Monday, March 31, 2008

The Untitled Post.

Mat Nor : Ko tak tau .. ? Abang Ali dah meniggal.. (No, you dunno ? Ali has passed away..)
Myself : Aaaa.. ? Bila .. ? (When was that ?)

Mat Nor informed me and I pause to check on his facial expression, trying to ascertain whether or not this is one of those pre-April Fool slapsticks. And there he was, serious as hell and there I was too, numb & dumbfounded. Knocked by a bunch of mixed feelings, I was in shock, disbelief and more so, Sorrow. I mean we used to had breakfast and jokes with each other and it just felt like it was just yesterday I was having breakfast with him. And now this ? It just seems so Unreal.

He was a good man, big hearted for somewhat small position he was entrusted to. Smiles have never failed to be within the vicinity of his face. A peculiar habit of shaking everybody's hands despite meeting them like ALMOST everyday. We sometimes laugh at this weird habit of his, but that just goes to show how much of a good man he was, I mean we find it peculiar, because we ourselves, COULD NOT HAVE DONE what the man had done.


"..And now am dreading and taunting myself with bitter and useless questions.."

Why do Fireflies depart so soon.. ?


In the schmiling memories of Mohd Ali Napiah bin Majid,

23 Rabi'ul Awal 1429 Hijrah
31st March 2008
10.06 AM

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Current Listen : Blue October - Hate Me.mp3

I feel totally outside of the world driving home from minum session with a friend, its like my head was spinning 720 degress

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Idealism Part II
Nota Kaki : The continuation from the previous Idealism.

Idealism Part erm, One ?

Are we too old for Idealism ? Were we too young for not being Idealistic ? The dude traveled to Terengganu with hopes, though I doubted that someone with a temper with the size of a teaspoon would've made it. Gave him the benefit of my doubt, nonetheless. Off he shoot to Terengganu with some quick little strategies we manage to table, though, I had hoped that I too, can be present with him just so that I'd keep him in check just in case his short fuse is about to blow or whatever. But that, never did materialized, given the commitments I was entrusted with and the ad hoc nature of the journey.

Told him to keep in touch, to report on stations he's arrived at and to talk to me FIRST before coming into whatever crucial decisions that he will be down to . So there he was, calling me for a few times that night. Reporting. When he did not call me back after the last time he'd contacted when he's reached Kuala Terengganu, I was slightly worried (I know what you're thinking, but the dude was not himself, you know).

Later that day, around half past five, my cellphone rang, it was his :

Me : Assalamualaikum Naz..
S : * Answers the Salam *
Me : Apa cerita ? (Whats up hey ?)
S : Aku dengan dia dah takde apa-apa dah.. (Me & her have already broken up)
Me : What the.. ?
S : Aku dah cakap ngan family dia dah.. Mano-to-Mano talks.. (I've spoken to her family, man-to-man talk)
Me : Aaaaaa.. ? Ko sure ke ni.. ? (Are you sure ?)
S : Aku sure.. Dah la, aku tanak pk pasal ni lagi.. (Am sure, enuff of it I dont wish to think about this anymore..)
S : Aku nak start hidup baru.. ( I wanna start a new life.. )
Me : Ko ni.. Ko marah ni.. ( You're saying this out of being mad.. )

He denied being under the influence of his frustration and the decision he's come to was a rational one and required, given the quagmire he was in. I told him that he's got my unwavering support for so long as his decision was made within the boundaries of Rationality. I reminded him of one thing though. I reminded him of going against whatever he's said that particular day and and its his job as a man, to stick to whatever decision he's come to and to stand by it regardless of what shall come in the future, for long to come.

He affirmed that thats the very thing he plans to do, though, again, I doubted him, given the definiteness of his objective before shooting off to Terengganu. Again, I, out of my definite generosity, offered him the benefit of my doubt anyways. But my doubts were never baseless, the dude was never really cured from the cuts. They were too deep to begin with, now at times, he still rants about getting back, at times talking and being stupid. Most of the time, am just ears, some other time, a whip and a knock on his head will do, just to bring him back to Reality. Just like the time has consumed the strength that he's got once, and how a short period of time has managed to kill him, time too, will rebuild the proof of his presence and assert to his fact-blocking head, of what worth he held.

Us humans, we're weak. We forgot our objective in the absence of numbers and strength. Being alone, alone, is enough to cloud our real purpose of cause. Let alone the batterings and a few slaps of Reality check on our faces. We melt before the coldness of Hardships and evaporate into thin air in the Fahrenheit of Obstacles. Thats just how weak we are.

