Saturday, October 11, 2008

Al Fatihah Pak Long (We Luved You & We Luv You So Much)

When my father told me that Pak Long was again hospitalized for his Diabetic condition, I thought to myself that this has to be another of his long history of routine checks, ever since he contracted his Diabetes a few years ago or so.

I would pay a visit nevertheless, I thought to myself. I'll see his sly smiles when he cracks a joke about Hafiz's hair or who would marry first, and who would I marry again and again. I thought I'd see those today. But Pak Long was pronounced gone a little after Zohor just now. I was struck by the shattering sound in my heart. A gaping hole burned in between its beat.

I thought this was seemingly too unreal. But when I SMSed Yan and told her what had happened, and when she cried over the phone. I know thats Pak Long's gone, FOREVER from us.

I wouldnt see anymore of his sly jokes and half serious sarcastic tone of his.

Teary Pages & Bleeding Scriptures.

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