Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Before The Night Befalls Upon Us
Fark.. Nak kene gi keje plak.. Crap !
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1. " The mere weight of my tongue holds more significance than your actions " - Myself laa kot

2. " I overlooked the earth because i see it from the sun's angle " - Jus Allah

Crap. Nak kene gi keje plakkkkkkkk. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But hey, i felt kinda OK, i update the Blog then.

Meanwhile these couple of days have been friggin' rough for the Illegal Occupcation force of US in Iraq. Daily slayings (I purposely choose the word to knock some sense into the full-of-air heads of the Americans) of their proud soldiers is now, already a daily occurance, though little that the world knows, the 3,000 ++ figure is made up of pure deceits & fuckin' lies. My estimation goes beyond 10,000 of their well equipped personnels who've been dead in the line of duty ? Noooo, slain; while robbing the wealth of other people's nation.

5 of their soldiers were kid-napped, handcuffed & ended up with a bullet in each of their heads. They were in their 20-30's. Sad, sad Indeed. But hey, no Iraqi's life is any cheaper than the blood of any American's blood spilled in the Land of Two Rivers. And it come to no surprise to me, at least, that the previous report, mentioning the 5 died while "repelling the attack" of those dirty INsurgents, contradicted the truth. No surprise at all. This, has been done countlessly in order to justify the despicable dreams of President Bush. And to demoralize the Mujahideen, mind me. This is done in the name of Democracy. Democracy my ass.

War criminals, rapists, murderers and their alikes have been roaming on the face of earth freely without any proper trial & charges against them in the name of Mother Democracy. I feel like throwin' confettis.

* throws * coughs * throws * coughs *

And to President Bush likings, their General-to-be, whatever his name is, because i can give a fuck less about that, is quoted as saying : " Hey, we've miscalculated the ability of Iraqi forces to take control and underestimated the enemy's persistence "

Iraqi forces got ability meh ? I thought that they were wheelchaired until this dude came to spark that shit up. Funny ass hell. And secondly, enemy's persistence ? Hell no, its not just mere persistence that has kept the fire of the struggle that were seemingly hopeless into a light that charred any beings that dare come across its path. Not mere persistence if you ask me, definitely no. It requires far exceeding intelligence, bravery, sacrifices & intellectuality to outsmart the artificially (since they're dumb enough not to win the war given the sophistication level of their military equipments & trainings) smart US marines. The above kidnap & execute style is by far, the most outsmarting in 4 years of warring campaign. These INsurgent dudes speak English and were seen as blondes and fully equipped with US gears ! Impressive, given the claims from the US of how stupid these punks are !

And now President Bush intends to expand more fronts (i.e : Somalia &Iran) ? Go ahead.

* smiles smilingly *


Off to work.

Monday, January 22, 2007

They Came To Rob & Hey, Now They're Demanding A 'Thank You' !
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The shameless claims

I mean.. I couldnt have thought that you people could possibly sink any lower than you already are. I mean, c'mon, these people are robbers, they broke into your house, emptied your drawers, terrorizes your kids and on a funny twist of fate, they accidently set your house on fire, and by pure dumb luck, practically, came to save your lives.


I mean how fuckin nitwittingly dimwitted can you fuckin' be ?

Initially, the reason was Weapons of Mars Destruction (I mean, yea, the poor Iraqi's warheads are that powerful, they can reach Mars yea ?). And when WMD seems to, you know.. not making any acceptably logical senses to the people, the magnifier suddenly switch to the late Saddam Hussein. Puke-ably funny. Funny Indeed. And oh, not to mention, the collateral damages done in between the delusional goals of America and their realization.

You disarm them, tied their hands and you punch-bag them. Heroic ? You were yellin' " Hey, look here, here's the Criminal ! " right after you disarm the Iraqis and robbed them. You shoot people on their head in a mosque, you raped the women, molested the child, traumatizing every layers of society, level down the village, shoot people in their sleep. You fuckin' demand an appreciation ?

Here.. i'll put the word 'appreciation' in between my legs, come have a taste. Suck my fuckin d*ck, fuckin' Faggots.

Appreciation my ass. Depreciation is what awaits you. From all aspects and angles.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shattering Pieces of Self.
Will i be able to get myself together ?
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I was having a walk, blindfolded, in the darkest alley of the precint. The weather's harsh & the wind blows mean. Thru the bones i feel them piercin'. Scary thing is i dont even feel scared at all, it just feels so lonely. My only company were my own thoughts, misguided ones. The passages of the alley kept gettin narrower as if they were showing their disapproval over my presence. Unwelcomed stranger i was at the place i thought i was familiar with.

I wish i can just go back but i've went too far. Too far for me to just call it a day. Its not that i dont wanna give up, its just that i cant. Therefore, the only choice left for me is to go on until the passage ways decide to halt their length. And there i was, walking in an only direction. The only direction offered. No deals.

I tripped and falled. The scent of the sands filled up my smelling sense. My nose was smothered with dirt. I feel like crying but oddly, oddly, i managed only a few. And as if the journey wasn't painful enough, the few tears that i drop were evaporated into the air despite the coldness of the night. I cant help but feel like the whole Universe was smirking at the pathetic being i was.

Till i feel like crapping again..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Who Have Nothing II
Im lacking in nothing besides everything
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Am bitter. I need to sort out.

And plash, suddenly its already Monday ?? Whattttttttt ?? Crap. Hell, another Monday. A Monday, one Gloomy Monday is all it takes to ruin the schweetness of the weekend, not that schweet mind you, just full of of nice uninteruppted sleeps & full of tummy expanding meals. Nice. nice INdeed.

