Sunday, April 29, 2007

Langkawi Trip Part I : Definition of Ad-Hoc
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Was a very nice trip INdeed. Me and Mak was having a discussion on cheap (?) AirAsia flight ticks on our way back home from werk and boom ! "Lets go to Langkawi ! "

The Suckers
The Suckers At Their Suckest. lol.

Me & Mak, we form a nice team. We melt my pops attempted Resistance, we make allies with Yan, and hence, all obstacles cleared. The Quagmire lost its Significance in the presence of us.

The Rocky Bitch
The Rocky Bitch.

Now the only thing thats left to clear is the transportation method. This is vital, make or break, it either we get to borrow our cuz's car or we're not going at all. And the ever so nice cuz of us, lend us her Mighty Toyota Unser. We owe you one. Off we shoot to Kuala Perlis.

Monday, April 16, 2007

" ..And Nobody Would Understand This "
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I walk in pain. Pain walks besides me. I bleed. I bleed profusely. I've tried to walk in the shoes of Campassion & Love yet i found out that my feets fit best with the sneakers of Hatred.

Humans are in such constant frustration because we crave for Perfection. Crave it enough to pursue it with all our might, blood, sweat and every ounce of scarcity of our Life. Guess what ? No such thing as Perfection, with the exception of God.

But does that means we need to halt the pursuit ? Go ahead, but no, not me. If constant pain is what it takes for me to be as close as i can to Perfection, and so - Be it.

Consequences is eating me alive. Aftermath is throbbing my flesh. I'll hang in there till the very dust of my bones is one with the soil.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Scary Place They Call - Human Minds
So many what if's : Am scared.
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My Version of This World. My Perspective.

What if this is all but Reality, am scared of what'll be found at the end of the tunnel.
What if the journey with a cause is actually a cause to a horrendous fumble.

I glance at Joe, while peering at the 3 winged chirps.
Refusing to make visible his smiles, he pretends rubbing dirts.
The chirping trio, entirely oblivious of their sorrounding -
Playfully whistle & wrestle, unaware of any potential gruesome findings.

A moment halted, his fingers hesitated at the tip of the trigger.
The heartily beats race with the speed of wets behind his ears.
To split basic Humanity & social conditioning in split seconds.
His hands trembeling, result of a lengthy war in his head, i reckon.

And i tried to reside INvisible, yet am drawn to the very core.
Life's a Bitch and now am forced to deal with this Whore ?
" C'mon now " i yelled at my heart's content. But in a mute tone.
" Puke the metal slug or i'll be forced to do what i wont ! "

I cant recall the first, but this might be our final friendly trip.
Hesitation is attributed to the shallows and am far too deep.
A thunderous sound & a smoking barrel, ironically - a teary " Goodbye, peep "
Instead of 3, i left the 4th victim drowning in his own crimson drips.