Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, I'm Messed Up and So ?
Current Listen : The sound of the phone ringing from a call i dont wish to entertain..

Saya rasa macam banyak gila nak blog but then again i don't know what to write even, pissed, fucked, smirked, smirking, feeling a throne atop, feeling stuck in the deep pit of the Shallows and the dark dungeon of the Dimwitteds. Oh fuck, holy fuck.

" Hey You, stop rubbing yer feet against mine, coz if you think the otherwise, im so gonna prove you the total opposite of the otherwise. I'll rape ya bitch, and im not gonna be your boyfriend, ever ! "

Yati leaves some flowery marks in the mind of the sickness of mine, how shallow ever. Being a darling she is.

Oh shoot im fuckin horny. And fuck you, fuck you assholes, now here taste some of this.. * mid fingers *

And yes yer welcomed, dont let me see yer fuckin face again bitch. Yes you, yea you. Fuck you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I & U

What are the stars without the moon complementing their presence ?
And where is US while I is being here in U's absence ?

When every phrase are deforming into overused expressions
'I love U' remains the most soothing serenade, I fashion.

..And IF tomorrow is a privilege I is not granted -
I's only regret would be - Taking U for granted !

..And IF that day ever arrives, I shall be U's permanent Shadow
One that'll be there when days are bright & even when nightful of Sorrow..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

But Then Again..
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Nota Kaki : The Misspellings of Life.

If Life's as easy as A, B, C .
And if our Relation Ship sails easy as U & Me.
I digress, I'm getting weary of the Dance
Tripping & fumbling while on the prance
And if my tears aren't labeled Hefty
I would just let them flow, like a cradled baby.

Life's a never ending pursuit on the tracks of Reality
We are but the athletes, expendable Individualities.
If I ever encounter the harsher points this chase -
Could I just rush to your assuring embrace ?
Again i digress, that's IF Life's spelled with just ABC
When a misspelled word of 'Life' could sound just like Irony.

But then again, if its not too much to ask of a favor -
Allow me the privilege of I Love U, forever.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Price Long Have I Known Hefty
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Nota Kaki : Read this or you don't know what yer missing OR will be missing, have missed, have been missing and don't miss me asshole, i'm straight.

Unpleasant encounters have very rarely managed to tickle me personally..
Coz the distance between external occurance and my nerve - Heavenly !

So no dear, i hate not the ground you walk on, thats not how its gonna be..
I just Loath U so much, Curse even the air that embraces your proximity !

If numbers were to define the hatred you've buried within me
You'd have to dig something beyond the playing ground of Infinity

Fuck U think i'm gonna throw some toys ? I'll let U taste the whole pram.
"Drained words fusion to seasoned promises and form a hardened contempt"

You don't really understand what the fuck i was saying aint ya, Bum ?
Coz my piece's so ahead of its time, Nostradamus'd think that hes dumb.

I see not the necessity of making known my presence to the masses
Why ? My Poetry, alone, walks the definition of a Mad Genius.

Yes, the view from the throne atop, is indeed frighteningly lonely.
Its one that i have chose, a price long have i known Hefty..

U were the cost of my shortsightedness, only time when i was somewhat silly
Regret not shouldering the lengthy debt, a price long have i known Hefty..

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rarely Do I..

I was not born to know hate. Neither does the word hate invented for my sly self. Shit, its fuckin's hard for me to even hate someone or something and no, it doesnt really matter if i hate you, no.. But when i do, it'll be so fucking deep and rooted, even the air you breathe will seem so fuckin' despicable. Rarely do i, but dont push me..

Shit, im losing my edge, where the hell's the Subtlety, Damnit ?
..of Some Hip Hop Group Members
Nota Kaki : IF & only if..

Gone are the nights of sheer Confusion in the daylight of your Presence
Zoning out, I was colourless till along came a spectrum of pure Essence
A piece apart i was from Tranquility - You complement the whole Puzzle
Life's made of warring campaigns, and a comrade in these personal battles ?
I couldnt be more deceitful, IF I say that I'm just happy with what I possess
For your presence's a Question too many - More than i could've ever asked !
Am floating in a dimension of Fantasy like Reality, which of the two ?
Hell, i've said too much, when all i wanna say was just - I Miss You !