Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crime of Bliss.

Gone are the days where Solitary and Me
Were part of a pact, if you would, a fraternity.

Fingers have to be pointed, someone HAS to be the instigator!
Where did it all go wrong ? I can only think of one perpetrator.

For you fit into all the description of Bliss
The very epitome of loneliness' anti-thesis.

And for that, I love You. Just the way are.
And yes, I AM actually talking about you, N___________r.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Charred Words & Profanity..

I seriously need to control these demons I have running in my veins. Demons whose urges are sometimes so strong that I feel compelled to scream at the top of my lung and puke out my charred words, incinerated by my flame of rage. Even, even at my MOST LOVED ones.

It bothers me that I thought its called for, that it is OK for me to yell out abusive verses at them - or to engage in a less profane, but no less harmful tool at my disposal - Cynicism. It bothers me that I thought it was OK for me to do that.

Truthfully, I don't wanna be in this state. But on the contrary, ironically, I find myself so often refusing the refuge of talking things out. You know its fucken' bad to stay in the state, you know no good will come out of it. But you just don't wanna be saved.

But in the utmost actuality, you do. And fuck, save your breaths from telling me how paradoxical this is. I am a breathing Paradox. Don't tell me ME.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Quotes la Apa Lagi.

"If money doesn't buy happiness, does poverty ?"

- MJ DeMarco
Because we're Manchester fucken' United.

Fuck you ye dirty Cockneys!

Friday, January 20, 2012

But Hey..

I hope United would beat the crap out of the pathetic excuse of a team called Le' Arse, or something like that. Because I would surely wipe my ass with Facebook pages of their Cockney whiny, whimpery fans' braggadocios and give them a taste of their own mad-cine. You know how I 8-2 relive the past because it surely is never a good teacher.

But hey..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Even this ? Pffttttttt

This is what happens when the clock is punched right at the 2.59 in the a.m and your eyelids were punched a hole, each. You Google things you never would have bothered had you had your ways with some holographic Scarlett Johansson - in some weird ass dreams you invented for yourself. Or in short if you're fast asleep.

But since I'm not. Look at what I found. A blogger who sound like me, writes like me, even quacks like me. Wait, was it actually me ?

My favorite post - Yes. The narcissism. My favorite post from my OWN blog ? You've gotta love the sound of your own voice so much to reach that level of stuck up, don't you ?

I just love my own entry so much, I'd like to quote myself;

"tatau nak taip ape lagi..anyways yang aku post seme tu dalam diari aku... maklom laa baru open blog kan... jadi aku post je kan balik le... senang... bukan ape..nak membanyakkan ape yang aku taip dalam ni.."

OK fine. Maybe I am THAT good so much so as to have a doppelganger I never thought exist. But c'mon. At least be creative. You even plagiarize this ? THIS ? OK I'll narrow it down for you;

"Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

- Nope, they were originally men that flirt way too much.."

And compare that to this. Come THE FUCK on. If you're that fucken' dumb, be original in your Blogger profile in the least.

Oh well, stranger things have happened. I guess that is the price you pay for being Raizzenably good. Yes you heard that right. Well, literally. And to Mini-Me, if you want to plagiarize, at least do a better job. You shamed me with that kind of half-ass plagiarism. Secondly, I've just made you famous. So screw yourself hard and get your filthy hands off THE Pieces of My Thoughts.

By the way, I think you deserve some creds for disabling comments. Otherwise, you'll wish for another ass hole to be screwed a thousand times over. Erm, sorry that was Saiful. Sheesh, what a pain in the ass.

Monday, January 16, 2012

By No Means A Misdemeanor

I'm all out of expression, pfft, the audacity! Not to mention the Irony..
Coz if 'I love u' should be a crime - I'd happily commit a felony!

Flap ur wings, take flight & fly high I hope u'll grow from strength to strength
Leave d' naysayers picking their jaws, shed ur skin - time to go out with a bang!

I know too often than not I don't talk straight, but this, straight from the heart
Its ur smile I wanna see when the sun's bright & its ur tears I'm gonna wipe when times're hard

"According to the laws of physics, a bee can't fly, the weight of the bee, the surface area of it's wings and the power available from it's flight muscles, put them all into an equation, it comes up short and the bee shouldn't be able to fly.."

Take Off, Take Flight. Selamat Bekerja.

Anyone.. Anyone but you.