Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Never Is A Long Time

I'll be realistic. 

I don't think United will win this coming Sunday's game against flavour of the week, Arsenal. Everybody talks about how silky smooth this team is. Well, it is true that they posses one the most entertaining midfield line up in the Premier League. Worthy of envy especially to someone like me who cringed at the lack of fluidity in the middle of the park for United.


Wouldn't it be nice to smother their faces with their own words if United being United, unpredict-fucken-able and being the only team you write off at your own ignorant peril. If there's one thing these loudmouths should have learned watching United over the years, it is always too premature to count the eggs before they actually hatch.

"You NEVER win anything with kids"

Alan Hansen epitomized just how unpleasant the taste of your own words could be.

So sit back. 

United's got nothing to lose. Everybody's practically written us off. Even our own fans. So what do we have to lose ? Well yeah, bragging rights. But that simply means we should be able to play without chips on our shoulders. I just hope that Moyes will not resort to his usual 'safe' defensive style that I think has clearly been proven too risky.


Offense is ALWAYS the best mode of defense. Especially with teams with mediocre midfield like United.