Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shock & ewwww..

Why do Mat Sallehs always love to interfere with other people's belief, faith & shit. I fuckin hate those stuck ups who think they know everyhting. They claim to practice Human rights, on the contarary they practice double standard like all the time. You punks claim to practice human rights and take shots at Islam whenever you got the chance and giving us no chance of explanation at all.

What else beside misunderstandings do you get when you dont try to know us at all. Fuck communications, the communications have abonded us long ago & for those who's still tryina put up with it is plain stupid. America dont plan to liberate Iraq, it came to rob..

And therefore, fuck Bush, fuck Dick(less) Cheney and the fang-less Wolf(owitz)..

Comments ? come at me..