Thursday, June 05, 2008

My 2 & Government's 78 Cents.

Dont talk to me about subsidy, fools, for I am a layman within the multitude of the Nation's economy. But wait, dont be too quick to accuse me of being ignorant, I know the oil price, hate it or love it, has to increase. Tapi jangan la melampau, Babi.

Kesian gila all the middle-classed Rakyat who have to suffer because of your stupidity. You sit in the comfort of plush leather seats behind your fat chauffeur, how would you know of our pain and grievance.

I hope you know that the Rakyat from all layers and backgrounds are cursing you day and night and I hope you live a long life so that you may witness, like you predecessor does, what you have done, the wrath that you've brought upon the usually 'takpelah' Malays and the unjustly treated fellow Chinese and Indian Rakyat.

And from the bottom of heart I say that if the price hikes aren't meant for the benefit of Rakyat or the money saved from the ever-boasted, subsidy ill spent - Aku tak halalkan duit tu and I hope you got burned in the hell of scorching flames for the dark clouds that you've casted upon innocent and misled Rakyats.

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