Sunday, April 20, 2008

Please Insert An Emoticon ____

..Tell me to live without & how am I supposed to ? U defines my heartbeat
It still doesn't feel real 'til I woke up with a pillow full of tears that I bleed..

Scared of the dark, yet somehow, the feeling that your hands are within reach
..has got me feeling like am thousand miles away when I've just moved an inch..

Its only so much and already I've missed U, a feeling that places NONE above U
A recurring sound that sounds a little something just like this - I Love U.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

At The End of The Day.. INU Still Defines US II.

The whole world could've turned their back on you
They walk not their talks, run a mile in your shoe ?

Oh Please.

Fuck livin' Lavish, rather enjoy the Luxury of your company..
.. and only, ONLY Nothing could come between You & me..

.. for I shall be the light from the darkness that befriends U..
..Coz Darling, at the end of the day - I told U, its still INU.

Monday, April 07, 2008

At The End of The Day.. INU still Defines US.


I tried to word out how meaningful you are to me..
& only manage to phrase the literal surface of Thee.

Penning the weight of my feelings on the lightness of these pages
Inking the plays of 'I love U' on the center stage

6 million lives that define the entire earth's population
And all I want is this one mere soul - fuck the other portion.

If luving U is Right, then I dont care of whats Left !
& Life could've struck me with harsh notes, I rather be tone deaf.

Grant me this dance for it takes 2 to Tango, and sway
Audienced by the stars, dance flooring the milky ways

If U ask me, no yer not the only one in my heart - yer one with it !
Tell me to live without & how am I supposed to ? U defines my heartbeat.

Pardon my ways that are no stranger to being strange & weird
But even after that, you're still the one I love, period.

Just know that if yer drowning in your tears
I'm sinking within oceans of guilt, dear.

SHE treads silver linen in the sky SHE graces
And draws about golden sparkle for the place SHE hovers

SHE's but a paper plane, one that I'd shelter through the rain
One I'd live with and to die for - nevermind the pain.

SHE's but a paper plane, seemingly fragile.. yet ambitious !
SHE is - One that I luv, substance I need for INU to define US.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Khir Toyo Has Got Himself A Bologggg !!!!11
Nota Kaki : Saya masih skeptikal. Tiada kemaafan dipinta, pun begitu. :/

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Khir's Legendary Bologggg!!!!11