Friday, September 26, 2008

The World Should Put On A Brasierre

Am by nature, Vengeful. I notice that I'll go extra miles merely to prove you wrong and I too notice that if I don't get the portion that I thought I deserve, I'll just abandon the whole deal, just to leave bits of remorse in the hearts of the parties involved.

I think that I am far more intelligent than the others, the ground not being level, notwithstanding. Shit, come to think of it, I think I am far capable than numbers of my superior, still, being stuck under the these stupid corporate ladders, notwithstanding, kalau tak buat apa aku panggil dorang superior aku, Bodoh !

I think I am generally nice to all creatures and I can be appreciated by humans from all walks of life, until the day you get promoted to some celestial being namely, 'Arch Adversary' or 'Bitter Foe' - because when that happens, you could be dying with worms swarming in and outside your tummy and I would not just stand there, light a cig and laugh - enjoying the moment, so to speak, NO. You know what I'll do ? I'll instigate the worms to feed on your flesh, and I'll advice them to do it so slowly that you could actually enjoy the most overlooked scientific angle, that worms do have teeth ! - Yes, that much of a revelation, just moments before you meet your Creator. Nice kan ? Yes, you're welcomed. No, don't mention.

An Obnoxious, horny, Overlord who thinks that the world is oval-shaped - nice to nibble here and there, nice to see, nice to hold - until he discovers the fact that he is actually walking on a Silicon Valley - but who cares anyways, he keeps on walking with those two fingers that stuck up in the middle. Probably until the day they're down.

And fuck you - till then..

P/S: Ok, I dont really sign no autographs, but IF you insist, take of,f not your pants, but your skull, I'll have signed on your brain, so that you'll have me on your mind. Just to make it more memorable..

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