Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What Title Credential ?


Title credential ? Waklu.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Karma ?

I'm not sure if a Muslim is supposed to belief in Karma.. BUT.

Maybe not Karma in a sense of Hinduism but what goes around comes around, I think that much, Islam does taught us.

So last week's satisfied grin in mockery of Liverstool and their Captain Oppps I Slip It Again. Wehihihihih, that felt good. But seriously, last week's mocking of Liverstool and their Captain Oppps I Slip It Again! - Oh my God, Fakhrol, focus GODAMMNIT. FOCUS!

OK, so last week's mockery of Liverstool (shit, I heard that Britney song coming, approaching fast, must .....contain........ oneself!) has finally Karma'd me. United lost (again ?!) at HOME. 


So from the darkest pit of the blackness that is my heart, I wish to apologize to all ye Liverstool fans out there for not being sorry that your captain slipped, and the title possibly SLIPPING right from under your noses and most not sorry of all, that I slip-mocked him thereafter.

After gloating all season long, its nice to see that perhaps Karma has SLIPPED a dose of your own medicine and the title potentially SLIPPING away right from under your noses.

What a nice SLIPPERY feeling it was. And still is, mind you :)

And what's nicer, is that you so thought that you've won it. You so thought that you've won it, didn't you ?


Opps I slip it again!

Note: Its a far cry from being in contention for the title yourself, in fact this is pathetic. Cheering on Ciddeh. One of the most despicable team on earth themselves. Pathetic, yes. Regrets ? Fuck NO!

To see the fugly tears from you self glorifying idiots, I'd sell my soul to the devil. You get the irony ?

Nah, too slippery! :D