Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malaysia Oh Malaysiaku..

Dasar kita adalah dasar berbaik-baik dengan jiran, betul ? Baiknya kita dengan jiran kita sampai sebidang tanah tergadai pun dikira sedekah. Mengadu kat Tok Ketua, Tok Ketua bagi jiran kita sebidang tanah, kita dapat 2 bijik batu, boleh buat alas pasu bunga, kata Tok Ketua. Kita dengan tanpa segan atau silunya kata keputusan ni adil, dan ia adalah satu sesuatu yang orang putih kata, 'win-win situation'.

OH MY GOD apa bodoh sialnya mamat sorang ni. Thats a fuckin win-win ? OMG ! I better rape somebody and apologize later and says that it was a win-win situation, since the victim was probably having fun on her end as well, yea ? OMG! Bodoh nak mampus sial.

Jambatan Bengkok - scrapped. In the name of golf budd-, err, I mean goodwill between neighbours. 4 bils something project, scrapped in the name of goodwill between neighbours. Pulau Batu Puteh - kalah, but they say its ok anyways coz our PM has got a good tie dengan these S'pore punks. Wilayah Iskandar something dekat Johor nu, come another 40-50 years after the leasing period, after all these Setan Buncit dah makan kenyang-kenyang duit haram and died probably bedding with cash, lets all not act surprise if this same exact Batu Puteh II episode will come to play once again. We all shall then say " Ahhhh, deja vuuuuuu " schmiling in agreement while a few slaps are stamped on our proud Malaysia Boleh face. Yay !

And here comes the author's note: Dont get me wrong, I love my country and I'd die protecting it and alas, the harshness of my words just reflect how utter my disappointments are toward the strong, bersih, cekap dan amanah leadership of our country. And am not, by all means, trying to encourage sexual obscenity or rape in my article. I luv women (rape is not love, you damned fools !). If you would understand metaphors, then I dont see any problems with the article.

Till then,

Rzn x 10 sighs.

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