantly United being United, leaving it late, coming back from behind and in the process got.. Can I get a drum roll here please ?


You thought that for second, didn't you ? Didn't you ? Muahahahahahaha.

Almost had you didn't we ? Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh

That right there, the moment when you had them in the clouds, only to snatch it away soooo late the game. That is the juice. Platinum gold right there.

Stupid fucken Ciddeh fans thinking that they could, within the smelly feet distance, sniff an unprecedented win, peg us one back right under our noses - or to the least - a draw - and that was of course until Robin Van Perfect hit it home. Thanks to Ciddeh's pathetic chief antagonist-somehow-pathetically-turned-saviour, Lord Ugly Tevez tripped Rafael's leg just outside the penalty box and gave United a freekick deep into the injury time.

Another classic example why its not hard to hate these fuckers. Ciddeh, producing degenerates since inception.

"If RvP was to be asked where would he prefer to take his spot kick from, that couldn't have been to far" was the commentator's remark prior RvP's goal. And so it was, in what was to be one of the sweetest victory over our noisy noisy neighbours. 

And of course, how could have I commit such travesty and omit this.

Ciddeh was unbeaten on the Etihad ground over 38 games prior to the match. Pretty impressive stuff, I initially thought to myself, until the commentator added "stretched over 2 years" - pooffffffffffff - what the fuck - that was so funny, I almost peed myself. A Ciddeh fan listening to that must've been wondering what did he do wrong to deserve such condescending under-mine. Wakakakakakak. Even a neutral commentator feels fitting to take a dig at Ciddeh - albeit accidentally on his part.

A cunt fans getting into a tussle with the stewards and policemen. What better way to bent your frustration than to a totally unrelated parties, right ?

United. Demolishing Ciddeh's hope since 2010.


Biasa Ah Fakhrol

I can't sleep after my usual 15-minutes nap-went-awry and midnite Nescafe (after more Nescafe during the day, not to mention). So what else. You thought of some bullshit that leads to another prolific bullshitism. 

So in relation to the first quote that I think classy, I thought of something better, if we're in parallel universe per se;

Porn is temporary, keras is permanent


I really need to get some sleep. Like seriously. Like dead serious. Like right now. OK now I'm gonna go do that serious face in front of the mirror.

OK I lied. Off to watch the newly downloaded Manchester derby match again. Weeeeee

Monday, December 10, 2012

The City Is Ours!

Yeah fucken right the city is yours. Where are all those yapping mouths when the derby's done and dusted ? United bought them referees ? You were lucky daddy was there to save your arse from further embarrassment. One clear goal disallowed and a penalty waived off. We bought the ref ? Fuck you. 

"Form is temporary, class is permanent" 

United. For life.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Dawn of 2012

The dawn of 2012 has brought with it a couple of mishaps for me in the form of dislocated shoulder, ANOTHER accident and more recently (last night , actually) a swollen gum which in turn swelled my face and so bad I couldn't sleep all night long (just by thinking about it brings about the spoooooks :/ )

So yeah, 2012 hasn't been so nice to me. Oh well, have I been nice enough to warrant kindness from it is the question I should be answering. So thank you God, for your countless blessings.

Off to Taiping in a couple of minutes. Well, another fixture which brings about a mixture of feelings I couldn't grasp upon.

So laters  skaters!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


 photo bfcf4c0ac9a5c01fd89be3b2dba76822_zpsdc7f5dc9.jpg
Well this is depressing. Baju keje dah ketat macam apa. I don't feel so good about myself no more. Problem is I lack the drive, the one thing that carried me through when my limbs have deserted me way way way back. I lack that old drive that's transformed the fat, insecure kid from the picture above to that still slightly insecure, albeit with a little less fat kid I was and perhaps still am - minus the kid part.

It also doesn't get helped by the fact that I pretty much can't use my left leg as I used to as much as I'd like to after that fateful bike accident almost a year ago, speaking of which, is just 10 days away from a year anniversary.

I don't like this state. I hate it in fact. Its just that its sooo frustrating to think that I can achieve all that I want just by hitting the treadmill and push my limit like its nobody's biznez as I always have when I hit that borderline picturisky (yep, picturisky, NOT picturesque) state. In fact its the only thing I know to do when faced with volcanic gastronomic explosion - when you ate everything and anything that smells like Ajinamoto and whatnot. 

And its frustrating to know that you perhaps won't be able to do any of those heavy, ground hitting cardio exercise that have been paving your ways to the road of self esteem or at least, something that looks like it. Trying other methods of exercise is frustrating due to the fact that it takes twice the effort with only half the result, second. But more than anything, it is the  fact that you're admitting that you're in a way handicapped - unable - helpless - call it what you may - its admitting defeat. Which in turn, turns you away from any sort of trying - which trust me, as frustrating as it may sound, would at least save me from feeling that long, eerie road of recovery might just be too long for you, in your current state. Simply put, to avoid from feeling disappointed by trying - I thus, resort not to try at all.

Which is still frustrating like fuck. I'm twisted. Don't remind me twice. I know.