Sunday, February 22, 2015

Babi I Ke Babi II

The first step is always the hardest.

The first step is acceptance.

The second is to embrace its facts.

What facts ?

The fact that United is so fucking piss poor and that Van Gaal is so stubbornly stupid or the fact that I have actually foreseen the better tactic from one touted as one of the biggest man in football planet ?

Yeah, its not that I did not try acceptance. But to accept is to relive the moments that could have gone to a very different conclusion if not for his fucking stupidity.

And that is why running away is always the best form of moving on for me.

For I am a vengeful mothereffer. It is really hard for me to just let go of my pent up anger while looking at the agitator in the eye.

A thousand Babi wouldn't relieve me from the strangulation of this anger. Maybe if I could vomit a thousand "Wei Babi I told you so!". Maybe that would do the trick. For now lets just avoid public areas i.e: Facebook and ESPN forums.

Oh the joy to be a United fan.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


 photo Untitled-2copy-2.jpg

"Ayah hang dulu time muda-muda, pakaikan helmet Mak siap tenung lama-lama lagi. Laa ni, kalau Mak gelak-gelak, dia siap pukui helmet ataih kepala Mak. Punggg!"

A recycled entry but ♥

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Selamat Jalan

First that sharp pang on you heart.

Oh. He is no more.


The reality.

When it finally sinks in.

That you shall never ever see him again.

That is when the tears start streaming down your face.

Not even noticing the numb turning into sniffles.

Selamat jalan Tok Guru. Tho we may have never met. I feel like I've known you forever.

I am ashamed to write about you for I am but a sinner.

Selamat jalan...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Don't Wish This To My Worst Enemy

If I could say so, I was once, sort of a staunch Anwar supporter. But after his theatricals and stupid antics. I start questioning whether or not he is the man for the job to lead a healthy opposition for Malaysia. And a developed country does not require a good opposition. They NEED it.

The negative connotation of the word 'Pembangkang' had left some good section of Malaysians naively making them the bad guys. There's no bad or good guys in politics. Or at least it shouldn't be. Both the government and opposition members are the elected members of the parliament who should be representing the rakyats for the rakyats. So whatever difference they have in the parliament - say I may not agree on A and he might not agree on B. But we both must agree that both A & B are conceived solely for the good of rakyat in mind.

But what happen in Malaysia ?

Political persecution isn't just unhealthy. It's selfish.

Kau marah aku sebab aku kata kau rasuah. Then buktikan la yang kau tak rasuah. Ini tak. Aku kata kau rasuah ko tangkap aku.

And before we go any further, we must also acknowledge that our opposition is far from perfect. They love to get into petty squabbles and cakap pakai mikrofon benda-benda yang boleh cakap kat telefon.

But for all their imperfection. They are OUR opposition. Even though bodoh & naive at times, I'd like to think that opposition works for the betterment of the rakyats. And what do these people dapat pun in return of their loud mouthed approach. Only scorns from the very people they are trying fight for.

Again. I don't intend to make our opposition sounds babyish, silky white with delicate wings on their backs. They're NOT.

But all the more reason to ponder my next point:

An honest government has got nothing to fear from such a shamble of an opposition. Kalau ko baik, ko tak payah risau pun tahi-tahi yang orang baling tu akan lekat dekat baju ko.

So why then, I ask - the political persecution ?

If we are targeting homos now, should we start sweeping just around KL ? Gays don't fucking hide nowadays. Some people doesn't have any qualms to mengaku dorang gay. But this guy, against all odds, after all denials. The charges still stick.

But. Ah lantak la. Am getting to the point.

 photo 10690149_10153207572096840_5105977781672511073_n_zpsqchzi3rt.jpg

Gambar kat atas ni sebenarnya point aku. Sorry I took like 538,000 words just to arrive to a single point. Gambar kat atas nie sebenarnya buat aku sangat sebak. Apa dosa wanita-wanita nie kita pisahkan depa dari bapak depa ? Isteri yang kehilangan suami. Anak-anak yang kehilangan bapak. Cucu yang kehilangan tokwan. 

And most importantly.. *sighs*

Seorang lelaki berumur yang kehilangan segalanya.

Apa jadah nak jadi dengan kita nie. And kalau kita redha dengan benda-benda macam nie.

Anwar had his faults. And aku makin meluat lepas Selangor MB punya fiasco. But.

NOBODY deserves this.

And orang kata kalau betul dia buat. Apa yang betulnya ? Kita bukan dakwa dia dekat mahkamah syariah. Mahkamah syariah requires saksi-saksi yang cukup syaratnya. And kalau orang tu tak mengaku sampai sudah, ada cara lain pulak.

Ni mahkamah manusia bos. Kalau pure syariah court yang hukum dia and he's found guilty then let him rot in jail for the entirety of his age. Tapi kalau mahkamah manusia nie, hearsay. Aku kata ko buat. Ko kata aku buat. And ada pulak orang ketiga yang kata "Hrm, OK memang ko salah"


Panjangnya aku mengomel.

Takpelah. Mahkamah manusia ada. Mahkamah Tuhan lagi power. Kalaulah, ditakdirkan beliau tak buat seperti apa yang dituduh. Maka jawablah esok dengan yang Maha Kuasa. Air mata isteri, air mata anak-anak. Tangisan cucu. And mostly dosa-dosa orang yang terlibat secara tak langsung kalau mereka mengiyakan atau memadankan muka si yang teraniaya.

Tah la mungkin aku berat sebelah sebab political inclination aku. Tapi bukan ini caranya kita buat dekat orang. I don't wish for this to happen to my worst enemy.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Besok Kelas & Aku Rasa Nak Ponteng Lagi Post

50 tahun lebih dah merdeka. And we're still asking sapa lagi racist. Cina ke Melayu. Kalaulah Malaysia ni sebuah company, and aku seorang funder, I would say the management bottom-up semua fail. 50 tahun lebih aku dok pump duit untuk jadikan organisasi nie sebuah organisasi yang berjaya. But we fail at the MOST ELEMENTARY level of asking. Racial harmony 2-3 tahun nie had only worsen. I guess it's been there all along its just that Facebook makes it easier for everybody to unleash their racial demons with minimal to no concerns about reprimands. 

So tak payah nak start dengan bangunan, PTPTN mahupun universitas-universitas yang dibina oleh kerajaan tersebut. Sebab macam aku cakap tadi, kalau Malaysia nie sebuah organisasi - aku EXPECT the most basic thing macam education, health et cetera akan ada. Cuma bila dah dekat 50 tahun dia ada, aku akan expect progress, improvements et cetera.

Memang saya tak reti nak memerintah. Saya tak pernah kata pun saya pandai memerintah. Tapi politikus-politikus nie masuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya, pastilah mereka nie semua sangat well versed dalam hal memerintah ni, bukan ? So kalau David Moyes of Manchester United akan di judge dari segi performance team yang beliau pilih, so do our ministers right ? We should stop with the archaic tradition of blind loyalty towards the ones who walk within the corridors of power. Dorang manusia. Made of flesh and blood and just like us. And just like us, these people are not perfect. And jangan start dengan maksum. Aku rasa nak tergelak. Hahah.

I am but a keyboard warrior.

An armchair general.

But at the very least, couldn't I ask more for our people ?