Friday, July 14, 2006

The Two Faced Justice.

I feel the urge to blast the wisdom of the Westerners, if the word is even applicable to them by the way. I mean how the fuck do these stupid fucks even define terrorism, i mean come on, one captured soldier with life still clinging to its container - answered by severe bombardments, cut off of supplies, children, women and elderly's death and the whole world is turning a blind eye over it ? One captured soldier.. Israel is not protecting itself, they're arrogantly flaunting what kind of damage you'd be delivered should you fuck with them.

Communications ? Peace talks ? Fuck them and who ever believe in them.

On the other hand,

Semester's about to begin, the sem. will prove to be one of the hard ones with killer subjects like Economy & Accounting. Pray me luck. Duh.

And FIFA & Sepp Blatter (is that how you spell it?) can kiss my ass for all i care should they withdraw the Golden Ball Award from Zidane. You dont go humilliating a man like that. Zidane has reiterate that he has no regret doing what he did but was sorry it had to go the way, i mean the dude's defending his family's honour. Morality can kiss my ass when it comes to honour.

Justififed la kan ? After all the dude was provoked..

Till then,