Wednesday, February 17, 2010


NEVER. Did I think that I was gonna be singled out for blame when I thought I was giving you advice. Advice that you nod your head so religiously at, advice that one moment made it seem like all hope for reconciliation is there still. That nothing was totally totaled during these enduring years.

But thanks for proving me wrong. I don't really know whether I will be able to find ways to forgive you.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Dalam Itu Saya Hati, Bunga Juga Ada.
Nota Kaki: Hati saya berbunga dia kedai mamak. Figures.

Her name's Sue. Sue apa, OMG. I forgot again. She's probably gonna snap if I ask her again. So lets just leave it at that and find that out myself later. My buddy thinks she isn't all that attractive but I dunno I simply find her cute and that she triggers the built-in ball busting cocky asshole in me. Just the way she converse and carries herself. So we went out for a drink and I was having a laughter of a time bursting her bubbles.

In the rush of the overflowing pleasantry streams, I suggested an ad-hoc midnite, of which she was pretty much agreeable, only for me to hold back and deliver the - You know what ? Nevermind. Nice. Lets-take-it-slow innuendo accordingly and timely defined. I know, I know. I'm just that whatchamacallit ? - Yes, Genius.

"Dalam itu saya hati, bunga juga ada."