Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News That Everybody Talks About

Actually, I don't wanna delve into the matter for there shall be nothing that I'm gonna say that haven't been said yet. But it's gotten so big to choose the bliss of ignorance. So here goes. The Sosilawati's murder saga.

One of the first questions that crossed my mind was;

Whether there was a higher hand involvement in this ? For first, the swiftness of of the nabbing. Second, its scale. I mean its not easy to kidnap 4 persons, 3 of them all grown up men regardless of how strong and well organized you are. Largely because they were split between 2 vehicles and potential resistance.

Unless you were deploying not less than 10 person strong death squad. And not to mention heavily or moderately armored team, experienced, meticulous and battle ready.

I mean it must've been a handiwork of the pro to be able to pull such precise operation and yet leaving not a single shred of evidence behind. Except for 2 abandoned vehicles which were largely muted witnesses to the crime.

To spice up the conspiracy theory, the prime suspect was one of the faces that you often catch besides those who walk in the corridors of power in MIC. And MIC has had a notorious history of assassinations in their backyard.

Well, I'm not saying that MIC was directly involved. Only, whether by coincidence or what have you, quite a number of their leaders were assassinated execution style in the past.

Secondly, the Dato' prime suspect, has had trails of past crimes against him. 4 missing persons in the space of a year. Not to mention, right after business deals with him.

Yet No Further Action against him ?

I think standard rule of law would have at least dictated that he be at least, investigated. But he was let go Scot free to go and run his killing spree.

It would take another level of ignorance from PDRM's end to overlook this altogether.

Only this time, as history would have it, powers that grew beyond their resources stretch, blew out of proportion. Eventually undone by their own doing. Roman empire in their pomp, conquered almost all of modern day Europe but they didn't know when to stop.

You got away with 4 murders in the space of months, now you've stretched your luck too thin. For this time, the fish is just too big to ignore. What a way to do it.

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