Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Go (Don't Look Back)

Portugal out of Euro 2008, serve Ronaldo just right. Don't get me wrong, am a staunch Manchester United fan, and I don't have any grudge against Portugal coz frankly, I think they possess some of the greatest talents in the world. Its just that LATELY, I've been getting weary of Ronaldo's childish antics and oh, grrreed.

1. Childish Antics

Yes, the dude's TALENTED. Hands down. But why, why in the whole wide world that you'd think that the mess' judgment would weigh on your side simply because of that ? Say, the dude stops the game, simply because HE BELIEVES that this other dude from this other team has fouled him. OMG, you don't simply stop the game until the ref's blown his whistle, thats basic, no ? You'd be gloriously getting a slap on your face telling a 6-year old kid to stop the game simply because you believe that he was roughed up. Erm, maybe I was getting a little too far there, but I think I speak of my point quite clearly.

2. Grrrrrrreed.

OK, Real Madrid are champions, yes nobody's questioning that. But Manchester United are the clear winners for the recent Champions League campaign, AND a consecutive winner for two Premier Leagues, if he's so keen on winning trophies. So what the fuck are these talks about him being 'uncertain about his future, until Euro has wrapped up' ? Henceforth, keeping the probable transfer window open. Nothing but pure grrrreed and stardom (?) seeking bastard, I'd say.

What about all these Galácticos who's all keen to play in Spain regardless of so many Galáctico-turn-Gelakgilo once they entered Spanish stage ? Are their balls too big that they're blinded to all this ?

And now Portugal is out of the picture, decide now. And if hes so keen to leave, let him be, MU doesnt need a bratty and arrogant punk who thinks hes so big that he's helped MU win this and that trophies, we keep and recruit PURE talents who wants to PLAY FOR US. Premier League wasnt won alone, same goes or even more so for the Champions League, so if you think you're a super LONE force to be reckon with, go ahead and leave.

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