Saturday, March 22, 2008

Politics.. Shall We ?
Nota Kaki : A deliberately delayed response of the previous election from a self proclaimed Political Observer (citation needed)

Enjoy this seemingly identical scene of Malaysian politics.. Those 2 look exactly like the 2 idiots that were interviewed by Al-Jazeera the other day. Answering-wise, at least.

The Malaysian General Election 2008. It was a day full of emotions, emphasized tensions, gaping mouths, tears, laughters, paid dues and the et ceteras. It was also a day full of media spinnings, politically motivated or the otherwise.

Talking about media spinnings however, the post-election spins are even funnier than pre-election ones. The recent Perak MB swearing-in ceremony by Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS that was initially boycotted by DAP too was seen as a stage of spinning the political fan. Oh pardon me, in fact that was the center stage of the spins. How ignorant of me.

Mr. Kit Siang, if in doing so was under the influence of PAS-phobia drugs (lol), would be so politically unwise, and the action, uncalled for. But I think theres more to this than what have been potrayed in these piss-stream-medias or what the losers, the sore losers mind you, would want the rakyats to believe. I think there were some twists in the plot, hold your breath gentlemen and the ladies of course !

What if the so called 'boycott' was actually a decoy to avoid the vengeful axes of the sore MCA ?

I mean if DAP didnt put up a fight to the lease, what would the Perak Chinese say ? They will even start to question " Will these submissive punks be able protect our rights and whatnots ? They didnt even budge an inch when this was announced.. " And be rest assured that the MCA will not take a crossed-arm stance should that actually happens. Kinda like Penang UMNO trying to be the Malay's champion in vocalizing their thoughts against the DAP-led state government in Penang. Yea right, we buy that.

And before I stray even further, I need to reiterate that, should the boycott was a measured, calculated and anticipated response, woahhhh am so the very impressed. Malaysia has just, by far, witnessed, a very outsmarting political decoy, with or without her realization.

P/S : .. And why politicize DAP's move when ex-Perlis Mentri Besar didnt even attend his successor's swearing in session ? Was that a pat on the back for Malaysia's Royal Institution ? Was Shahidan's move that ? lol. Funny la, you people..

P/P/S : LOL even the Terengganu BN DUN members are 'boycotting' the new MB swearing-in ceremony ? HAHA.

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