Thursday, August 05, 2010

Because Do Gooders Are So Overrated.

At first it seemed pretty. Noble even. Then it gets pretty noble. But when shits have hit the fan & while the fan was spinning. Everything gets Rosmoh-ugly (Big Pun intended).

I mean how much of that all-advice all knowing rhetoric can a guy take before the inevitable puke arrives ? You know Do Gooders, surprisingly turn out to be more agitating than the naturally obnoxious assholes who won't even try to please you. Simply because these assholes wouldn't even try.

Goo Dooders, on the other hand attempt to advice you on an hourly basis and try to instill at least one moral value in everything they demonstrate. I mean how much more moralistic could you get scratching your butt off anyways ?

I digressed. But Goo Dooders are simply more annoying because out-rightly they seem to be helping you in all forms of sincerity but secretly, you cannot escape that disdainful eyes trying to tell you how much better they are from you.

I guess that's why.

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