Now am back again behind my desk, within my cubicle enslaving myself to these filthy work stacks that never seize to vanish. Man, i want some of those Harry Porter shits. Anyhow, dont get me wrong tough, i love my job.

My life INdeed is in need of a couple of sortings & realignments to drag it back on track.

Studies. Career. Relationship. General Issues. Family.

Shits, i'd list all the things i require in this life and you'd be 5o and still wonders when does it gonna end.

Cant have it all cant we ? I noticed that im not the same lazy ass i was now. Certainly i did change in some of the aspects of my life, on the other hand though, i think i sacrificed, some crucial ones too. Weekend's just passed and.

I really wanna crap more since this is practically the first time i ever skeletonized my blog of thoughts in advance before publishing it. But then again, crap, am damn sleepy.

Oh crappy -
Jedi Mind Tricks - I Who Have Nothing
I like them lyrics

I, I who have nothing...

Verse I: Ikon

Intersections in real time
The unbroken circles and dimensions of the mind
the tie that binds
The eternal time that defines
The vanity of my insanity in due time
Will shine
Like the night seeds under the moon
The haunted corners of familiar rooms
Yet i'm consumed
With vanishing into thin air
The realization that this shit is my cross to bare
So where
Did I think I could run away to see
The people that decided to leave without asking me
But we
Decide to wait for happier tomorrows
And find someone so they can be distractions from our sorrows
but my distractions the books of paper that i've scrawled in
I'm eloquent as summer breeze and leaves just have fallen
I've crawled in a corner hoping all of this will end
With the knowledge that love is just another word for revenge
I who have nothing but the comfort of my sins
I who have nothing but the comfort of my friends

Verse II: Ikon

As I decay, demons prey above me like a vulture
Ability to endure contradiciton is a high sign of culture
Verbal sculptures, self defacing
It is not God or lunacy that I am facing
But the erasing of the purity and passion of my words
The herds of cattle babble on with talk of the absurd
But I preferred
To walk away from all the feuds
To find my life is more confusing than a rubic's cube
So i'm subdued
and all my words are verbal prods
To live alone one must be an animal or a God
But it's official
All of my pain is clear as crystal
The natural side of life has now been seeming artificial
But I can hit you
And rest assured it's not my last words
I could give a fuck about ya secrets and ya passwords
I get passed words and their ability to hurt you
Patience is a virtue and knowledge is a commercial
I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to
I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to

Verse III: Ikon

Lost among the miracles, I stand alone
And i've grown into a being that's sitting on top of throne
I've known
For many years that I would turn to rust
I find a reason for another breath
Before my return to dust
I become one with science and mathematic and the rising of the
I'm numb
To all of those who blind and cannot see
The chastiser of the enemy
Perception requires duality
Inspect ya soul, the color of coal inside the body
I have hardly, come across them who's holy
Send them to the cheribem to control thee
Burning of the sun and frigidness of the cold
The battle field is new but the war is now old
You can never see the merest shadow of a halo
Above the head of evil jin who's deadly like tornado
The world has become an aquarium
Full of gaping fish with murderous smiles
I on the other hand stand on the outside looking in
Writing down murderous files
I who have nothing but the lack of variation
And I who have nothing but chains and suffocation

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dark Rainy Night
Please Forgive Me
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A visit to your secret garden of memories - Thanx for givin me a peek,
Self centered i was - til' them tears roll down your right & left cheek.

Shouldn't have bragged on how i'd walk the walk when Im not even 'You',
Because i wouldn't even last a second, walking a mile in your shoe.

Depth of my sin's immeasurable, you cant fathom the bottom of my guilt,
This rainy dark night, this night, let my guilthy thoughts be spilled.

Despite all these spites though, just know that I Love You, regardless;
Im all heart-full of you, no matter how i might've sounded heartless..

Forgive Me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Dumb One, The Dumber Two, Wait, You Got More ? Oh Crap, The US ?
When the attempt to listen is present, but you just keep forgettin' that your deaf
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U.S. launches airstrike in Somalia

Finally - the hot shot of them Pagans & Infidel has decided to come out. Nevermind dude, your collapse is already within sight. Big ups. How many fronts are there now for you to throw your smart ass, well equipped soldiers lives away ?


Somalia - Welcoming ceremony of bombardments. Oh, how diplomatic.

Iraq - A well planned & executed campaign, IF, and IF only you're a near sighted geek who grab his dick instead of the gear and grumbles when the car is not moving.

Afghanistan - Taliban is ghost. One moment you tought you'd kill him, Indeed he disappear from your naked body & eyes. But you see, once in a while, Mullah Omar did send your soldier's body parts into the air. Ah wait, is it once in a while or is it only once in a while did you not see them body parts flying ? Please do correct me. Oh what nice replacement Bush has prepared for his soldiers, INstead of fireworks, they now cater Bodyworks. Nice. Nice INdeed.

Iran - New, probable & potential front. One those party you'd be dumb to think you'd claim an easy win. It'll be bloody, greasy, windy & too long of a campaign.

"..Cleverness has never been associated with long delays.." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

LOL. Cant stop smirking the way out, when i read the line a few days ago. Iraq & Afghanistan have exposed the long cloaked Stupidity of America. Israel is probably aware of the fact that it stopped waging an unwinnable war with the Ghostly Hezbollah.

Man, i couldnt stop once i've started tapping my war drums, well, verbally, at least, with these sons of them bitches. To my dear brothers in Somalia, it wont be too long now, before the great collapse. Hence, rejoice for the fact your deaths, pains & sufferings wont be in vain. Martyrdom has come to invite you to join its parade.

March forth & dont look back. You'll linger within the abyss of my prayers. Always.

God be with you.