Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adolf Hitler

I have. ALWAYS. Admired Adolf Hitler, albeit in silence. Growing up, begrudging the man was socially 'correct'.

But deep within the abyss of my heart, betrayed a little curiosity - A man with such charisma. A man as charismatic and as oratorically blessed such as him couldn't be the bad guy. Yes were they myopic and young on my part.

But men, such as him & Osama (yes I am a staunch supporter) will always be crucified. Such is the price you chose to pay for your choice of direct confrontation against the West in general and the Jews, specifically.

I digressed. But men such as Hitler couldn't be the bad guy. Yes, I just have this soft spot for those with enviable oratory skills. But I'm just glad that my little betraying suspicions and curiosities weren't just mere wishful thinking on my part. Adolf Hitler ADMIRED Islam and he hated the prolonged internal strife between factions of Islamic ideologies. For this will surely weaken Islam one day - and so was he proven.


Some excerpts here and there:

"Atas rasa kagum beliau pada Tamadun Islam, beliau telah mencetak risalah berkaitan Islam dan diedarkan kepada tentera Nazi semasa perang, walaupun kepada tentera yang bukan Islam."

Beliau juga telah meberi peluang kepada tentera German yang beragama Islam untuk menunaikan solat ketika masuk waktu di mana jua...bahkan tentera German pernah bersolat di dataran Berlin dan Hitler ketika itu menunggu sehingga mereka tamat solat jemaah untuk menyampaikan ucapan beliau..."


"Beliau juga meminta para Sheikh untuk mendampingi tentera beliau bagi mendoakan mereka yang bukan Islam dan memberi semangat kepada yang beragama Islam.."


What a shed of different lights. I'm schmiling. Schmile. Mind relieving. Cling I may to the past, to the Future I hold fast. Heh & I just rhymed. I dunno why but I find it to be a mighty relief. Feels like the age of Sacred Islamic Caliphate is within sights. Within a grasp. Seriously I dunno why. But thank You God.

What a different world it'd be if you're the owner of the quilt that wrote history.

Israel (May Godly Wrath befalls upon you) has been using Holocaust at their convenience. A weapon in their countless justification of their offensive Self Defense. Thus Adolf's adoption of wiping them off the map modus operandi somehow seemed noble and draws endless satisfied relieve off my chest.

I couldn't help but schmile, again and again.

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