Thursday, December 31, 2009

What The Elf, No, Seriously..

We've all heard of goalkeepers tapping in goals for their teams. Though not common, its not rare - well, to a certain extend.

But last night I had this weird dream. I dreamt that Sam Allardyce got so pissed off, he went and take on 3 or 4 defenders before blasting home past the poor goalkeeper. And what's even weirder, he was wearing West Ham outfit, well yea if am not mistaken. I was like What the Elf..

And, and, and MU beat the mighty Wigan 5-0, AGAIN. Yayyyyyyyyyy !

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Chance Upon Post.

Another stumble upon. Nice read and some profound thoughts.

Some excerpts.

"Everybody has a set of arbitrary rules defining the meaning of events in their life. Most people don’t set these rules consciously; instead, they just “grow” into them based on their temperament and upbringing. Because of this, many people have rules that tend to make them miserable.

I’ve known people who, in order to consider themselves really happy, must be on a wonderful vacation, win the lottery, fall in love, eats some rare delicacy, or some other unusual or even once-in-a-lifetime event.

In almost every case, these same people can find virtually any excuse to be miserable. If they miss a stop light, they get upset. If they can’t get a jelly donut in the morning, they’re upset. If they can’t watch their favorite TV show, it ruins their day, etc., etc., etc. They have an endless list of tiny things that steal away their happiness.

People who have those rules about life, are programmed to be miserable, because they’ll encounter dozens of things each day that irritate them, and very few events that will make them happy. And being unhappy or irritated most of the day is the ULTIMATE expression of failure in life.

Consider, then, somebody who complains about having to “click 10 times” to read a Sales Machine post. On the one hand, this person is getting information that could increase lifetime earnings by a million dollars. On the other hand, this person also has to move an index finger 10 times."

My take, Ha-Ha spot on.

We could find like 10 fucking thousand over reasons to be mad and not one thing to smile about. Its just something you and me find hard, to appreciate the little things around us. Things that we deem trivial. We expect white sandy beaches, fishing boats and high lands to make us happy while forgetting to laugh at a cicak who was stuck in a cup while enjoying the left overs in it. lol. That actually happened and he's still enjoying his luxurious little vacation.

The author then continues:

"The solution, of course, is to get off your emotional duff and start doing the hard work of changing your rules. Because here’s the exciting thing: if you switch the two sets around, you’re re-programming yourself to be happy, and therefore to win.

The Hows:
  • Decide to have rules that make it easy to be happy. Let little things that happen every day be cause for celebration. Find every excuse possible to take a little pleasure out of life.
  • Decide to have rules that make it difficult to be miserable. Save your misery for truly awful things, like the death of a close relative, financial disaster, or a major, debilitating illness."

Obama's Annual Speech - The Missing Verses.

Goddamnit 2009 is rolling down her curtain and here I am. Still clueless. About pretty much erm, - every effing thing. Yeah, fuck me. No seriously, I was so religiously optimistic about going to a certain direction - yet that direction eluded me at a stage I thought I was so sure - "This is it!"

But no sire, you're not that special. You're practically like anybody else - sprinting as fast as we could to a certain (yes, certain-ly delusional finish that we wet our pants thinking that it exist) touchline. But again, there was Destiny with the "I-Just-Benchpressed-The-Whole-World" smiley face in the corner. Taunting.

"Ha-Ha I eluded you dumarse again !", she said.

Thus, if its so destined that I shall be the casualty of these vicious cycles so then be it. Lets just keep setting goals and pillage what we can from Life since it's taken far too many from Eye to be bear. Let us revisit 2009 and learn our impending lessons from a total of 12 semesters and 365 classes.

Well, at least until am rajin again..