Saturday, August 25, 2007

Untitled-ably Randomism.
Nota Kaki : 10 mins piece. Feel like bashing in braggadciosesamestreet.

Don't attempt a tongue-twister against me
Lest will it be a bloody verbal frenzy
BLOWING minds, like M'sian political gimmicks
My wisdom has got only the sky as the limit
Like Grizzly in your head, Bear in Mind,
That i shall blitzkrieg passages soon, in the meantime..

Sit tight and enjoy whats unfolding..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pre-Independence Day Post I
Nota Kaki : Should've posted it weeks ago, but oh well..

31st August is fast marching towards us and the Friday sermon was reminding its attendees of " Hari Pahlawan " and its celebrated outcasts, the soldiers. Yes, i do grief for our heroes whose selfless display of bravery has brought us Malaysians, ungrateful Malaysians mind you, the scent of freedom.

But who, who in his worldly-right mind, would celebrate the unsung heroes of the mountains of Afghanistan, the rubbles of Baghdad, the coldness of Caucacus and the cries from the minarets of Al-Aqsa ? These faceless individuals have left everything of worldly pleasures. They have chosen the path of the most humilliating worldly disgrace one could opt for when they could have sit there and comply like most of their accomplices do, or worse even, cooperate with the occupiers themselves.

Im pretty sure that these faces will not be remembered, let alone be mentioned in the folds of history, the Western-crafted history, mind you. Not in another 10 - 20 years, not until at least the very day that the Islamic Caliphate be revived. These individuals have chosen a path few have the guts to even ponder upon, yet they charge without any second thoughts of the aftermath. They author the future with their swords as their quills and the crimson of blood as their ink. A future they're not even guaranteed a seat of.

" The Gardens will perceive springs but we will not be there to see it " - Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ghazi of Red Mosque, Pakistan

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The INnate INability To Overcome Oneself.
Its fucked up.

Im moving fast in this fast-paced world of ours, i've got but one problem, that is that - I'm moving backwards. What a way to commemorate adulthood. Its fucked up and i cant focus. I'm starting get weary of goals. I lost sight of them or is my vision blurry ? God fucking Damnit. I want to be able to achieve glory of certain fields of life without jeorpardizing the others. I'm only a person away from everything that i wanna achieve in this brief lifetime of mine. And that person, i present it to you, naked & vulnerable, none other than - My fuckin' self.

Frankly speaking i dont even know what to talk about. Its really lonely up in the head and all i've got is mysefl again, to talk to. Since no one person that i believe will not be judgemental of what i'll talk about.

B..O.. bo D..O..H.. doh !

Bodoh !