Monday, September 07, 2009

Thy Illusive Obvious.

I've learnt something that has been so obvious yet eluded us for as long as we can remember. Notice how your grumbling actually has an untold, subtle effect on the people around. And I don't mean it literally, I really mean people around you. The one(s) within your proximity.

Lets say you're grumbling about your parents or your siblings in the presence of your children. They will tend to have negative connotation about the subjects in your fierce grumbling. What I am saying is learn to actually disagree or protest without exclaiming it for the whole world to judge.

It wouldn't help you know that when Raya eves are just around the corner and your children indicate little or no interest to balik kampung and meet their grandparents and would probably backfire, if you should attempt to advice them how this kind of attitude just isn't permitted.

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