Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Scam Story That Went Awry

A scam story that wasn't really:

SMS to my Father reads:

"Ini ayah, tlong bagi credit MEXIS 30RM ke nombor baru ayah 017-*** ****, ayah lagi ada masalah kat balai Police tak payah caal. sekejep ayah call."

And this was his reply:

"Ayah saya baru SMS dari dalam kubur - dia kata semayang jangan tinggal & jangan tipu orang.."


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fantastic Rooney's Goal vs. City & The Bench Went Totally Mental In Celebration

creds: The Republic of Mancunia

Grinning from this to another ear. heeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeee. Singing this aloud - albeit in my thoughts.

Go fuckyourselves you Bitter Twat,
Keep that fugly Argie off us.

Oh hell. 34 coming to 35 years.

Muha muha muha muha muha haha haha. Its a laugh I invented when winning against Citeh. The so called new powerhouse. Ha ha!

United 2 Blue Bitters 1

Go fuck yourselves cunts.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Acid Test.

Didn't feel like blogging. But I thought it proper to have a word or 2 before the game kicks off at 8.45 Malaysian time. So that I'd have the bragging right of telling you - 'I said so!'. That I-Said-So expression is, erm.

But what the hell do I say anyways ? I'm just anxious of what could be. And I'm afraid that my weekend will be ruined again (read: Molineux. last week. fuck).

I think if we win the scorers will be among Berbatov or Chicarito. Although that's more like wishful thinking if you were gonna start to analyst the probability using probablity calculator. And heck I don't even know what I've just said, just typing along and popping up whatever that comes to mind now.

Just the extend of how nervous and anxious I am about this Manchester derby.

The game is so important for us, not less to even City's title chase, top 4 chase whatever because how this game results will reflect on how we pick ourselevs from such demoralising defeat against Wolves in Sheepish clothes. And how we pick ourselves up against the backfrop of such defeat will distinguish Champions from losers. It starts off now. The making of Champions or breaking of losers.

I hope the lads are in the mood to crush those Stockport bitter twats and hand their asses to them on a platter.

So bring on Citeh!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

First Defeat of The Season.

The week's end turned out to be the world's end. Well not quite. Its just. Sighs. Depressing. Hopefully we'll pick ourselves up and handles the upcoming matches with characters that have defined United throughout the years. Its make or break. And if we're not up to it, the season could just be in jeopardy.

Its just a wrong wrong time to start dropping off points when Chelshit and Pool are gaining their momentums. And we still have a couple of tough away fixtures to attend to. Pool, Asenal, Chelshit twice and The Bitters albeit at home. If that's to console our hearts.

C'mon United.


Wolves 2 - United 1. Sighssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Friday, February 04, 2011

"Gary Neville Is A Red, He Hates Scousers" - Part IV

Gary Neville - One of us. A blog author said. It made sense. No wonder United fans love him so much. Because he is that one dude you see going totally mental besides you in a match when United scored a late winner or a life saver.

He is a fan. Albeit privileged enough to play for a team he supported as a kid. And somehow grounded enough not to take it for granted.

I'm teary all over again.

I love you Gary man.
"Gary Neville Is A Red, He Hates Scousers" - Part III

2nd to None.
Tearfully Melancholic.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Gary Neville Is A Red, He Hates Scousers" - Part II

Just watched Neville's tribute video at United's official site. Makes me sad all over again. The above picture was one of the most ecstasy-filled moments I've had as a United fan. Gary, wearing his heart on his United sleeve went totally berserk when Paul Scholes headed the winner at Wastelands, Manchester City. And at 90++ minutes. What beauty.

But I won't be seeing the back of this great man again, at least not as a United player no more.

What is this melancholic feeling clawing the clusters of my thought ? Gutted. Fucken' gutted.
Quote of The Day.

"You're too ugly not to be smarter!"

- Some Sports Director Guy, Life As We Know It.

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh
"Gary Neville Is A Red, He Hates Scousers"

Legend you'll always be, Gary.

GNev is retiting from football. This. Is. Such. A. Sad day.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Last Night..

I dreamed of you..

- & I missed United vs. Villa match. Sighs.