Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Now Where Is Sleep When You Need It ?

Am in dire need of schleep in what approximately should be 4 'o in the Aminah Masri (read: AM). Why do these eyelids weigh a feather when you need them to super-size their inches ?

Tomorrow's work and here I am.. Counting pigs - legions of them.


iNsOmNiAc said...

errr... try valium? it can do wonders if u want it to ;p hehehe...

owh, trust me - i know how it feels. i can even count sheeps backwards & name them too... or in ur case, ur legions of pigs...

"no.100 – lil ms.snouty, no.99 – evil dr.pork chop, no.98 – mr.bacon... etc"

let's get the list going ;p haha!

Raizzèn said...

lol. legion was seriously landom. I mean I just watched that Legion crap movie after months of landing it.

And yours is undoubtedly the more severe out of us 2. Counted 'em, named 'em and tagged 'em.

I seriously have found a new-found respect for u lady. *hic*