Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Meanwhile In Iraq ..

1. Secterian War

Im getting iritated over here by the evil intention of US manuvered media's bullshits. They claimed over & over again that Al Qaida is trying it's very best to fragmentized Iraq by driving it towards a secterian war. But on the contrary all you see on the news are something like 'Sunni led insurgency', 'Shiite led government', Kurdish people etc.. Who the fork are these people anyways ? Why arent they referred to as Iraqis ? Why is that Mr. Bush ?

2. On the letter of Dr Ayman Al Zawahry

Well, another piece of US idiotic media masterpiece of bullsh*t, i dunno of the verifiablity of the raw item of the so called Al Qaida's 2nd. All that im certain is that the Bush-Cheney is desperate as fork to justify the puttings of the lives of American soldiers on the line, in the deadly Iraq. Hence, Al Zawahry's letter could've never come at a right time than this, after recent polls of American support towards the Iraq war have displayed spine-chilling, steadily decreasing results. Among the things quoted from the 'letter' is for Mujahideen to prepare to fill the void should the Americans leave Iraq. Regardless of the content of that letter, wether its real or fake, this is just what the Bush-Cheney administration has been dying to to prove to the American people that Iraq will be the 'the launching pad' of the terrorists to attack America on her soil should the Americans leave prematurely.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Retarded : Mr. Dick

I remember not too long ago he said something like the insurgents are on their last throes, (whatever stuff throe means) & now he shamelessly warns that the US should be prepared of decades long war against terror ? Its ok though, we know that idiocy relapses on occasions, more so with a proven idiot.

Meanwhile, on the other hand..

Anyways, Happy fasting for all the Muslims who are actually doing it, for those who dont, they dont deserve my wish. Now is time for Blesssings, so out you go seek for it. Ramadhan is Allah's and therefore the rewards come directly from Allah, in some Riwayahs, it is said that not even the 2 angels tasked on writing down our rights & wrongs are involved in the event of Ramadhan, Wallahua'lam.

Assalamualaikum & the best of remembrance.