Friday, September 03, 2010

Something Smells Fishy.


I wanna keep goldfish as pets. It all started when my father brought back with him a cute little vase and 3 adorable little goldfishes. At first, they all swam quite happily in the vase, though there's nothing really to venture in the tight little vase except for a couple of pebbles lying at the bottom of the vase. I wondered though whether goldfish get claustrophobic too.

However, a couple of days later, one fella went and met his Maker. I think that was just too bad, I still think the idea of keeping them fishes in the vase is still viable - even without the help of those filters and air pump devices.

The next day, much to my sadness, the remaining two fella did a little backflip and never flip their tiny fins again. I should've done something when I saw them gasping for air the night before. Silly silly me.

After coming to terms with the lost and a few sleepless nights, I went and godek the internet for proper goldfish keeping. Much to my surprise, internet holds loads and loads of valuable information in regards of proper goldfish keeping.

Here's what I could sum up from the goldfish study:

1. Goldfish if really cared for could live around 10-15 years. Or was it 25 ? Well results may vary depending on how we handle them. And its gruesomely common for goldfish to die after 2-3 days with a new owner, especially beginner owners.

2. That keeping goldfish in cute little vases is doable but not advisable. Due to the tedious nature of the caring part and some even went as far as the method is cruel for it shortens its life span due to stress. Yerp, you read it right. STRESS. And organ damage. (Oh My God.) - Err seriously ?

3. That overfeeding goldfish might result in speeding up its demise due to first, because goldfish are a naturally messy species in which they poo poo anywhere and anytime they see fit. Secondly, because of the fish food itself. This deadly duo might just intoxicate your whole tank.

Hrmm. But after all have been said, I still think keeping them in a vase is sexy.

Myself is not to blame, I used to have this quite a huge aquarium where I kept around 15-20 varying types of goldfish just for them to be terrorized and died by the hands of my cousins and nephews when we were small. And yes my nephews could be just 1 or 2 years younger than me. So figures. I was devastated but I didn't know how and who should I vent my anger on as the culprits were quite and still close to moi. But still, had they survived what a cool collection I'd have now. And back then they were cheap. I could get a black goldfish, the one with them eyes popping for just about 2 Ringgit for 2 of them.

I'm gonna get it I don't care. I'll get a vase with a pump then if its so cruel.

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