Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Character Assassination 101.

Walking Tall.

Class, pay your utmost attention. Or, pleasantly fuck yourselves.

Writing in support of Elizabeth Wong. Yea, she was sleeping half naked. Yea she was with her boyfriend. So whats the big deal ?

Fuck, she could be walking around butt naked and having sex on the kitchen's floor and that does not mean she should be publicly paraded and hanged to the people's contempt.

Who the fuck are you to judge her ? You people could probably have done worse, and lucky you YOU'RE NOT AS FAMOUS. Heh.

This will quickly bring your distorted minds to Chua Soi Lek on why hes guilty and Liz's not. THE MAN'S SUPPOSEDLY, HAPPILY MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS IN THE PROCESS. Liz on the other hand, is single. And its only normal for her to have a healthy sexual life. Well, unless her name is Nurul Elizabeth Abdullah or something, no faggots, she's not guilty.

She's the victim of a despicably filthy political ploy. Character assassination committed in a BROAD DAYLIGHT. And hey, I dont blame you if you choose to blame her. You're an Idiot after all. That's what you do. And what you do best. Being a perfect Idiot.

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