Sunday, May 31, 2009

And Then There Was..
Nota Kaki: Random

We're off to Terengganu in a couple of hours. Gotta get a good long schleep first before hitting off the roads. Its Redang after all. So many things to do but fuck it, tido comes first.
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Erm.. Seriously I'll think of it later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something You'll Never Grab A Grasp Upon.


Am interested in this article written by Kazi Mahmood of World Futures. Article here.

Mr. Mahmood was asking - Did the Talibans actually have the military strategy and force to conquer Afghanistan post Soviet period ? Mr. Mahmood, For your information, they were war veterans gathered from all over the world's fronts. So do they ? Yeah maybe you thought they were still using catapults to destroy the vast forces of the Soviets. This sort of analysis helps you know, in getting the US and Nato forces into thinking how the Talibans are a bunch of monkeys who still pop stones and sticks to create fire.

The Taliban, using its diplomatic channels, tried everything they could to prevent the American invasion.

Oh yea ? I don't think they tried hard enough. I mean if they so much cling to the powers, the simplest way would be to hand over Osama to US and you stay in. Even if they did try it from the diplomatic point of view, it's because they fear for their citizens' lives. But then again, being people of great principles, turning Osama in is like turning down the Ummah as a whole.

What are our values in the face of the Ummah's future Mr. Mahmood ? Collaterals. Nothing more. Get Leadership 101, somehow some where in the grueling reality of your career, sooner or later you'll be faced against difficult decisions which shall require a firm say, and priorities rightly set. But maybe even the course itself would prove to be too mentally challenging for the person you stare in the mirror every morning.

Of course those were indeed tough choices, but shots have been fired and tears already dried. Here we are 8 years on, is the US winning ? Has any of the one too many Osama and Mullah Omar's glimpses transcended into their physical equal ? Dont bother thinking from this perspective, seriously, you'll require a lifetime of healing dosage to your brain cells.

And I feel inclined to clarify this. Taliban did not abandon Kabul because they were scared stiff of the US and the chicken shits Northern Alliance forces coming at them, NO. Simply because the US were so brave they endlessly shell remorseless bombardment on Kabul for 3 days and nights on the helpless citizens of Kabul and how the gruesome numbers of casualties increase like Bush's idiocy as he speaks. That was why they chose to retreat and fight the war another day. Yea, they lost the battle. But heh, the Nato idiots and the US are the ones that are losing the war.

Every day the Talibans grow into some very fearsome adversaries the US has had to encounter. And each passing day serves as a very painful lesson for those who learn. Numbers and tanks wont save you from these mountain monkeys you perceived, idiots. Its God. And only Him.

I guess that explains why lights travel at a much faster speed than the sound. You look bright a couple of seconds before you made a sound.

With all due disrespects, please Mr. Mahmood, don't open your mouth. You'll at least appear smart for a few dying stints.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fucketh List Updated, Again.
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Aku dok sibuk godek packages to Redang or a few other islands along the shore which I utterly hate. The godek-ing part, not the pulau, mind you.

And I suddenly came to a realization - YOU WORK AT THE GODDAMNED AIRPORT, YE DIMWIT !!!1111

And airport authority at that. What the fuck. Maybe I should use some exhortations to squeeze the most spankfuckingly outrageous cheap package out of the Travel agents. Hrm.

The last time I went there, me and Shanaz we just terjah the hell out of everything and it wasn't peak season or anything. So there wasn't any need to pre-plan or anything. And we were so lucky that the package was quite reasonable, you know given the impulsive nature of the trip. 2 ferry trips (pergi balik), 4 meals, 1 snorkeling erm or 2 ? Tah. And a room with 2 beds for around RM 280 - 2 days. And if you were to stay longer, you get about the same price with a longer staying period, like a few dudes who later became our friends on the islands.

Oh and maybe its not Redang after all, I've been there once, so am looking at Lang Tengah as a prospect. So even if my family hadn't been there yet, Lang Tengah is technically still Redang, on the basis that its along the same shore with it. That'll do the trick I guess. lol.

The Fucketh List Updated.

1. Tioman dengan Shahnaz
2. Langkawi ngan Amin a few freak honchos.
3. Lang Tengah ?

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Just Arrived From One Hell of An Endurance Post.
Nota Kaki: Forget F U! Its MU.

I don't care if MU doesn't win the EPL next season but they will crush the Liverfools. Err correction, they have to beat the Fools and win the EPL at the same time.

And for those of you Idiots who think Giggsy doesn't deserve to win the PFA Player of The Year Award, you've just insulted the entire EPL players' intelligence. I mean its the players who voted for the Welsh Ironman.

Oh but then again, I would agree with you if you think that the players from the team you worship are nothing but a bunch of grass ass shallow pushovers. Yea, on just that. Not on the vote they casted for Giggsy. Thats quite intelligent for the likes of them you know.

Probably the only thing Intellectual they'd ever come across them in their whole entire shitty lives.

Wargh kargh kargh kargh kargh kargh.