Idealism, Part I & II - Tammat.

P/S : Oh, saya masih puitis..

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Politics.. Shall We ?
Nota Kaki : A deliberately delayed response of the previous election from a self proclaimed Political Observer (citation needed)

Enjoy this seemingly identical scene of Malaysian politics.. Those 2 look exactly like the 2 idiots that were interviewed by Al-Jazeera the other day. Answering-wise, at least.

The Malaysian General Election 2008. It was a day full of emotions, emphasized tensions, gaping mouths, tears, laughters, paid dues and the et ceteras. It was also a day full of media spinnings, politically motivated or the otherwise.

Talking about media spinnings however, the post-election spins are even funnier than pre-election ones. The recent Perak MB swearing-in ceremony by Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS that was initially boycotted by DAP too was seen as a stage of spinning the political fan. Oh pardon me, in fact that was the center stage of the spins. How ignorant of me.

Mr. Kit Siang, if in doing so was under the influence of PAS-phobia drugs (lol), would be so politically unwise, and the action, uncalled for. But I think theres more to this than what have been potrayed in these piss-stream-medias or what the losers, the sore losers mind you, would want the rakyats to believe. I think there were some twists in the plot, hold your breath gentlemen and the ladies of course !

What if the so called 'boycott' was actually a decoy to avoid the vengeful axes of the sore MCA ?

I mean if DAP didnt put up a fight to the lease, what would the Perak Chinese say ? They will even start to question " Will these submissive punks be able protect our rights and whatnots ? They didnt even budge an inch when this was announced.. " And be rest assured that the MCA will not take a crossed-arm stance should that actually happens. Kinda like Penang UMNO trying to be the Malay's champion in vocalizing their thoughts against the DAP-led state government in Penang. Yea right, we buy that.

And before I stray even further, I need to reiterate that, should the boycott was a measured, calculated and anticipated response, woahhhh am so the very impressed. Malaysia has just, by far, witnessed, a very outsmarting political decoy, with or without her realization.

P/S : .. And why politicize DAP's move when ex-Perlis Mentri Besar didnt even attend his successor's swearing in session ? Was that a pat on the back for Malaysia's Royal Institution ? Was Shahidan's move that ? lol. Funny la, you people..

P/P/S : LOL even the Terengganu BN DUN members are 'boycotting' the new MB swearing-in ceremony ? HAHA.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mak.

Mak is being attacked by an unidentified monstrous entity.

Mak went 49 just now. Happy Birthday Mak. She's aging. Thanks for all the love & the care that you've given us these good 25 years. I love U, from the bottom of my heart I do. Regardless of my weird ways and the tendency to never be transparent about my feelings and things.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Nota Kaki : Completely & Utterly Fuckin' Bullshit !

Dear Sirs / Madams,

The above matter refers.

We are pleased to inform your good self that we are feeling something quite similar to that of a cow poop. Enclosed herewith are some of the closest representatives of what we are feeling. We seek for your kind cooperation to examine the followings :

The Kepala Surat.

No..No.. We are nice people, RLY !

I insist, that we are nice people still !

No..No.. Its just the circumstances..

* sighs *

Its the circumstances sir, not us..

We believe that the above is appropriate and timely in manner, we neither seek to vilify nor offend any parties but in the process somebody might get hurt and we seek to humbly apologize that we do not care at all about apologizing for breaking your heart(s).

Sorry. :(

Kind regards & Yours sincerely,


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pack & Leave

"I'll settle all the outstandings that I've been entrusted with.." and I continued, with snail-like speed, ".. And I'll look for a transfer..". "Transfer ? transfer where ? ** Dept. ? Yer still gonna face me..", "No, somewhere else, Operations maybe ? Am contemplating to do shift even.."

Despite she thinking that she has managed to convince me to go against my decision of transferring, I've made a silent vow to myself - I'll get these outstandings over with, and I'll go. With a proper leaving manner, of course. I came and was welcomed from the front door " I hope even after I've left this Dept., we're still gonna be friends.. " " I appreciate what you've guided me with, what you've taught me, but colleagues are crucial for your personal performance AND there are some people that you are compatible with, and there are some that are incompatible.. " and I continued.. " And I cant work with her, I've tried.. "

She shouldn't even have budged me, and NO, she didn't, but I've said to a colleague.. " Nobody will make me leave here, nobody. UNLESS I WANT IT TO BE.."

And I think its high time for me to leave..