Thursday, July 28, 2005

War of The Worlds

These 'Mat Sallehs' sure got a broad land of imaginations aa, the story's kinda nice, i dunno why some of my friends dont seem to favour it. Just the ending's bit too easy for my likings.

Me & my brothers were guessing how the story would end, coz looking at the story on the 1hr 30th minutes (<,>) of it, the story will need at least 30-45 minute to end without DissRupting it. But.. Nah, watch it yourselves..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"She Lied.."

LOL, sure a nice Head-Line, Malaysia's political scene, this is just 1 of those dramas & you can actually wait for its sequels. The race for the right upon the throne of the best is heating up. Here goes the nominees,

Decide !

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Know your enemies not just from their SurFace, so you'd grasp their Depths

Nice aa playing Futsal tadi, i didnt score, well, thats the shitty part, last week got 2 maa. Very nice aa but i lost steam when the game's approaching its climax.

I switched team, meaning im in the group that lost last week, guess what ? we won today. So im the only player thats in the winning team for both weaks, just to emphasize the importance of my presence, haha..

Injured my legs at the dawn of the game, so its pretty hard to ride my bike & all. Praise is due to Allah that the journey went on smoothly.

Monday, July 25, 2005

My brain : the occupied land of Dizziness

Today i dont feel really well. Got my head spinning round & round, all i wished for was just a pillow & a mattress. Spent almost all the time in the office 'layaning' my dizziness.

Tomorrow they ask me to come around & play Futsal, dunno yet aa, my head is still dizzy as fock. Plus my younger brother's spoiled chained of actions resulted in the expansion of my dizziness occucpied lands. But if i play Futsal tomorrow, theres actualy loads of Diss-Advantages rather than the otherwise, firstly & mainly is economically speaking, i surely cannot 'tumpang' my boss to go to work which means i have to force thin my wallet to fill my always-empty tank. PLUS, playing Futsal aint a free shit, wtf aa, even simply playing football also will cost u yer papers nowadays. Secondly, i sure have to ride on my bike at night to get home which will be risky if the dizziness wont cease even after tomorrow sun's rose. Thirdly, if the tyre punctured or something, i'll be doomed, 20 Ringgit maaaaaa !!

Dunno yet aa..

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I seek for this Tranquility, yet it scattered & wounds me with its sharp edges. Leaving scars of its deed as the proof of its presence..