Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weird Roller Coster Ride
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Nota Kaki : Just another random Joe walking humble on the surface of earth..

These past 2 weeks have been the weirdest, if not the sickest, of all the weeks that have went by. Quick to pull me to the zenith of my feeling and abruptly dragged me into the abyss of it. Buka Puasa out with some old friends at Tesco, such joy that have i garnered from such simple encounter proves but one thing, i'm tired.

Shit i sound like an old man.

Then comes the Orgy of this age, my PC wetted by several foreplays alone, forget penetrations. In the twenty years of my life, never have i encountered such mighty self hatred towards myself, how could i ? Goddamn it. Now i'm all lonely & teary.

Bukak Puasa at Concorde, Shah Alam, where the glasses are shiny, the feast aplenty and the laughters lengthy. Where normal looking folks broke out of their shell and grab the mic and rock it like crayyzyyy. Kara-KOing. Yes, that was intended, Kara-KOing. They sucked, hard. But who cares anyways, so long as we were having mad fun. The dudes were trying to pull me up the stage to get me singing and I, out of such enormous inborn Genius-cydal genes, manage to escape, unscathed.

Meeting starts off at 3PM though it was intended to happen at 2, i innocently walk into the room with absolutely no suspicions at all. A meeting with our General Manager, my issues at hand are not even more than 3 out of the 120 something slides that were prepared in total. Office hours end at 4PM in Bulan Puasa and our beloved GM managed to drag it till the clock hits the luvly 6 at her face. Nice. Nice Indeed. 2 spots to hit before reaching my destination, with less than an hour at hand, from Sepang to Dengkil to Puchong. Prayers, refuelling, and the ecetras ? Mad Genius. Whew, i do live in a fast lane yea ? Was driving like mad Kilometres freak to arrive. But somehow i did make it -

To IOI Mall an Bukak Puasa with a few old friends, still. Crayyzayy bunch. Bukak Puasa at Pizza Hut was always my idea of a wonderful Bukak Puasa when the holy month shoots off in the early September and here i am now, though the dishes ordered weren't exactly ones that i had hoped for, but cool still though.

Its all becoming interesting at the end, i wonder what hectic insanity shall unfold itself in the face of the upcoming Hari Raya. Yay !

On the side note, Selamat Berpuasa & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my fellow Muslim Brethrens.
Random Rantings Out of So Many Outings..
Nota kaki : Unnecessary Post, but hey be glad i'm posting..

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Parental Advisory : Highly Retarded

Today i met (virtually) some two (2) serious Idiots, is it two (2) ? erm, i mean i cant be bothered since the lesser there is a population of Idiots, the better prospect of the future we've got in our hands, right fellas ? Now clap with me hey.

One of them, from the Tribe mentioned above that's worth a mention or two in this Majestic Transcript of mine (be glad you were born sucker, your name's here) is :

* Drum Rolls *

Mr. (Ms. ?) kacang aka Bar Ruang (Beruang ?). (Cute aint she, she's Pink.)

Amusing as it is frustrating, him out of so many Dumbos ? Aww somebody console me please.. Took into account the literal meaning of everything, i mean for God's sake why did they even bother to invent the "Don't judge a book by its cover" idiom, Idiot. And by reacting as such to a sentence so vague, he was just making it transparent how Idiotic he actually is. I mean there are like so many ways to be an Idiot, and he chose the most idiotic of them ? Am I saddened and all emotional - and here i thought that the future would be brighter.

Further further more, aint something of Beauty is something that you cannot judge of exterior aspects alone ? And i wouldn't sit there asking myself why if he ends up with some A-Little Prettier-Than-A-hairy-Butt-In-G-Strings lass. Wouldn't even bother pondering.

The other half of the Tribe ? Don't even bother mentioning..

Now where's the 'Publish Post' button ? Oh there you are, lets make him famous for being part of my Exalted Transcript.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Twenty Four Different Kinds of Pain, A Three Sixty Five Life Cycle

" Don't make other people's work pending because of you.. " she says so nonchalantly, not to mention brokenly, and oh a stint of little chuckles at the end of the glorious sentence to mark a little humor she thought, somehow present in the dimwitted words of hers. Niceness folks, niceness. In fact it wouldn't be exaggerating if i say Brilliant.

I mean if one goddamn arsehole who can play games at work and make good use of office's phone spending precious office hours talking on the phone can say that to me. I mean its about time i get scolded for focusing on my computer doing my work, for God's sake i barely stop to take a breather and this nice fine young woman can question my etiquette and worse even, towards my own works ?

Blah. I'll show ya, ya see..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Untitled-ably Randomism II.
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Nota Kaki : Was thinking about Blogging when it suddenly appears to me that this is more appealing as of current time.
Nota Kaki II : So so piece without pre-writtens, impromptu shits. Mind the lack of literacy power in between the lines.

Let my thoughts ran for while, i'm sick of confinements, one after another.
Has walk of Life always been this lonely ? Does it's to be so ? I won't bother.

"Walk across an empty land" & struck by a stint of Deja Vu, I've been here.."
At the halt of the Horizon stood An angel with a scathe, - " Where've i seen her ?

She was smiling, while I was too busy sorting out what she could've felt if -
I toss one back, now look at the pain that have i dealt with.

A blink away and now she's a goner, how costly a moment of hesitation.
Now my Life's worn out, a reminder of constant retributions.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pukingly Sickening
Nota Kaki : Oh mind the reinvented vocabs of mine

Malaysian's crave for names and recognition, the Malays to be specific, are pukingly sickening, you'd see how wide coverage from the medias are playing a damn good role in the Stupifications of the Malays. Goddamn, everything's done for the love of the name. I mean yea, climbing up Everest and swimming through some goddamn seas are so 'big' of an achievement, but for crying out loud, we are toppling a peak that was tamed some good 40 - 50 years ago, yea the first batch of the climbers are acceptable but God, for God's sake, how many times do you have to topple down an already tamed Everest ? Why not use the fund for something beneficial instead of engraving your footsteps on someone's walking lawn ?

Malaysia, your sons and daughters in the ghettos, the single mothers, the orphanage, religious schools are better off as candidates for the wasted funds instead of these recognition-craving dumbfuckingly retarded assholes.


Why not try putting your foot on the sun for a change ?

Dumbfuck faggots.