Monday, December 18, 2006

Projectile Pieces of An Absent Mind
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First off, let me start by thanking the individuals who actually take their precious time to comment my Blog regardless of the content of the comment. Just a proof of presence, I appreciate them all (& no i wont turn down any of my fans). I remember the days where comments are few & far between, aside of comments from some Fucks who wish i'd check their sites up.

Ok, enough blabber, on to the business :

U.S. sees growing threats in Somalia

What the fuck ? I'll tell you the 'fucks up. You dont just see this or that target as mere target of terrorism. Its a more systematically & despicably planned geonicide of those who embrace Islam as their religion. Thats what the fucks up. The US has been restless following the coup d'etat by Islamic force of Somalia. Funny though, never really the US has given any flying fucks about the dark region of Africa despite it's poverty, malnutrition & etc and on a sudden swift split moments, US has found the urgency of meddling into the business of Somalia.

Funny ? No, its hillarity when you found Al Qaeda (once again) being the cheap excuse of US meddling into people's business once again. But the thing is though, US did claim that Al Qaeda is a dying & isolated cause of hopeless individuals. Oh shit, i cant help smirking.

To the arrogant empire of stuck up American, this i gotta tell you, it wasnt that long ago the corpses of your soldiers were being dragged along the street of Mogadishu. This serves as a reminder to those who'd reflect. Heed my advice.

Enough of the shitty reality of the world today. Here's a DISS-Traction from all the trials & tribulations of our time. A piece of God's gift, Tranquility :-

I used to care less about whether people are reading this blog or not, but now that im intending to brag, do read & cherish every moments, peasants !

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Ahhh.. adorable aint she.. ?

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Cuteness v 0.1

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Cuteness v 0.2

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Masterpiece. What i luv the most about her is the constant depressed expression on her face.

Meet my niece, Husna. Im addicted already (Taking her pictures, mind you pervs). LOL. What i like sooo much about her is the expressions. She seems depressed all the time. Her smiling pictures are actually some very rare finds.

Enjoy !

My Outsmarting Self,


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hear Me Out Tonite.
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Envious i am to those who have the luxury to cry so care-freely without having to fake a strong front.

I hate.

I adore.

I despise.

Let me just swallow this up, fake a smile & charge forward, blindly. Disregard the uneven being of the path that im runnin' through. The Blog is still the best companion in the face of sorrow's harshness.

Oh, the night feels so lonely.


My Smart Self.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Raizzen : The Whines, The Fellows & The Crap That Follows & Owh, A Cup Of Hot Teh Tarik ! *
Fuck TSP, im using his structure of topic ! *
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A cup of hot Teh Tarik accompanied by loneliness. Sadly true.

I re-read what i dropped last night & i think half the piece was crap & the other half was - Brilliance. Shall we say ? Self centered are we ?

* smirks *

It's gonna be a 3 days leave. Its fruitfulness though, is yet to be dictated by the hands of mine. I plan alot, execute them ? Rarely. A stack of unwashed clothes, crashingly messed up bed room. Disaster.

* applause *

Shit, this plain life of mine is suffocating. So choking that i get lonely most of the time. I long for drinking partners right after work, where the peak hours of my loneliness reign. Folks that'll laugh to my silly jokes, craps & listen to my whines. Loneliness is not the worst company, No ! but a cup of Teh Tarik while being alone feels pretty sad. I talk quite a lot when im having my time in Mamak stalls over a cup of hot Teh Tarik. I'd get over glasses, & never really see how time flies. Yea, im silly like that & yea, im good at wasting time too !

* standing ovation *

Really, im shocked at discovering how im actually a very simple man. I dont ask that much out of life. Though at times yea i might sound pretty complicated ? Nah, it doesnt even suit me, no, not complicated, more like tangled. Inside out.

I dont wanna end this, i whine a lot do i ?

No wonders.

And so i see.

A Piece of One Self.

1000 words paint millions of lies
I seek for the presence of lives
In the gravest of place - hearts of human
Twisted, more than the thoughts of women
I seek for legitimate reason of airs inhaled
Stuck, like knight in pairs & staled.
Colors of memories scarred my face thats pale
Lanes of 'em that i try to trace but fail
Blasts wisdoms that try to outshine my truth
Justification ? I got my own line of proof.
Raising my middle finger to the world
Yelling - " I no more linger on your approvals ! "
Deviously devout - obsessions to the idea of one Self.
Self centeredness with a definite unfathomable depth
Dipped my tongue on the surface of ocassions
End up saying " How the fuck do i face the situation ? "
A year of Life's a 365 syllabled composition - A piece of one self
" Someday u'll probably look at this and..laugh.. "
A cliche u get all the time in regards of problem
Raids of beats. Shit, violently my heart's throbbin
Rarely do i face my problems. I deface 'em
Am walking side by side with confusions. Im fazin..
Typical - a helping hand is which an arm that drowns
Give them hopes, withdraw. See them harmed in frowns
IN-significant humans, require company, yet i refuse to beg
Only time i beg is to Differ, and in that, i choose to brag !

Time will tell if there will be a continuance for the verse. Just grabbed the notepad & decide to drop a few lines, pardon the lack of thinking process visible in between the lines.